Hybrid conferences combine the elements of physical and virtual conferences and represent the best of both worlds.

What is a hybrid conference?

The definition of a conference is a gathering of people based around a common interest. Initially, conferences meant physical meetings, but virtual conferences and online conferences became common as technology developed.

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There are many advantages to a hybrid virtual conference.

For example, you do not have to worry about venue capacity issues and open the conference up to a global audience!

A hybrid conference essentially means a conference that is available both online and offline at the same time.

The offline element of the conference is usually a small physical gathering. The online component is the virtual version of the conference that is open to people worldwide!

Using a powerful hybrid conference platform like Dreamcast, you can leverage the internet’s power while providing an exclusive experience to the physical event attendees.

Key things to consider when hosting hybrid virtual conferences:

You might be interested in hosting a virtual conference soon, or you might still be on the fence. In this section, let’s take a quick at the things you should consider as a host.

While your hybrid conference platform can manage the technical aspects of the event, here are some key things you need to consider before hosting a hybrid conference:

  • Do you have effective and engaging content?

    At the heart of any conference are the speakers and the content they share. It is especially important to have powerful and engaging content when hosting a hybrid event because the speakers have to engage two sets of audiences - the physical and the virtual one.

  • Is your marketing in-line with the format?

    If you’re hosting a hybrid conference, the format should be clearly stated in the event's marketing and messaging. Since hybrid conferences are still a relatively new trend, it might be useful to spend a little energy explaining the event's format clearly to set the attendees' right expectations.

  • Are you using the right hybrid conference platform?

    Hosting a hybrid conference can be a bit more tricky than hosting a virtual one. When the format is hybrid, the platform you are using should integrate the physical and virtual format seamlessly.

Benefits of hosting a hybrid conference:

Here are some of the key benefits of using hybrid conferencing solutions and hosting hybrid conferences:

  • Invite a larger audience

    A hybrid conference is open to people worldwide, which means your virtual attendees do not have to worry about things like traveling and can attend your event from the comfort of their home!

    Our hybrid conference software comes with features that make the virtual experience extremely engaging, which is an excellent incentive for people to attend the conference virtually.

  • Get more engagement on the same content

    It is effortless to archive the content of the hybrid virtual conferences. Since all the conference sessions are live-streamed, the content can be stored and backed up. You can use this content later for other purposes like marketing and promotion.

    You can also make the content available on-demand after the conference, which means you can get additional engagement on the same content.

  • Increase the sponsorship value of your conference

    Since a hybrid conference includes both a physical event and a virtual event, your sponsors have more chances of getting in front of your attendees, which means you can increase the conference's sponsorship value.

  • Lower the carbon footprint of your conference

    Lastly, since you eliminate a huge amount of travel normally associated with a huge conference, you can significantly lower your conference's carbon footprint by turning it into a hybrid one!

Hybrid conference services

Now that we have covered what hybrid conferences are, what you should consider before hosting them, and the benefits that come with them, let’s take a look at how we can help you host hybrid conferences.

Here are some of the hybrid conference services that we provide:

  • Hybrid conferencing solutions and platform

    The platform you use to host your hybrid conferences is vital. Our hybrid conference platform is customizable and flexible. It also comes with powerful features that make virtual experiences as engaging as the real deal.

    Some of the features that are included in the platform are engagement features like live chat, polls, Q/A, virtual experience features like virtual lobbies, virtual halls, virtual booths, and event flow features like access control and more that allow you to host the hybrid conference that you want.

  • Hybrid event planning and management

    Planning a hybrid event is not easy, but we’ll make it as easy as possible. We can help you plan an event and manage it, from conception to execution. Our dedicated managers will ensure that your virtual events are smooth and without any technical glitches during the event.

  • Technical support

    The last thing you want is a technical problem during a live hybrid event. In case something does go wrong, you ideally want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. This is where our consistent technical support comes into play and ensures that your event gets back on track ASAP, even when things go wrong.

The best of both worlds

A hybrid event is truly the best of both worlds. Still, it would help if you had the expertise and support of a dedicated virtual event platform to provide your attendees' best experience. If you’re looking to learn more about hybrid events and are interested in hosting them, do contact us today!


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide an end-to-end support to our clients by setting up multi-camera production services, making sure that their event is streamed live hassle-free.

What if I already have a production team?

Great! If you already have a production team, we can work with your existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works required at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

We can webcast your content on a platform provided by you, which can be your website or your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a channel, we can create one for you.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

Reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product launch with Dreamcast. Let your audience know about the specifications of the product and other details with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is not supported across all platforms. Whereas, Google Hangouts provides streaming features for free. One can broadcast (live stream) a Google Hangout without any trouble.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers you with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools to show the outreach of your campaign.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can view a live event streaming on the device of their choice. With mobile webcasting, viewers can watch your event on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live streaming has numerous benefits over an age-old execution of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. Maintain your database easily and reach out to people anywhere you want in a seamless manner.

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