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Introducing Virtual Networking Tables Feature by Dreamcast

Virtual networking is an essential part of online events as it amplifies engagements, boosts revenues, and makes your event successful.

Virtual events enable attendees to access the event from remote locations at their convenience via any device. Networking between the attendees plays a vital role in making your event successful. When you are attending an event in a remote setting, networking between attendees, hosts, speakers, organisers, etc. becomes even more important.

 Here, the role of “virtual networking tables” come into play.

What is a Virtual Networking Table?

A virtual networking table is a dedicated space for networking in a visually rich virtual environment. It enables virtual attendees to connect and network in-real time before, during, or after the event. A virtual networking table is customised as per the needs and requirements of the organisation or brand. It is a virtual alignment with a conference like set up that enables attendees to have face-to-face communications in a safe and secure digital space. It helps in delivering immersive real-life interaction experiences to attendees.

Virtual networking tables enable attendees to have one-on-one (1:1)  meetings by sitting in front of each other the same as in-person networking. Attendees can switch from one table to another in a virtual event setup to network and have discussions on certain topics. Organisers can create many virtual networking tables during the event. It solely depends on the plan they picked or the number of tables the virtual event platform offers.

Virtual Networking Tables: A Newly Added Virtual Platform Feature by Dreamcast

Virtual Networking Table by Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the top leading virtual event platforms that is well known for its outstanding and comprehensive tools and features. The platform has hosted many virtual & hybrid events and received an overwhelming response from industries. Dreamcast has been a partner for many virtual events with the named brands such as Informa, EEMA D Day,India Mobile Week and more. 

The user-friendly interface, customisable services, engaging tools, interactive features, and robust data measuring capability offered by the platform helps in delivering immersive experiences and boosting virtual attendee engagements.

After hearing from our partners, Dreamcast introduced virtual networking table features on the popular demand. The much-demanded feature helps in delivering real-life interaction experiences at Dreamcast virtual event platforms.

Virtual networking tables offered by our platform enables participants to move freely between branded and customisable virtual networking tables. The add-on feature empowers the virtual event settings thus helps in boosting engagements at the virtual event.

The platform offers various virtual networking tables for attendees to interact with other attendees, hosts, speakers, organisers, etc. Attendees can simply select the available seat of their choice and join the virtual networking table to have discussions.

Virtual Networking Table Features

Virtual networking tables offered by Dreamcast virtual event platform offers various features:

  • Enables attendees to have 1:1 meetings
  • Allows to organise group meeting with up to 15 members
  • Customise and brand your networking lounge for exhibitors and sponsors
  • Reserves seat in advance for sponsors
  • There can be unlimited Tables

After hearing from all and considering all the feedback, we have introduced the most demanded feature: Virtual Networking Tables. Hope this newly added feature brings more value to our valued organisers and hosts. We at Dreamcast, strive to deliver you the best option possible at every step. We are committed to serve you the best advanced and feature-filled solution for your virtual event needs.


Dreamcast is your one-stop platform for presenting seamless & interactive solutions for VirtualEvents, Hybrid Events & Webinars. Connect with your audience globally & experience the joy of going Virtual.

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