What are Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meetings are online web-based meetings that take place over the internet on a comprehensive web-based solution. It enables individuals to connect and have real-time interactions remotely via integrated audio/video/keyboard chat functionality to accomplish shared goals. It is a convenient format that enables organisations as well as associations to organise meetings virtually with employees, business delegates, global associates, clients, and so on. A comprehensive virtual event platform offers various interactive engagement tools and features to engage participants and deliver fully immersive experiences.

Conference Live Streaming

Virtual meetings connect everyone right from directors, employees, c-level executives, clients, global delegates, etc. through a seamless online platform. Organisations are arranging virtual meetings in place of face-to-face interactions as they offer varied benefits. They are quick, easy, cost-effective, and bring the most relevant people for a meeting at a single place irrespective of geographical location.

Why choose Dreamcast Virtual Meeting Platform?

Dreamcast, a top leading virtual event platform offers brilliant opportunities for businesses to conduct online meetings and engage participants seamlessly. The engaging and interactive features offered by the platform enables organisers to showcase the holistic elements of traditional meeting formats.

Any type of virtual meeting can be enhanced and made fully interactive and immersive by incorporating the brilliant features offered by the platform:

  • Attendance tracking & user audits
  • Online voting & polling
  • Virtual networking tables
  • Teleportation
  • Digital attendee footprinting
  • document/presentation downloader
  • Seamless networking
  • Access control
  • Video Streaming & Content / Document Management
  • Invitation & Registration options
  • Engagement activities such as Q&A, games, Twitter wall, and more
  • Suggestion Management
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Live and post-event analytics
  • Security & Safety and more

Types of Virtual Meetings

1. Annual General Meetings ( AGMs)

Annual General Meetings are an important event for any company. The meeting is organised annually between the interested shareholders/stakeholders and the director or CEO of the company to discuss the overall performance of the year and set goals for the upcoming year. Virtual annual general meetings are organised on a web-based solution that enables organisations, companies, and associations to come together virtually at once. Virtual AGMs are organised to engage all levels of interested shareholders seamlessly. They offer enormous opportunities for better shareholder/stakeholder engagements. The platform offers the ability to organise live polls, Q&A sessions, and more. Shareholders can have free-flowing interactions with the director of the company regarding the company's overall well being and can elect new members to the board as well.

2. Board Meetings

Board meetings are defined as a gathering of a company's board of directors who are liable to make decisions on a certain shared goal or plan. Board meetings are conducted between the decision-makers of an organisation. Important facts are presented during the meeting and decisions are taken regarding further actions. Online board meetings enable the board of decision-makers to be part of the meeting at their convenience from the comfort of their own space or desk. The interactive features offered by the virtual meeting platform enable participants to have free-flowing discussions in real-time via integrated live audio/video/keyboard chats.

3. Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are meetings that are organised during day-long conferences or at a convention intended for a small group of participants. Breakout sessions can take place in virtual chat rooms seamlessly and can connect participants remotely from wherever they are via any device supported by the internet connection.

4. Town Hall Meetings

Town Halls are organised by organisations to update a piece of information, news or make announcements, to all the employees of an organisation at once. Virtual town halls enable organisations to gather all the remote employees of a company under one roof virtually.

5. Conferences

A conference is a meeting organised between a group of people to have a discussion on a particular topic or agenda. Virtual conferences are conducted over a web-based solution instead of a Live physical on-site venue. The platform enables organisers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors to connect and network remotely through a virtual environment and have real-life interactions via audio/video conferencing.

6. Colloquium

Academic networking events are referred to as colloquium where participants can connect and network remotely. The platform offers virtual networking tables that allow participants to have a discussion on a specified topic and present or exchange their ideas the same as in-person interactions.

7. Conclaves

Conclaves are known as closed-door meetings organised between the individuals having a certain level of power in a particular organisations. The platform enables you to organise a virtual conclave in a safe and secure environment. Attendees can have life-like experiences while interacting in real-time. The document/presentation downloader enables attendees to download and save the copies for future references.

8. Congress

A congress is defined as a meeting between a large group of individuals aiming to make important decisions through a voting process and debate. A virtual congress can be organised by the government as well as private entities to connect and network remotely to take decisions. Organise your congress with a seamless online platform with the live polling and voting feature.

Host engaging and interactive virtual meetups with ease and accuracy with the Dreamcast virtual events platform that offers advanced comprehensive solutions to enhance your reach. Deliver seamless experiences to attendees with complete assistance.


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide an end-to-end support to our clients by setting up multi-camera production services, making sure that their event is streamed live hassle-free.

What if I already have a production team?

Great! If you already have a production team, we can work with your existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works required at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

We can webcast your content on a platform provided by you, which can be your website or your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a channel, we can create one for you.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

Reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product launch with Dreamcast. Let your audience know about the specifications of the product and other details with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is not supported across all platforms. Whereas, Google Hangouts provides streaming features for free. One can broadcast (live stream) a Google Hangout without any trouble.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers you with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools to show the outreach of your campaign.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can view a live event streaming on the device of their choice. With mobile webcasting, viewers can watch your event on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live streaming has numerous benefits over an age-old execution of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. Maintain your database easily and reach out to people anywhere you want in a seamless manner.

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