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Enhance Virtual Attendee Experience with These Immersive Features

Virtual events are rapidly gaining extensive popularity as they prove to be a significant tool in this generation of tech freaks. The digital technology behind them is quite affordable as well as effective. Virtual events are digital sessions that allow individuals to join in with the help of a specially generated link. These sessions are just like the physical face to face events except, they are held virtually and users can enjoy them from any corner of the world. If your rationality is to host a virtual event that effortlessly renders valuable information in a given limit and at the same time engages all your attendees, you have come to just the right place! 

Dreamcast has realised the utmost potential of virtual events and therefore we have integrated a virtual event platform that consists of all the key features that can empower you to host different types of virtual events. We acknowledge the impact of each and every factor in a virtual event. Whether you are planning to host a virtual product launch, virtual fashion show, a virtual summit, virtual job fair, trade fair, or exhibition you must look for a platform that offers a variety of features that can cater to all your requirements. 

Well, we agree, this can be a tedious task because the requirements for hosting a virtual event can get pretty complex. But, don’t worry because we have got your back! Our virtual event platform allows you to curate an immersive as well as a holistic experience to captivate all your attendees within a glance. If you want to know more about the extravagant features offered by us, then continue reading further.

Virtual Event Platform Features To Enhance Attendee Experience

Let us have a look at all the distinctive features offered by Dreamcast.

1. 2-Way Virtual Interaction

Want to have seamless interaction with speakers and have answers to your questions? You can simply achieve it with Dreamcast’s latest revolutionary feature. Host virtual conferences, sessions, and webinars with ease and empower seamless 2-way virtual interactions between speakers, attendees, and hosts in a visually rich virtual environment. This exuberant feature enables attendees to raise a hand to interact with the speaker in real-time.

2. Dynamic Banner Functionality

This exuberance feature allows organisations to lure in more sponsors and exhibitors. These banners render a unique clickability feature that acts as a sell-able space in your exclusive virtual event. Dynamic banners enhance the overall ambience of your virtual event and help you earn an adequate amount of profit by engaging several sponsors at the same time. Clickable banners stand out of the ordinary and lire in event attendees within the twinkling of an eye. 

These banners offer an extraordinary feature that pops up the brand information upon clicking. Additionally, event attendees can be sent to the brand’s website, social media handle or even the exhibition booth situated in the virtual event. They are a great way to provide exposure to your event attendees and make them aware of your sponsored brands. You can add a number of dynamic banners as well as GIF banners in the exhibition hall. They can be utilised to prompt the necessary information to the attendees and make them aware of the key aspects as well as the motive of your virtual event.

3. Lobby Ambience Music

In order to resonate the entire ambience, you can choose to play calming music that enhances the overall ambience and soothes the minds of all the virtual attendees.

4. Animated Lobby With Light Animations

Dreamcast offers an aesthetically pleasing lobby interface that is facilitated with spellbinding light animations. This will add to the enhancement of your virtual event and draw in great amounts of positive feedback for the viewers.

Our virtual event platform allows organisations to customise each and every aspect according to their preferences. This means that they are enabled to alter the look and feel of every widget as well as icon. You can now alter them in order to comprehend the best look that matches your brand requirements and the colour scheme.

6. Access Management/ Control

If you have a few extravagant paid events, VIP access events for your special guest, or some breakout events that you want only a specific group of event attendees to experience, this functionality feature is just one for you!

This feature works wonders as it allows you to set definite access for your visitors. You can decide and enable access to various areas of your virtual event to a certain group of individuals effortlessly.

7. Business Card Exchange

This is a perfect functionality feature that helps you enhance your networking strategies. A business card is the perfect two-way exchange alternative that allows co-attendees to interchange the business cards. Moreover, users can also request for the business cards of various brands.

8. AI Matchmaking Tool

This is a specialised functionality feature that enables the exhibitors to access vital information about the event attendees. The information also consists of an area of interest. It enables attendees to have conversations with their potential matches in the virtual events. AI Matchmaking feature allows exhibitors to target interested candidates and carry forward certain meetings with them.

