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17 Must Try Hybrid Event Engagement Ideas for Your Next Event

Hybrid events are fantastic, they let you scale your event without any confusion. However, it can be difficult to generate hybrid event engagement ideas that work for both in-person and virtual attendees. As an event planner, engaging the audience is the most crucial part of event planning. But it isn’t always easy to come up with new and innovative ways to maximize attendee engagement. After all, about 91% of event professionals agree that engaging the attendees is the biggest measure of success. So, incorporating the best hybrid event ideas that can catch the attention of your attendees and keep them engaged with the event is necessary.

To make it easy for you, in this guide, we will take you through the best and most effective engagement ideas for hybrid events that make sure you never lose the participant’s attention. 

12 Effective Hybrid Event Engagement Ideas

Hybrid events are great and they provide many advantages. However, hosting and engaging event attendees can be a difficult task. Meticulous planning is required to host seamless and successful events, where attendee engagement is a pivotal aspect. Here are some hybrid event ideas to engage attendees that will work well for your next event.

Be Clear About Attendee Expectations

Hybrid events are great, and they can be hosted in multiple types. Attendees can easily get confused about what to expect from the event. Set clear expectations for the attendees to make sure both in-person and virtual attendees enjoy to the fullest, and they don’t feel like missing out on something. This is the first and most crucial hybrid event engagement ideas that need to be considered. Moreover, you can engage the audience with animated videos that explain the event experience, and host pre-event sessions, networking rooms, polls, Q&A, and more.

It’s no more a secret that popular people attract huge audiences and the bigger the crowd the higher the chances of pulling a successful event. That’s why collaborating or inviting well-known personalities is a great hybrid event idea. They already have a large following, which makes it easier to boost digital registration and ticketing. You can invite famous keynote speakers, or you hold a meet and greet where attendees can easily connect with their favourite influencers. This is an effective hybrid event example that incentivizes attendance and translates into a more engaging experience.

Invite Popular Speakers and Influencers

Incorporate Hybrid Event Theme Ideas

Hybrid events are unique as they bridge the gap between both online and onsite events. Your event has a specific goal and objective, and multiple hybrid event theme ideas can be used. Make sure that you have chosen the most appropriate and relevant idea that aligns with your event. Among all the hybrid event engagement ideas, this is an effective one that can instantly grab the attention of the audience and keep them engaged with the event. The theme should be eye-catching, and make sure to use the same one for both onsite and virtual experiences.

Segmentation of Event Agenda

Agendas are an important part of your event planning, they outline your session’s purpose, duration, data, and time. This gives attendees clarity about the event and how it will look like. The best way to grab the attention of your attendees is through short video content of a few seconds that explains your event agenda. Moreover, you can also leverage social media platforms for the sharing agenda with your audience. These are the best hybrid event engagement ideas that are also helpful for attendees, and they can decide whether they want to attend in person or virtually.

Create Hybrid Breakout Rooms to Bridge the Gap

One of the best hybrid event ideas that boost engagement is creating in-person and virtual networking opportunities with ease. But it can be challenging to find a way that can put both together seamlessly. Incorporate dedicated and specific rooms where an in-person audience can easily launch a breakout session with virtual attendees. Hybrid event engagement ideas for breakout rooms include screens, webcams, a hybrid event platform, and other accessories for running smooth interactions.

Leverage the Power of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are great, and they bring a surprise element to engage attendees. They can be used and leveraged in multiple ways such as over social media platforms, Google Ads, and even on the hybrid platform. Incorporating them as hybrid event engagement ideas is the best way to attract and engage attendees. You can use the main stage of the platform for pop-ups to sell anything, offer them additional benefits, and more. Moreover, you can also help attendees understand the platform better and give them an idea of what is happening in different areas of your event.

Bridge the Gap With a Robust Hybrid Event App

Hybrid event apps have become a prominent tool to include in events. For hybrid events, they can play a crucial role in connecting remote and onsite attendees. They are also great for engaging attendees, and incorporating them is a great idea. The app establishes a common ground for attendees to access event information, which is a great hybrid event example to boost interactions. These apps can easily be leveraged with professional event tech suites such as Dreamcast. That can provide robust integrations and customization best suited for your event.

