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Virtual Conferencing vs Virtual Meetings vs Virtual Webinars

The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus has shaken up all nations, resulting in the decline of businesses around the world. Almost every nation has faced the wrath of the demon named COVID 19. The financial growth of all the sectors has been considerably hampered over the last few months.

To combat the novel global pandemic, the health ministry has issued orders regarding travel bans and social distancing. The restriction imposed on public gatherings and traveling resulted in cancellation of various events lined up for the coming months.

Nowadays, the virtual has become the new normal. Many organizations are familiar with virtual events & meetings and are taking good advantage of it from the past few years. Whereas some organizations are completely new to it. Organizations that have never thought about hosting online virtual meetings or conferences are today heavily relying on virtual meeting technology.

Virtual events were in existence for a very long time. A sudden spike in virtual conferencing, online virtual meetings, webinars, etc. has been witnessed over the past few months. The number of virtual events taking place on a daily basis has increased at an exponential rate.

A recent Spike in virtual events, meetings, conferences & webinars

Today the internet is full of several virtual meeting platforms that offer interactive, immersive, and engaging remote meeting services. As technology advances, the functionality & features offered by virtual meeting platforms replicates the on-ground event experiences. Carrying out recurring internal & external virtual meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, etc. has become an integral part of every organization. The hassle of traveling, limited space capacities, booking accommodation, all get resolved with virtual formats, thereby reducing the costs considerably. Today, organizing virtual events to connect with remote employees or global delegates, is just a click away.

You must have come across terms like virtual conferencing, meetings, custom webinar services & solutions over the past few months. Many of you right out there, might be thinking about what difference they hold and how they stand apart. At first glance, you may find all the three sets similar, but they hold considerable differences. You might be fencing about finding the difference, then this article works for you.

In this article, we’ve explained the difference between all the three virtual formats and how they stand apart from each other. To get a detailed insight, read on:

Virtual Conferencing

What is virtual conferencing?

A virtual conference is defined as a gathering of people under one roof virtually on a virtual conference platform to discuss business goals, plans, and objectives.

virtual conference

AGMs, Town Hall meetings, etc that involve a gathering of remote employees, global delegates, etc. come under virtual conferencing formats. Well, Town Hall meetings and AGMs are an integral part of any organization that is widespread across varied remote locations.

Gathering all the employees of the organization at a single place or a physical venue is a tricky task. Virtual conferencing allows organizations to connect with a large number of employees over the web in a digital space. Sharing relevant information and updates to all the employees at a time becomes much convenient with remote video conferencing solutions.

The engaging and interactive features offered by virtual conferencing platforms allow attendees to interact with each other in real-time. Virtual conferences allow you to connect to global delegates from the comfort of your own space. Apart from it, virtual conference platforms can accommodate a wide variety of sessions starting from group discussions to panel sessions.

The platform that offers virtual video conferencing, virtual teleconference, sharing screens, whiteboards, and engaging features such as Live polls, chats, surveys, gamification, etc. are the first choice of organizers to host a virtual conference.

This functionality offered by the platforms helps in delivering immersive experiences to attendees that match on-ground conferences. Move your conferences online and network with attendees residing in any remote locations without having to pack your travel bags.

Virtual Meetings

What are virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings are defined as real-time interactions between a small number of people via integrated audio, video, or text chat tools over the virtual meeting platform.

virtual meetings

Well, the recent change in the current dynamics has boosted the number of virtual meetings. Today, virtual meetings have become an integral part of the business. Right from recurring day to day internal meetings with remote employees and team leaders to external meetings with global delegates, clients, business partners, etc. all are carried out on a safe and secure virtual meeting platform. Organizations around the world are relying on virtual meeting technology to keep going. Virtual meeting platforms offer interactive features such as live audio/video/text chats, document sharing, screen sharing, whiteboards, etc to deliver immersive event experiences.

With the rapid advancement in technology, remote meeting services allow participants to participate equally and voice out their opinions.

Virtual Webinars

What is a webinar?

A webinar is defined as an online seminar that is hosted on a webinar conferencing platform and is attended exclusively by a large number of audiences virtually.

webinar services

Well, webinars are an entirely different format from virtual meetings and conferences. A webinar is an online virtual event that includes speakers and participants. There are ample webinar conferencing platforms available today that offer custom webinar solutions suiting business needs and requirements.

As compared to virtual meetings and conferences, webinars offer limited options for communication. Webinars may compile one or more speakers to represent the topic in front of attendees.

The engaging features and functionality offered by the platform such as the ability to organize Q & A sessions, Live polls, surveys, quizzes, games, etc keep the audience engaged for the entire event without letting them fall apart amid long sessions.

You can simply connect and attend a webinar from your device.


Virtual meetings, conferences, and webinars have now become a part of the day to day life. Each of the above-mentioned virtual formats blends well with each other. We have shared the exponential difference between all three. If you have not yet thought about moving your events and meeting online, now is the time to get started. Leverage virtual meeting technology that brings the most value and suits your event needs.

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