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Types of Virtual Events

With the coronavirus pandemic lurking in every corner of the world, having a face to face event with a large group seems a far fetched idea. One cannot skip the fact that the sudden emergence of covid-19 left the world extremely baffled. The social distancing norms have become the new lifestyle of mankind. But our daily life does not stop with the pandemic, right? The countless events, the vital information, product launches, daily happenings, and so forth must be conveyed to general society at all costs! Thus, organisations were left with the tedious task of fulfilling all the requirements whilst maintaining the health standards of individuals around the globe.

Fortunately, technological advancement was available at our rescue. Today’s tech-savvy innovations made it possible for individuals to host their very own virtual events effortlessly. You can host virtual product launches, virtual fashion shows, and a lot more.

As we all know, virtual events allow individuals to partake in online sessions from the comfort of their homes. These online meetings work on a virtual stage that grants individuals from different pieces of the world to associate with the assistance of a specially assigned link. Let us find out a little bit more about these virtual platforms.

What are Virtual Events?

A virtual event can be termed as an online occasion that includes individuals associating in a virtual environment on the internet, instead of meeting in person at a location. The main distinction from meeting physically is that these online occasions occur through a virtual meeting stage where the company can render every useful asset to the audience. This information can further be advantageously downloaded for the viewer’s convenience.

There are numerous virtual events platforms available to the public right now and they also provide numerous features. Virtual event management companies in India and across the world can now hold a variety of virtual events like webinars, online discussions, conferences, and a lot more. With that being said, in this article, we will discuss different types of virtual events and how they can be comprehended in our day to day lifestyle to make tasks easier. So, without any further delay, let us start analysing the different virtual events types.

Different Types Of Virtual Events

If your rationale is to entice the attention of an audience in order to render quality content, virtual events are the perfect platforms. These online sessions offer you a marvellous opportunity to get creative with all your mental horizons and develop a top-notch virtual event. Countless activities can be performed in a virtual event. Listing each and every one of them would clearly be a reckless task. Nevertheless, these virtual events are considered the best alternative out there in order to engage a larger group of audience and make them commit for an adequate duration of time. We have listed a few types of virtual occasions that can be incorporated to deliver the quality content of your website according to your requirements.

#1 Virtual Meetup

Gatherings which involve people to be physically present may have their own advantages, but in many cases, just like social media, online meetups are the best medium to interface individuals you share normal interests with. Various companies and business enterprises can organise such virtual meetups and can allow limited access to people for maintaining privacy. Virtual meetups can be quite beneficial in these bewildering times of pandemic. Additionally, they are quite beneficial if you want to connect with individuals who are unable to travel to a specific location.

#2 Webinars

These are a sort of online courses in a virtual workshop where generally a speaker presents a talk, demo or lecture. This configuration is most appropriate in the event where the target audience is a bigger crowd. During this pandemic, webinars gained extensive popularity and became one of the most utilised virtual events.

Organisations now also allow a unique feature that permits individuals to download and store certain webinars as per their convenience. Moreover, individuals can pose inquiries over talk or sound options available as chats and audio features.

#3 Virtual Summits/ Conferences

These online sessions are popularly known as conferences. They are the most appropriate option if you want to incorporate a small online discussion with few individuals. You can invite different speakers, host a few tracks and meetings, gather useful information and conduct surveys.

Individuals experience the most smooth sealing conversations in virtual summits as they provide two-route correspondence between them over sound/video simultaneously.

#4 Virtual Expos/ Trade Shows

Virtual expos or virtual trade shows are the perfect opportunities for organisations to promote or launch their product as they can length across numerous areas simultaneously. This virtual event enables organisations to extract LIVE feed from the attendees. It can be beneficial in many ways, but importantly it helps to reduce the unnecessary expenses of a firm. A few examples of virtual expos are listed below:

Virtual Fashion Show

Virtual fashion shows are the new trend for gen-tech freaks. This refers to individuals coming together at a platform and streaming their live Fashion Show to thousands of audiences from a specific platform. These virtual events are not the only budget-oriented but help in targeting a wider audience easily.

Virtual Product Launch

This type of virtual event enables organisations to exhibit their product and spread the word to a wider audience at minimal costs. Organisations can choose to launch the product on a virtual platform of their choice. They can also incorporate a number of exhibitors and sponsors to gain some extra profit.


Undeniably, virtual events can be termed as the new future of mankind. The hustle and bustle of physical events have been drastically reduced by the different types of virtual events that are available to individuals around the globe. These virtual events platforms offer quite budget-friendly events that do not follow any type of constraint on limitation whatsoever. This allows individuals to enjoy the utmost potential of these high tech innovations and gain valuable knowledge without involving themselves and complicated tasks. After painstakingly running thorough research, we have summarised this article stating the virtual events types accessible in the market. We trust that this article would offer you some necessary virtual events solutions and help you amalgamate the best alternative available.

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