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The world is moving rapidly towards digitalisation and changing everything around us. No matter where we go from in-person events to conferences everything is digitizing. The technological advancement in the field of registration and ticketing changed the dynamics of how we used to register for any conference. With hybrid conference registration nowadays, nobody has to stand in long queues and wait to reach the counter. Everything is now possible at your fingertips. As a business or event host now you can give the liberty to make your audience register online and attend the conference without any hassle.

Somehow, still there are many event organizers and businesses who face lots of trouble in offering a seamless registration for conference option to their audience. Hence here we are to solve this issue with uniquely crafted end-to-end customisation for registration and ticketing for hybrid conferences. That you might be planning soon. Keep reading till last and ensure that you don’t miss any aspects of it.

Registration and Ticketing For Your Hybrid Conference

Conferences are one of the essential sessions for every industry and company to hold. Hybrid conferences are similar to in-person conferences but with added virtual components in them. These types of conferences are best suitable for both online and physical audiences as the probability to miss the conference is slightly negligible due to the effective event technology development. Nowadays, attendees can join virtually and even can register online using registration software for events.

Registration and Ticketing For Your Hybrid Conference

However, there are two types of approaches that are still in use: registration and ticketing for in-person conferences and registration for online conferences. So, let’s unleash both sides of hybrid conference registrations. But before that first start with the basics.

Online and On-Spot Registration and Ticketing For Hybrid Conference

As discussed above a hybrid event’s basic nature is that it is conducted in both online and on-ground form. So, making their registration process both online and on-spot is quite favorable and required as well. As it is an obvious thing to have an online registration for an online event. And for physical conferences choosing both options can make a wonderful user journey. But why is the title smart registration? And not just registration, let’s understand.

What is smart registration for a hybrid event?

Smart registration here refers to online registration where users can register themselves for the conference. And can choose whether they want to attend it virtually or physically. Smart registration for hybrid conference pages is created by the event organizer where there are custom fields the user needs to fill in order to register themselves. Usually, there are custom fields to fill like name, and contact details just like any other form.

Why Use Smart Registration For Hybrid Conferences?

The continuous research and development in the field of science and technology are to make our lives easier and more convenient. And in the event industry, the development of technology works to enhance the experience and its dynamics. It is quite necessary in this digital world to utilize online registrations and ticketing for hybrid conferences. In our day-to-day lives we are solely dependent on technology and now on the internet. From groceries to calling a cab all are done online. So, why not use such a great offering in the hybrid conference registration? So take a look at the benefits associated with it.

Why Use Smart Registration For Hybrid Conferences

Easy Accessibility And Convenience

The very own nature of registering ourselves from anywhere sounds incredible. With access to the internet, anyone can now register themselves and even get tickets online via mail or WhatsApp. Undoubtedly, the easier and more convenient procedure the user has to follow is the chance that they enroll themselves.

Saves Time And Reduce Costing

As the name itself suggests, smart registrations not only save your time but also reduce your overall effort and time. Both for the event organizer and the user too. Without wasting much time simply by visiting the registration page and the user gets registered whereas the host just needs to invest in a good registration platform. Helping them to lower the staff and opening registration counters physically. The long queues and waiting time are no more in practice for sure, make sure you use the smart registration and ticketing platform in your next hybrid event.

Saves Time And Reduce Costing

Enhance Event management and Save the Environment

Management builds and devastates any event, with smart event registration and in-person event solutions it is sure to maintain and monitor the whole conference easily. As with smart registrations, there are lots of data and metrics you can gather that can simply be utilized for a variety of purposes and in analyzing the success of the event. With Dreamcast, you can be able to play smart and incorporate smart registration for the hybrid conference to host a more eco-friendly and technologically sound conference both physically and online. A question might arise in your mind: how are you saving the environment? Simply, launching conferences in hybrid mode gives freedom to people whether they want to travel or reduce their carbon footprints while online registration ensures no use of paper. And that directly reduces the cutting of trees in some manner.

So, what’s more with smart registration and incorporating Dreamcast’s smart event platform? Here are the top offerings you can benefit from classified into online and on-spot.

Procedure for Hybrid Conference Registration and Ticketing

The process for registering and purchasing tickets online is as easy as purchasing a movie ticket online. The procedure’s listed steps are listed below;

  • Complete the registration form and make a successful payment.
  • A unique QR code will then be created.
  • This will be sent to your registered phone or mail (preferably WhatsApp).
  • Show your specific QR code while you enter the event.
  • The event staff will scan the QR to validate it.

You can enter the event venue after being authenticated (Not necessarily, but if the host wants to provide you with the printed M-badge then you will receive the physical version of it too)

The process is the same for the online event, but you won’t receive an M-badge; instead, you’ll get an invitation link sent to your registered email address. You will be taken to your online conference by clicking the link (without downloading any app or installing software as it is a web-based solution).

Hope you now have a better understanding of how easy it is to register yourself online. Now that we know how on-site registration and ticketing operate. Look at what we offer;

Online Registration for Hybrid Events Top Features

We saw how simple the online registration is and by integrating some of the features like building a dedicated microsite for the conference. Isn’t it a good idea to showcase the registrants about the agenda of the conference as well as about the whole conference and what they can expect? Additionally, the integration of WhatsApp automation and category by management can make your workload easier.

  • Event Microsite Builder
  • Badge Builder
  • Self-Managed Registration Forms
  • Digital Badge & Ticketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Category Wise Registration
  • Speakers Management
  • Whatsapp Driven Communication & CRM
In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


On-spot Registration for Hybrid Events Top Features

In a physical conference you can’t expect from all to be pre-registered until you make it compulsory. Still, it’s okay to be like this as with on-spot event registrations it is easier for both the event organizer and user to get themselves registered effortlessly. Look at what more you can expect with on-spot registration for conferences.

  • App For On-spot Registration & Ticketing
  • QR Code Check-ins
  • Access Management & Footfall Scanning
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Whatsapp Driven Digital Badge & Ticketing
  • Options For On-spot Print Badge Over Simple Hardware
  • RSVP Management
  • Self Check-in App
On-spot Registration for Hybrid Events Features

We learned how powerful and effective the smart registrations for hybrid conferences are but is there anything we are missing out on? Well, it’s a definite bet that an event host or one who is hosting the hybrid conference would not integrate and manage all this on his own. So, that’s why Dreamcast is here for you to help.

There are an array of things you can do in a hybrid conference with us, some of our top-notch functionalities are;

Enhance Networking Opportunities

  • Networking Tables
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Hybrid Networking Lounge
  • Business Card Exchange
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • CXO Lounges
Enhance Networking Opportunities

Multi-Format Communication Interactive Interaction

  • 1:1 and Group Chat
  • Live Poll and Q&A Session
  • Live Audio & Video Call
  • Chat Rooms
  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler
  • Third-Party Integration

Enhance the Audience Engagement

  • Gamification
  • Social Wall
  • Photo Booth
  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications
  • Leaderboard

Take Smarter Steps with Feedback & Analytics

  • Feedback Form
  • Detailed Event Report
  • Attendee Footprint
  • Signature Wall
  • Conference Insights
Take Smarter Steps with Feedback & Analytics

These are all the features that you can introduce in your hybrid conference with Dreamcast other than smart registrations. Make a significant move in making your event look seamless and interactive for both online and in-person attendees with Dreamcast. If you want to make all this true and make your hybrid conference an amazing experience for all the users. Book your demo now. And know what else you can customize with us as we are known to customize the interface and conference dynamics as per your requirements and vision.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats

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