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What is a Virtual Event?

By definition, a virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location.

To simplify this, imagine having ANY event that requires people to come together at a venue, like a Conference, AGM (annual general meeting), town hall meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, job and career fairs, talk shows, product launches, hybrid events & company meetings etc, only now it’s virtual. Hence now instead of having to pack, travel & book accommodation to a particular location, you can host or attend it sitting at home virtually and experience the bliss of going digital by a simple click.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences, the word itself is self-explanatory, they are events which are hosted on a web-based solution and not on a physical venue.

Virtual Exhibitions

Our virtual exhibition platform uses the most up-to-date and custom-made Dreamcast technology to allow virtual happening of your event or trade show.

Virtual AGM

Virtual AGM ( Virtual Annual General Meeting) is a convenient format for companies, associations, and organisations to come together and organize meetings with the whole

Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade show platform facilitates direct interactions between exhibitors and attendees with interactive features, such as live chat.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events bring the best elements of both the event world together, i.e. virtual and physical events.

Virtual Fairs

A virtual fair is an online web-based event that takes over a virtual fair platform. It is organised on a designated date and time and enables people from different locations.


Why is there a need for Virtual Events?

Virtual Events have emerged as a new wave of normal for companies. This helps businesses to connect with increasingly larger & global audiences through their virtual engagement platforms, irrespective of time and location. Virtual events are now an integral part of corporates daily routines. Marketers are eagerly tapping into this new tool as it’s not only cost-effective but also the easiest way to reach the right audience. As said hence a virtual event platform is an innovative way to increase conversion rate by reducing cost per lead and maximizing the ROI.

These virtual events are highly interactive and user friendly making them such a huge success. Virtual events can be designed as per the requirements of attendees being 100% customisable. This automatically means it comes with some major perks. For starters, It is highly flexible for presenters or speakers as their physical presence is not required as it’s. Speakers don't need to manage their schedule, take flights or book hotels etc. One can host remote meetings, hybrid events, conferencing as well as product launches right from where they are.

And as there are no scheduling constraints any Virtual events increase your participation drastically. It in turn also becomes extremely cost-effective for attendees having a direct number growth. Not to forget a Virtual event is an excellent lead generating tool as well as It increases your audience reach. It expands your audience to reach beyond a region and removes the geographical constraints.

Another advantage of a Virtual event is an effective platform to keep the consumer buying cycle going. As virtual Events provides almost unlimited reach and can be helpful to clients or potential customers to achieve their thought target by providing quality content at their convenience. They can participate in the event without disrupting their personal and work lives by simply having access to it at home.

A super advantage through Virtual events that exists is that businesses can obtain instant feedback using real-time interactive features like Live polls, streaming content, games and Q&As. Attendees can share details and can chat with other attendees to share their views and opinions, which is just like a physical event only now it’s more convenient with a solution.

Dreamcast: Your one-stop solution to Virtual Events

Dreamcast is a leading Virtual Event solutions company in India with more than 10+ years of experience in the industry. It is your one-stop solution for hosting a global scaled Virtual Event today. We as a company have come to understand the functioning of the Virtual event industry very closely. And hence we bring to you only the best. Our one main goal is to “Amplify higher audience attendance, engagements & participation in with reduced costs so that you get the best of both worlds.” DRIVE ENGAGEMENT | AMPLIFY ATTENDANCE | INCREASE ROI

Why Choose Dreamcast?

A safe and easy to use Virtual Event Platform that is making new normalconferences, AGMs & exhibitions in these uncertain times possible. When it’sintegral to stay connected and keep business functioning as they were. Only now Dreamcast also comes with its multiple advantages for a consumer tosavour on. With amazing virtual lobbies and interactive spaces to offering an intuitive virtual experience to boosting audience engagements, it serves everything you need for a successful virtual event. Their virtual event solution services comprise of : Personalization, Seamless Networking, Highly Immersive Experience, Turn-Key Solutions, Interactive Exhibitor Elements, Flexible & Modular, Quick Turn Around Time, Technology Consultation and Insights & Analysis, which are huge advantages for any consumer.

Dreamcast is an all-in-one virtual event solutions platform. It has multipleadvantages right from being a turn-key DIY solution that is accessible 24×7 tobroadcast, network and engage, along with constant assistance to get through seamlessly.

Dreamcast lets you host and moderate online events live which include Conference, AGM (annual general meeting), town hall meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, job and career fairs, talk shows, & company meetings smoothly.



Seamless Networking

Chat Hosts & attendees have a wonderful chance to network with other attendees and interact at exhibitions, one on one and exchange personal or professional details.



An attendee can experience a walk through the lobby, visit different halls, attend multiple sessions just like one would at a physical event, only easier and time-saving.

Turn-Key Solutions

Interactive Exhibitor Elements

Induced with chatbots, live polls, gaming etc, offering rich interactive tools to give an attendee the real feel of attending a virtual event.


Flexible & Modular

Design and feature can be made as per the requirements of a particular event and what that might need.

Flexible and Modular

Quick Turn-Around Time

Unlimited hosts & parallel sessions with unlimited attendees. It also offers a customisable Single URL for your entire event - registrations, sessions, virtual booths, everything.

Flexible and Modular

Technology Consultation

Insights & Analysis: Simple data which is easy to read can be obtained. It is also key as it gives 100% clarity to the customer while also simplifying the process as well as making it easy and safe to use.

Quick Turn Around Time


Extensive sponsor branding, Custom URL, colours and theme based on your event brand for ecstatic branding. Just like one would do with an event venue, you could have a 100% customised branding with Dreamcast’s virtual event platform too. Its made unique to each customers liking and with no space constraint, one could have branding wherever they would please.

Flexible and Modular

Turn-Key Solution

Designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete and ready to operate, for customers, as this can be easily implemented into a current business process and be customised to your personal liking. It is. As even the term implies that the end-user just has to turn a key and start using the product or service which is the most convenient way for any user.

Along with the above we also believe in making this experience, once in a lifetime for your attendees, We offer:

  • Virtual Tables fully Branded Virtual Tables fully Branded

    Now fully customize your virtual logos to create virtual booths. Helps with sponsors, networking fairs, exhibitions or workshops.

  • Contact Detail Cards Contact Detail Cards

    Exchange virtual cards with people you meet at the social lounge conference, AGM or exhibition & build your pipeline and network to the maximum.

  • Polls Polls

    Run quick and easy polls & surveys to gather valuable feedback. Or just to keep the audience engaged via it.

  • Chat Chat

    Includes public & private chats built with a focus on productive, safe & secure messaging.

  • Q&As Q&As

    A dedicated window to ask questions to the speakers and manage answers.

The list doesn’t end here, there is so much more, that Dreamcast has to offer with the Virtual Events solutions platform, With the only objective of connecting people across the globe, presenting them with opportunities like hosting remote meetings, hybrid events, conferencing, product launches with the power of being at their home.

Dreamcast as a virtual event platform has moved beyond not only geographical constraints but also climbed the ladder and made a spot for itself by hosting events like conference, AGM, exhibitions & more for some of the top powers in the game like Dell, Economic Times, ISB, FIFS to name a few, however, the list is only evergrowing.

The world of Virtual Events was only a thought until it was made a reality by bringing it to your doorstep and making your global audience accessible with a simple click.

Have you hosted your very own global virtual event yet? If the answer is no then its time to go virtual. Go virtual and explore the ways in which it empowers your brand & businesses.

Don’t believe it? Take your online event to the next level. Empower your events with our virtual platform.

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