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Build Important Connections

  • Networking Tables Experience 1:1 & group networking as this feature makes sure all the attendees can access inbuilt audio as well as video calls to boost up the communication just like any in-person event & feel connected even with the distance.
  • AI Matchmaking tool is the perfect feature to connect with candidates with the same interests. It enables exhibitors as well as attendees to access key information like the interests and network with each other accordingly.
  • B2B Meetings Scheduler: it empowers you to expand your networking and connect with other exhibitors as well as sponsors. You can effortlessly interact with other business executives and set up a meeting with them as and when required.
  • Business Card Exchange where any attendee can exchange their business card with other attendees or exhibitors and if you wish to receive an attendee’s business card, just send them a simple request!
Immersive Production

Transform your Event Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby One can add dynamic banners depicting GIFs and images, animated lights in the lobby as well as a soothing melody to enchant your audience.
  • Custom Environment lets you be the boss of your event, empowering you to customise every aspect of your virtual conference to make it into the most breathtaking as well as professional layout.
  • Easy Navigation is a must as it makes sure all your virtual attendees can get from one point to another in the virtual environment seamlessly & explore endless possibilities at your event.

Immersive Attendee Experience

  • Live Poll to take instant surveys from participants and gain their valuable insights. This enables them to communicate efficiently and boosts their engagement undeniably.
  • Gamification You can choose from our library of 100 + AR/VR games or you can get your own game embedded to captivate the attendees with thrill and adventure. Get all you want in one event.
  • Signature Wall is an element that allows the attendees to leave their comments, thoughts, opinions, appreciation etc over a Signature Wall that is visible to everyone at the event.
Do It Yourself

Create Experiences

  • DIY booth builder is redefining exhibition experiences. It allows hosts /exhibitors to build a virtual exhibition booth as per their likes & wants. Right from colour, text, tabs, banners etc.
  • DIY buttons and Icon names enable to edit and change even minute details like button shape, size, color or the icon itself. As well as icon names & type too.
  • DIY Touchpoints helps you the host to customise the number of touchpoints as per one’s wants to make the user journey as smooth as possible.



Great Platform. Transformed my Virtual Experience

For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.

Ritika Pant
Campaign Manager, Isha

Enthralling Experience

Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.

Shreyance Modi
Director Finance, IMC

Best Product in the Virtual Events Space

Best Product in the Virtual Events Service Space. Overall a Good Experience & Clients are happy. Very good team, hands on with features. They help with a lot of customization.

Prasad Rai
Senior Manager Digital, Informa

Great Team to work with

Dreamcast helped us moving all our on-ground events online. Thanks to the Dreamcast team for helping us hit a home run during our initial phase of online events. The team was great to work with and even offers support during your live event.

Hiten Advani
Senior Manager Operations, ET

Simple AWESOME. Excellent Customer support

Simply AWESOME! Right from the start till the end, the platform kept our employees engaged with their multiple engaging tools & features. With their excellent customer support, you can completely rely on them

Neeraj Signal
CEO, Taggbox
Brijesh Saxena

A good bunch of people, doing good tech

Dreamcast helped us setting up things from scratch and built them at scale.The team is always there for support for everything, to help, to sort out issues – whatever time of the day. A good bunch of people doing good tech

Brijesh Saxena
Marketing Manager, Automation Anywhere

Excellent Experience

My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us. A bunch of extremely talented folks who are very well trained and knows every aspect of the platform and streaming. Excellent Experience.

Suraj Dhingra
Senior Account Director, Teamworks

Let’s Go Virtual!

Host. Connect. Network

Dreamcast is a virtual event platform that allows organisations to curate a mesmerizing virtual show or virtual launch for their brand. This type of event allows virtual attendees to come together from every corner of the world and gain valuable information effortlessly. Dreamcast provides numerous features that offer an appreciable aspect to your virtual product launch.

  1. Real-time support
  2. AI Matchmaking
  3. B2B meeting
  4. Business card exchange
  5. Networking Tables
  6. Seamless Navigation
Virtual Show Launches