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DREAMCAST 2.0 New Features, Take a Look!

Recently, Virtual event platforms have seen a skyrocketing rise and surged exponentially. Today, it has become the new virtual venue for all your event needs. With the twists and turns that have taken place, live physical events are migrated to virtual venues. Leveraging the right technology partner to host virtual hybrid events has become a new normal. Enterprises and industries around the world are hosting virtual events to stay connected with the remote workforce and global delegates!

Virtual event platforms emerged as the best alternative for live physical events that closely replicates the essence of face-to-face interactions. Organisations are looking up for dynamic features such as live chat functionality, digital footprinting, easy navigation & more while selecting the virtual event platform. Having features that take you on the tour to the aesthetics of live physical events is what every organiser wants!

Keeping the current trends in mind, undeniably the future of the event world lies within virtual hybrid events. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and new virtual event features are emerging every other day to take the events to the next level.

The big news to break here is, Dreamcast 2.0 has recently introduced brand new features to upscale your virtual event experience. The need of the hour demands to adapt and optimize it constantly while making events rewarding, engaging, and interactive!

New Feature introduced by Dreamcast 2.0

2-Way Virtual Interaction

2 Way Virtual Interaction at Events

Host your virtual conference sessions, webinars, and meetings with a revolutionary new feature offered by Dreamcast. Have seamless 2-way interaction between speakers, audiences, and host during sessions in a visually captivating immersive branded virtual environment. 2-way virtual interaction functionality enables the audience to raise a hand to ask any query to the speaker in real-time by sharing the stage with a speaker.

Smart Access Management

Smart Access Management

The Smart Access Management feature offered by our platform allows you to rule your event your way. Create exclusivity at your virtual event by enabling and disabling access for a particular location at the event. Give special access to VIP attendees during paid and special media events for specified sessions or particular locations.

DIY Booth Builder

DIY Booth Builder

Say goodbye to redundant template options, customise your virtual booth your way.  DIY(do it yourself)  booth builder enables exhibitors to personalise their stalls with color, size, tabs, icons, & branding their way suiting the brand image.

AI Matchmaking

Find potential matches or like-minded people with similar interests at virtual events with AI-powered matchmaking. As per the interest of attendees at the virtual hybrid event, the features suggest connecting with people holding similar interests.

B2B Meeting Schedule

B2B Meeting Schedule

B2B meeting schedule makes your networking easy and convenient at virtual events. Not able to trace someone at the event? The feature enables you to schedule a meeting later with them at your convenience and have meaningful conversations.

Dynamic Lobby with Animated Banners & Lighting

Dynamic Lobby with Animated Banners & Lighting

Give your virtual walkway life by replacing dull and static lobbies with a fully dynamic and animated lobby. Integrate dynamic lobby with animated banners, lighting, calming music tunes, and more to grab your virtual attendee’s attention seamlessly.

Live Q&A via Video

Dreamcast 2.0 latest feature enables you to have 2-way interactions within the virtual hybrid event seamlessly. Live Q&A via video feature empowers both speakers and the attendees to interact effortlessly. The intriguing feature enables attendees to interact with the help of audio as well as video elements. The feature facilitates attendees to share their screen simultaneously with the speaker during the event. It can be accessed by all the virtual participants present at the event. However, the entire functionality is controlled by the host. They can simply add or remove any virtual attendee from the screen display with a simple click to ensure a successful virtual event and deliver a seamless experience.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on 16th Jan 2021 and has been updated on 1st April 2021 for relevancy.


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