9. Gamification

Want to engage your attendees with a challenging set of games that leave the heart palpitating? Fortunately, you can easily do that! we offer a range of 20+ games that can engage the player’s senses effortlessly. Not only that, but we can also add a third-party game for your convenience. Furthermore, you can also add a thrilling twist with the heap of a leaderboard.

10. AR Photobooth/Background Change

Dreamcast has added an AR photo booth that allows event attendees to add a token of their presents to enhance your overall event.

11. Pledge Wall/Signature Wall/ Comments Wall

This is a perfect feature that allows all the event attendees to build a small community within a virtual event. Visitors can leave their compliments as well as numerous comments they can touch on various topics, discuss what they liked, what stood out the most to them, and so forth. This can encourage exhibitors and motivate them to work in the right direction.

12. Popularity Score

This newly launched feature allows you to track the popularity score. It boosts up the audience interaction as they click on various emojis to depict their thoughts.

13. Audience Engagement in Audi Via Emoticons

Event attendees can now select from numerous emoji options ranging from heart to hoot. These emoticons or audio notes refer to their appreciation for a virtual event. This feature motivates the organisation and enhances the immersive ambience of a virtual event.

14. Access Information in Bird Eye View

This is a unique feature added to the viewer’s convenience. They can take a look at the numerous exhibition books available in a virtual event. Upon clicking on any of these exhibition booths, the vital information will be popped up in small boxes that can be visible in the bird’s eye view. 

15. WhatsApp and ZOOM Meeting Integration

Attendees can now have three-level communication at the exhibit booth. This includes platform-based audio as well as video call, WhatsApp integrated personal booth, and lastly representative meeting link. Users can choose as per the convenience and carry out an effective way of communication seamlessly.

16. DIY Booth Builder

Dreamcast offers an entirely customisable exhibition module. The exhibitors are enabled to alter numerous button names, icons as well as upload videos, images, or even PDS in a jiffy.

17. Pre-Meeting Scheduler

This enables the exhibitors to access the list of registered visitors that are going to attend a specific virtual event. They can then request to schedule a meeting with them according to their preferences. This meeting is of 3 types, namely frontend, backend, and brand mailer.

18. Push Feedback Manually From Backend

We all know the importance of constructive feedback for any exhibitor. Based on the feedback, organisations can take corrective measures on time and continue to provide admired services. To instigate feedback, we have generated a push feedback option that will undeniably increase the number of feedback from event attendees.

19. Poster Hall

This is a sort of small case study hall that has a smart feature. This feature has been popularly used in Pharma events as it is utilised for case studies and white papers. Users can easily access various case studies and find out vital information as well as participate actively as per their requirements. Moreover, the poster hall carries all the information in the form of PDF as well as video documents.

20. Leader Board

This is a great feature that instigates a competitive spirit that encourages participants to engage more. The basic idea has been derived by the principle of gamification. It basically allows members to earn more points with every action taken. 

21. Digital Certificate

Each and every participant can get a Digital Certificate on the virtual event platform. This certificate acts as a great souvenir for future purposes. 

22. Virtual Networking Tables

Virtual networking tables or roundtables is one of the most exciting features available in a virtual event. This allows individuals to fathom how networking takes place in any event, be it virtual or physical. It empowers all the event attendees to get access to audio as well as video conversation.

23. Teleportation

Teleport from one spot to another in just a single click! This exuberant feature makes easy navigation a lot simpler for all the virtual attendees. It allows the participants to explore the different aspects of a virtual event platform effortlessly.


Virtual events can be termed as the new normal for our generation. The technological advancement has facilitated the development of these tech-savvy innovations. They have empowered each and every individual around the globe to access information about their choice. Virtual events are famous for providing an interesting experience to all the event attendees. It not only allows people to enjoy digital sessions from the solace of the houses but also helps them in eliminating unnecessary expenditure. 

Dreamcast has taken an extraordinary initiative that offers all the organisations a diverse virtual event platform. In the above-mentioned article, we have scrutinised a list of all the key features provided by Dreamcast and how they can help you in enhancing your virtual event  experience.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on 16th Feb 2021 and has been updated on 1st April 2021 for relevancy.

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