Author : Ayushi Singh

Virtual Exhibition Fair – Growing/ Rising Trend In B2B Industry

Exhibitions are famous around the world. And are considered as quite important. They can be dedicated to educational, cultural or business purposes, like history museums, art galleries or trade fairs....

10 Proven Virtual Event Engagement Ideas

Virtual events became the new normal with the advent of unforeseen circumstances. Today, almost every organisation around the world is hosting virtual events at scale. But, to make any virtual...

Level Up Your Virtual & Hybrid Event With AI Matchmaking

The experts and technology specialists around the globe predicted an inclination towards artificial intelligence long ago. Undeniably, the pandemic boosted this industry and took it to precipitous heights. Today we...

Reward and Discuss New Marketing Strategies via Virtual Sales Meet-up

A sales team is regarded as the driving force behind any company. A digital meet-up not only boosts sales, but it also upskills the team and gets all on the same page. Most pertinently, it is about maximising coordination, closing gaps, and creating more profitability.

4 Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are The Best Alternative In 2021

We agree that nothing beats the experience of physical in-person events. The opportunity to encounter first-hand exposure to every activity is extremely enthralling. Individuals have been partaking in these in-person...

Marketing Trends That You Must Expect In 2021

After facing a tremendous challenge of the covid-19 pandemic, the world is ready to bounce back with a lot more resilience. Discover the major marketing trends for 2021 predicted by industry experts.

Alert!!! 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Virtual Show

Want to host a successful virtual show? Let's first look at these common mistakes which can ruin your entire virtual show. Avoid these 5 common mistakes to run a seamless & immersive virtual event.

Enhance Virtual Attendee Experience with These Immersive Features

Virtual events are rapidly gaining extensive popularity as they prove to be a significant tool in this generation of tech freaks. The digital technology behind them is quite affordable as...

5 Tips for Delivering Impactful Hybrid Event in 2021

2021 is the year of adapting to the new normal. Without a doubt, the dynamics around us have drastically changed.

A Sneak Peek at Virtual Events in 2021

Gathering the courage to adapt to live physical events once again seems a skeptical move looking at the current scenario. Virtual events aren’t fading anytime soon in the near future. Have a Sneak Peek at Virtual Events in 2021!

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