What are Virtual Annual General Meetings?

Virtual AGM ( Virtual Annual General Meeting) is a convenient format for companies, associations, and organisations to come together and organize meetings with the whole organisation at once virtually. Everyone at the organisation right from Directors, employees, to stakeholders can be connected through a seamless online platform. Virtual AGMs are on the rise for various reasons, but the most important one of them is that they provide great opportunities for better engagement of stakeholders and shareholders. The common options related to video conferencing are usually not enough, especially looking at their strength and the severity of the matters they plan to discuss.

IP Based Streaming

Any Virtual AGM (Virtual Annual General Meeting) can be enhanced and made seamlessly interactive while not losing the main focus by incorporating multiple features like:

  • Attendance tracking & user audits
  • Online voting & polling
  • Video Streaming & Content / Document Management
  • Invitation & Registration options
  • Activities for user engagement, Q&A, Suggestion Management
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Live and post-event analytics
  • Along with AGM virtual conferencing solutions that could provide special security to reduce the risk of data manipulations and duplication.


100% Customized Company Branding

Any Virtual Annual General Meeting can be made into the company-specific eAGM or Hybrid AGM for the investors, stakeholders to showcase their brands at the meeting and the employees and participants to have a life-like experience.

Virtual AGM Invitation & Registration Management

Through virtual AGM platforms and spaces, the organizers/coordinators can send invitations and reminders to the participants in a much more cost-controlled manner than ever. The invitations, as well as the reminders, can be linked to personal databases of the organiser that include all stakeholders. Numerous Virtual AGM platforms already offer pre-made templates for the emails for sending out invites and some of them also can 100% customize the invites as per the client’s requirements. These invites can also be tracked as that could be a feature one would like at their Virtual Annual General Meeting.

The advantage of the advanced digital management of an AGM is that participants can easily register online and gain quick & immediate access to information. The virtual AGM Platforms can support the pre-registration of participants as well as management of AGM proxies, nominees and principals.

Virtual AGM Tracking & Auditing

The platform needs to support tracking and auditing & evaluating components to satisfy the needs of auditors, scrutinizers and support the submission to government authorities. Most platforms have front- and back-end tracking elements with a detailed report on all transactions on the system & the network.

Online AGM Voting

The presumably the most significant & important function during any Virtual Annual General Meetings is the voting on resolutions or motions. The democratic voting structure can be very simple, or rather sophisticated yet easy to use. More perplexing models include many detailed features like proxy-voting, weighted voting, conditional voting, voting rights, etc.

The participants should be able to vote easily through just a couple of clicks from their smartphones or on the Virtual AGM website itself. The outcomes are quick & immediate and can be shared or presented on the screens, displays or the detailed reports.

There is also a functionality of showcasing the Audience’s responses and polling to be streamed live on the presenter’s screen to all participants.

Most Virtual AGM platforms provide different charting options for the voting result as well.

Virtual AGM Content Management

One of the most integral parts of the Virtual AGM is that relevant content must be shared with the stakeholders and shareholders on time without any delays. Virtual AGM Software are meant to support easy and quick access for the upload and download of files, PPT, media, and other documents. These can be used by the participants and stakeholders before, during or after the meetings.

Virtual AGM Video Streaming

Videos and presentations are usually recorded or live streamed by the presenters through professional video streaming platforms which could be integrated right into the Virtual AGM Conference Hall etc. The organizers can choose the option to stream the videos publicly and/or privately in a closed room to the participants/stakeholders. Multiple parallel video streaming is supported by the Virtual platform.

Pre-AGM Registration

  • Digital attendance or registration form for easy administration.
  • Pre-authorisation of user accounts and meeting roles for administrator, scrutineer, chairman, other attendees.
  • Integration of proxy voting allows for a seamless experience for pre-voting and live poll so that your vote is still counted.
  • Question platform to allow for the consideration, accommodation and submissions of questions prior to shareholders submitting their proxy forms

During the AGM

  • Web-based solution to increase participation
  • Real-time live & weighted voting so results are displayed instantly
  • Managed Q&A platform for increasing attendee as well as shareholder engagement
  • Online live number of users list for easier tracking of attendance along with live Footprinting throughout the event.
  • No restriction on the timezone/number of attendees in an AGM so users can tune in from anywhere at any time.

Post-AGM Support

  • Audit Review trails to map the impact of the Virtual Annual General Meetings
  • Detailed Reports for audit checks, polls and Q&As.
  • Easy Data exports for administrators’ / scrutineers’ filing of documents.
  • 24/7 global tech support


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide an end-to-end support to our clients by setting up multi-camera production services, making sure that their event is streamed live hassle-free.

What if I already have a production team?

Great! If you already have a production team, we can work with your existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works required at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

We can webcast your content on a platform provided by you, which can be your website or your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a channel, we can create one for you.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

Reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product launch with Dreamcast. Let your audience know about the specifications of the product and other details with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is not supported across all platforms. Whereas, Google Hangouts provides streaming features for free. One can broadcast (live stream) a Google Hangout without any trouble.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers you with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools to show the outreach of your campaign.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can view a live event streaming on the device of their choice. With mobile webcasting, viewers can watch your event on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live streaming has numerous benefits over an age-old execution of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. Maintain your database easily and reach out to people anywhere you want in a seamless manner.

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