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Level Up Your Virtual & Hybrid Event With AI Matchmaking

The experts and technology specialists around the globe predicted an inclination towards artificial intelligence long ago. Undeniably, the pandemic boosted this industry and took it to precipitous heights. Today we interact with artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of our lifestyle without even realising it! 

There is no denying the fact that technological advancement has taken the world by storm. This era belongs to the tech enthusiasts. Fortunately, this generation’s Master Minds have understood their way around technology. Moreover, we have successfully teamed it to cater to all of our daily requirements. Without a doubt, this is a beneficial step towards evolution. Furthermore, artificial intelligence has helped mankind in innumerable ways.

In this list, we have the event industry as well. Long gone are the days of tedious analysing and sleepless nights dedicated solely to surveying. With the facilitation of artificial intelligence, even the intricate tasks can be done within a blink of an eye. The event industry realised the atmosphere potential of machine learning, and soon after they started incorporating this marvellous innovation in astonishing ways.

With that being said, let us start to explore more about one of the most prominent game changers –  the AI powered matchmaking. This article covers a brief meaning of AI matchmaking and how it can benefit your virtual or hybrid event platform.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

When talking about the meaning as well as the origin of artificial intelligence, one cannot skip its exact definition. Artificial intelligence has been referred to as the knowledge and skills portrait by machines. This information is entirely different from what humans show. This is so because artificial intelligence entirely eliminates any type of emotions or consciousness. Moreover, artificial intelligence has some extraordinary potential for solving complex mathematical problems within a fraction of time.

Artificial intelligence is based on the data that a human entity provides to a machine. This data is carefully analysed as well as interpreted by it and then utilised appropriately.

AI matchmaking is one of the most exuberant examples of artificial intelligence. This feature is entirely based on a vast variety of data that is fed in the backend. The machine interprets this data and segregates it into different sections as per the requirements. 

We agree, you might have numerous doubts and questions popping up in your head right now. But, don’t worry because we have got your back! In this article, we are going to elaborate on the impact of AI matchmaking in virtual events. Therefore, continue reading further to gain more valuable information regarding AI-powered virtual events.

Impact Of Ai Matchmaking On Your Event

In any AI-powered virtual event, this fascinating feature significantly benefits the exhibitors. In simple terms, the AI matchmaking tool curates a specially formulated list of all the virtual attendees. This list contains vital information regarding the name, interest, and businesses of an individual. This data is further provided to the exhibitors present in a virtual or hybrid event. After this, the exhibitors analyse the list of participants and contact the interested attendees effortlessly. However, AI matchmaking matches the attendees at a virtual event with their right prospects thus resulting in saving time. 

In short, AI matchmaking empowers the exhibitors to communicate and interact with all the interested candidates. Exhibitors can also schedule a meeting with them as per the preferred time slots. This aspect has innumerable benefits for the organisers, exhibitors as well as participants. Below we have listed a few impacts that you must keep in mind while considering an AI matchmaking feature.

Accurate Information

AI matchmaking is a specialised feature that functions with the help of artificial intelligence. As we discussed above, artificial intelligence is a reliable tool because it is entirely computerised. AI matchmaking feature keep a track of a variety of aspects during your virtual or hybrid event. This information is stored with the utmost protection and security. Therefore, you can completely rely on the statistics as well as the number of figures provided by AI matchmaking tools.

Boosts Analytics

AI matchmaking facilitates access to accurate information. This data results in accurate analytics. Undeniably, appropriate and reliable analytics can be a beneficial feature for any organisation. AI matchmaking helps in gaining the information about attendees regarding the area of interest, exhibitors target, and so forth. This is a great feature as it helps comprehend the different aspects of any event in an elaborated way. When an organisation indulges in regular analysis, it can pinpoint its weaknesses as well as strengths. This can be a plus point if you want to rectify your errors and take corrective measures on time. 

Reduces Time Consumption

AI matchmaking tools have an extraordinary ability to interpret the data. AI matchmaking in hybrid events or virtual events can be a brilliant option to analyse accurate data without any major hindrances. Since AI matchmaking is a result of artificial intelligence, the calculations here take place in a microsecond. This feature helps organisations to avoid unnecessary time consumption. Therefore,  AI matchmaking tools boost the efficiency and accuracy of an event.

Promotes Networking

All the virtual attendees present in a hybrid or virtual event often look for networking strategies. With an AI matchmaking, exhibitors can seamlessly reach the targeted potential audience. This boosts up their relations and helps them communicate freely as and when required. AI matchmaking is a brilliant feature to expand your networking administration and get in contact with a wider audience.

Facilitates Exhibitors

When a brand sponsors your event, they have certain objectives to target. Most of the time, exhibitors also have a particular target and that is to maximise their reach. When you incorporate an effective AI matchmaking feature in your hybrid or virtual event, you ensure your exhibitors have a marvellous and right reach. This is so because this tool creates a dedicated list of interested attendees that facilitates exhibitors to contact various individuals with the utmost ease. This helps them in communicating and contracting all the intrigued participants. It in turn boosts the audience engagement and helps them reach a wider customer base in no time.


AI matchmaking is a great feature that you must surely incorporate in your virtual or hybrid event. Unquestionably, AI-powered hybrid solutions uplift the entire ambience of the event and make it an exhilarating success. AI-powered virtual events assure the exhibitors with a convenient list. This list allows them to communicate with all the interested participants around the globe. 

As mentioned above, this feature helps the exhibitors to maximise their reach in no time. In the above-mentioned article, we have discussed the various benefits of AI-powered virtual events. We trust that this article would be extremely beneficial for you and will help you expand your knowledge effortlessly.

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