Hybrid Events

Gamification: Drive Engagements at Virtual Hybrid Events

Explore the brilliant gamification ideas to drive virtual event attendee engagements at your next virtual or hybrid events! Virtual events were in existence for a long time and aren’t anything... Read More

Enhance Virtual Attendee Experience with These Immersive Features

Virtual events are rapidly gaining extensive popularity as they prove to be a significant tool in this generation of tech freaks. The digital technology behind them is quite affordable as... Read More

5 Tips for Delivering Impactful Hybrid Event in 2021

2021 is the year of adapting to the new normal. Without a doubt, the dynamics around us have drastically changed. Read More

10 Must-Have Features of a Hybrid Event Platform

The popularity of hybrid events has notched high while the world continues to deal with the global pandemic. Read on to know the must-have features in a hybrid event platform... Read More

Tips to Host Virtual Medical Conferences and Pharmaceutical Virtual Events

The pharmaceutical and medical industry organises substantial business meetings and conferences annually to grow business enormously. Read More

Dreamcast, The Leader’s Choice for EEMA Digital Day

EEMA Digital Day was organised by the event and entertainment management association on 24th Nov 2020 and was hosted online on a comprehensive virtual event platform, Dreamcast. Read More

Data Privacy and Security at Virtual Hybrid Events

With each passing day, virtual hybrid events became phenomenally popular. Read More

How To Host Hybrid Town Hall Meeting?

Town hall meetings are a crucial part of any organisations that are widespread in different geographical locations. Read More

What is Hybrid AGM: Benefits of Hybrid Technology

The annual general meeting is a crucial and significant event of every business industry that is organised annually every year at a physical venue. Read More

Virtual Events Best Practices To Host Successful Events

As the global pandemic has hit almost every nation in the world, the way of living has been completely changed. Read More

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