What are Virtual Town Hall Meetings?

Virtual town hall meeting is a gathering of organisation employees over a web-based solution. It is organised by the CEO or any other senior person of an organisation to deliver information, news, or specific updates to all the employees located in various locations. The great advantage is that employees can join the virtual town hall meeting from wherever they are, from the comfort of their own space via any device such as laptop, smartphone, tablets, or computer.

Conference Live Streaming

A virtual town hall meeting is a great communication tool for an organisation as it connects employees from different geographical locations. It provides a regular forum platform that enables communications between the management and employees. Virtual town halls hosted on a comprehensive virtual meeting platform are a convenient format for companies. This is to bring all the employees together and organise town hall meetings at once virtually. Virtual town halls are immensely popular and are on the rise due to various merits. They offer great opportunities like connecting all the widespread employees of an organisation seamlessly. Looking at the strength of the organisations that hold an enormous number of employees hosting a virtual town hall meeting is the best option. You can introduce virtual town hall fun activities and virtual town hall games to boost employee morale and engagement levels.

Many organisation that have a global base are leveraging virtual town hall meetings to reach their global workforce in the most scalable way. Dreamcast, a top leading virtual town hall meeting platform assists you in organizing your virtual town halls like a pro.

Any virtual town halls can be made interactive and engaging without drifting from the main concern by introducing various features like:

  • Live Polling
  • Virtual networking tables
  • Virtual town hall games for engagements such as spin the wheel, contests, quizzes, Q&A
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Content management system
  • Invitation & Registration options
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Live and post-event analytics
  • Safety and Security
  • Attendance tracking

Dreamcast Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform Key Features

1. Virtual Town Halls Attendance Tracking

The virtual town hall meeting platform must support attendance tracking to know who all joined the virtual town hall meeting. Majorly virtual town hall meeting platforms have front end and back end tracking tools that give a detailed report on all transactions on the network.

2. Online Polling

Live polling is one of the most essential & significant features during any virtual town hall meeting. The online polling structure can be simple but should be easy to use. More complex virtual town hall models include many comprehensive and detailed features. Online polling should enable employees to vote easily through a simple click via their smartphones or device. The polling results are instant and are displayed immediately over the screen of the participants.

3. Virtual Town Halls Invitation and Registration Options

Virtual town hall meeting platforms enable organisers to send invites and reminders to the employees seamlessly. Dreamcast offers pre-made customisable templates as per the client's need to send invites to participants.

Tracking of these invites is even possible as per the organiser's demand. It could be one of the features organisers would like to utilize at their virtual town halls.

The advanced digital management system enables participants to easily register and have quick access to the information. The virtual town hall platform enables users to pre-register and manage proxies.

4. Virtual Town Halls Content Management

Content management is a significant part of virtual town halls. It is a must to ensure that the relevant content has been shared with the remote workforce without any delay. Virtual town hall meeting platforms should support easy and quick access for the upload and download of files and other documents. It can be utilized by the participants and organisers before, during, or after the meetings.

5. Virtual Town Halls Live Video Streaming

Presenters usually record or live stream presentations and videos. It can be integrated well with virtual town halls. Organisers can select to live stream the video privately to the participants. Virtual event platform even supports multiple parallel video streaming.

6. Activities For Engagements

Organise Q&A, social mosaic, games such as spin the wheel, contests during virtual town halls to increase engagement levels. It helps in enhancing employee engagements in real-time.

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Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide an end-to-end support to our clients by setting up multi-camera production services, making sure that their event is streamed live hassle-free.

What if I already have a production team?

Great! If you already have a production team, we can work with your existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works required at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

We can webcast your content on a platform provided by you, which can be your website or your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a channel, we can create one for you.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

Reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product launch with Dreamcast. Let your audience know about the specifications of the product and other details with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is not supported across all platforms. Whereas, Google Hangouts provides streaming features for free. One can broadcast (live stream) a Google Hangout without any trouble.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers you with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools to show the outreach of your campaign.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can view a live event streaming on the device of their choice. With mobile webcasting, viewers can watch your event on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live streaming has numerous benefits over an age-old execution of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. Maintain your database easily and reach out to people anywhere you want in a seamless manner.

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