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Event Survey Questions For Your Next Virtual Hybrid Events

Fetch some insightful data with the help of the following baffling event survey questions. Read More

3 Ways to Incorporate Effective Communication in Virtual and Hybrid Events

You must have read numerous articles behind the sudden and significant popularity of both virtual and hybrid events. There is no denying the fact that these hi-tech events have enabled... Read More

Prime Fundamentals of an Ideal Virtual Event Setup

When it comes to creating a virtual event, it’s very different from having an in-person event. Because of the ongoing pandemic, everyone is using virtual events as the go-to medium... Read More

Reward and Discuss New Marketing Strategies via Virtual Sales Meet-up

A sales team is regarded as the driving force behind any company. A digital meet-up not only boosts sales, but it also upskills the team and gets all on the same page. Most pertinently, it is about maximising coordination, closing gaps, and creating more profitability. Read More

How Virtual Events Can Lead To Business Growth?

Tech-savvy innovation by tech enthusiasts has transformed the world of business. With the sudden emergence of the pandemic locking us behind the doors, virtual events came as a savior and... Read More

The Ultimate Guide: Event Technology 2021

Get ready to upgrade your knowledge with our informative 2021 event technology guide. Learn every aspect related to event technology and host exuberant virtual as well as hybrid events. Read More

Revised SMS Regulation by TRAI: How will it impact the Virtual Events Registration?

TRAI suspended TCCCPR and has put the responsibility on telecom companies to enforce businesses and individuals to comply with the new guidelines and implement SMS regulations in order to function smoothly. Read More

Marketing Trends That You Must Expect In 2021

After facing a tremendous challenge of the covid-19 pandemic, the world is ready to bounce back with a lot more resilience. Discover the major marketing trends for 2021 predicted by industry experts. Read More

Top Marketing Strategies For A Successful Virtual Event

Discover the top virtual event marketing strategies to host a successful event. Marketing is essential for making any kind of event a huge success as it helps in driving attendees to the event & boos audience engagement. Read More

Gamification: Drive Engagements at Virtual Hybrid Events

Explore the brilliant gamification ideas to drive virtual event attendee engagements at your next virtual or hybrid events! Read More

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