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Build customized Networking Zones, CXO Lounges, 1:1 Virtual Meetings, Virtual Group Meetings as well as Networking Tables and upscale the power of networking at your event with Dreamcast Virtual Meeting Platform.





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Network like a Pro with Dreamcast Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual Events Networking Features

Network like a Pro

  • Networking Tables empower direct 1:1 networking as well group networking of upto 8 people on a single networking table. There could be multiple such Networking Tables at a Virtual Meeting.
  • CXO Lounge area is a special access VIP Area that is created for limited audience access area. This is very helpful for paid events, special delegate meetings etc.
  • Business Card Exchange is the exchange of business cards at an event. An individual is free to share their Business Card with as many people they like, however, to receive another attendees Business Card they will have to request a Business Card.
  • AI Matchmaking is very helpful in large scale events. This feature helps in filtering through the audience and sharing a list of people who match similar interests with each other.

Multi- Channel Communication

  • Chat is mainly of 3 types – Platform Chat, Whatsapp Direct 1:1 Chat & the Technical Chat, which enable any attendee to seamlessly communicate with one another.
  • Call functionality is also of 2 types – Audio as well as Video Call that is available to the attendee at all times during the Virtual Meeting.
  • Video Meeting via any third party platform can be easily integrated on our platform. Such as Zoom Virtual Meeting, Google Meet Virtual Meeting, Blue Jeans Virtual Meeting and so on.
  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler allows the attendees & exhibitors to schedule their meeting even before the start of the Virtual Meeting.

Work Hard & Play Harder

  • Leaderboard is an excellent feature for all the competitive people at the meeting, as it reflects the real-time cumulative game score for everyone present at the Meeting.
  • Popularity Score as functionality can be plugged in just anywhere on the platform – It can be used to judge the most popular speaker, presentation, session, etc
  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticons bring in the extra joy at the event. They are engaging & help the users to convey their emotion towards the session via these emoticons.
  • Engagement Zone is an area filled with Games & Activities that help people to have some fun as well during the event. It helps the attendees to have longer session durations at the event.

Time for some Inputs

  • Feedback Form can be pushed Manually in between the Events as a Notification Pop-Up as well as by covering the entire screen at the end of the event so that it does not miss the attention span of the attendees.
  • Signature Wall a very popular wall, wherein the attendees can come and write their feedbacks in a line or two to appreciate the event and it can then be showcased as memorabilia for all event attendees to see.
  • LIVE Session Poll are mid-session Q&A’s with the option of choosing the answers, this keeps the attendees engaged throughout and wanting to be a part of the event.



Great Platform. Transformed my Virtual Experience

For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.

Ritika Pant
Campaign Manager, Isha

Enthralling Experience

Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.

Shreyance Modi
Director Finance, IMC

Best Product in the Virtual Events Space

Best Product in the Virtual Events Service Space. Overall a Good Experience & Clients are happy. Very good team, hands on with features. They help with a lot of customization.

Prasad Rai
Senior Manager Digital, Informa

Great Team to work with

Dreamcast helped us moving all our on-ground events online. Thanks to the Dreamcast team for helping us hit a home run during our initial phase of online events. The team was great to work with and even offers support during your live event.

Hiten Advani
Senior Manager Operations, ET

Simple AWESOME. Excellent Customer support

Simply AWESOME! Right from the start till the end, the platform kept our employees engaged with their multiple engaging tools & features. With their excellent customer support, you can completely rely on them

Neeraj Signal
CEO, Taggbox
Brijesh Saxena

A good bunch of people, doing good tech

Dreamcast helped us setting up things from scratch and built them at scale.The team is always there for support for everything, to help, to sort out issues – whatever time of the day. A good bunch of people doing good tech

Brijesh Saxena
Marketing Manager, Automation Anywhere

Excellent Experience

My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us. A bunch of extremely talented folks who are very well trained and knows every aspect of the platform and streaming. Excellent Experience.

Suraj Dhingra
Senior Account Director, Teamworks

Let’s Go Virtual!


Take your traditional meetings into a fully dynamic virtual venue. Facilitate attendees to have free-flowing conversations via live chat functionality offered by the platform from the comfort of their own space. Dreamcast offers exuberant features to translate live physical meetings into an immersive virtual environment. Boost interactions and foster meaningful connections seamlessly.

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  4. 1:1 & Group Communications
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  6. Secure Networking
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  8. Digital Footprinting
  9. Real-time Analytics
  10. 24*7 Assistance
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