Attendee Matchmaking and One-On-One Interactions

This particular hybrid event engagement idea can truly enhance the experience for attendees. Matchmaking is an activity that can be carried out for both in-person and virtual audiences. Moreover, the event app can also be used to connect the attendees from both worlds. This way you can easily boost engagement and since attendees love to connect they can expand their network. Furthermore, one-on-one interactions can also be facilitated with the hybrid event platform.

Plan Networking Activities

Providing multiple networking opportunities can be an effective part of hybrid event engagement ideas. It is one of the top reasons for audiences to attend the event. Planning on providing enhanced networking opportunities can engage both virtual and onsite attendees. They can easily interact with each other and foster a sense of connection, which is great for them. Hybrid event examples for networking include event gamification, activities, sessions, etc.

Leverage Event Gamification

While hosting a hybrid event, it can be difficult to maintain the engagement level among participants. Your virtual attendees can leave the event in an instant, and onsite attendees can lose their interest. Keeping them engaged with interactive activities is important, event gamification activities are the best hybrid event ideas that allow attendees to have fun. Here are some tips that can work for both virtual and in-person audiences:

Leverage Event Gamification
  • Live contests
  • Live polling and Q&A sessions
  • Social media integrations
  • Breakout rooms
  • AR/VR games

Incorporate Photo Booths

Photo booths are the most engaging part of the event because everyone loves to click pictures or save memories. Leveraging photo booths as part of hybrid event engagement ideas can help attendees create memorable experiences for themselves in the most interactive way. Moreover, you can also organize virtual booths to enhance the online attendee experience and engage them. 

Integrate Social Media With Your Hybrid Platform

Social media platforms are a powerful tool that can take your event to the next level. They increase reach, boost revenue, and are great for engaging audiences. While on-site attendees can easily upload photos and videos through their mobile devices, you also need to look out for virtual attendees. Integrating social media platforms into your hybrid event platform is a great engagement idea for hybrid events. This helps your event gain traction and encourage as much engagement as possible.

Creative Activity-Based Ideas That Boost Attendee Engagement

Surely there are some great ideas that can be used to engage the attendees during a hybrid event. However, you need to get more creative to make sure that in-person and virtual attendees don’t lose their interest. Here are some more creative hybrid event engagement ideas that can help you to host successful events.

Treasure Hunts to Boost Interaction

Meaningful connections can be made with your crowd if you help them loosen up and enable them to network with a treasure hunt. These can be based on any type according to the preference of can be aligned with the event type. Making them successful, hybrid event ideas for engagement allows attendees to mingle and have fun.


Icebreakers are fun and simple ideas that can kickstart networking at your hybrid event. These activities can foster meaningful interaction that can keep attendees engaged. To successfully leverage this activity, you can distribute cards to attendees and let them write a short story about themselves. Then you have to collect the cards and mix them, ask attendees to pick one and read it, they can connect with the person behind the story. This is a great hybrid event example that can keep attendees engaged.

Live Entertainment

You can always include live entertainment activities that are fun and interactive, such as music performances, stand-up comedies, and more. But do that with a twist by encouraging attendees to take part and showcase their talent. This can be done for both onsite and virtual attendees, and giving them a platform to perform is a great way to foster engagement.

Leverage Event Tech

Event technology plays an important role in every event planning. They have become a pivotal aspect to include because of the role they play. Other than streamlining management and other event aspects, these technologies are also great for hybrid event engagement ideas. You can leverage them by creating 3D virtual events for an immersive experience, or you can integrate AR/VR setup with gamification. 

Holograms Can Enhance the Experience

Holograms are a fun idea for hybrid events, and they are a less expensive technology that can effectively grab the attention of attendees. They are entertaining and original for each and every audience. There is a little chance that attendees won’t be interacting or interested in the content, speaker session, and relevant topics. However, holograms are effective hybrid event engagement ideas that can elevate the experience.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid events are great, and they provide an array of advantages. Hosting them requires serious planning because there are multiple aspects to look for. Most importantly, there are both types of audiences in-person and virtual, so it’s important to engage them to host successfully. Incorporating the best hybrid event engagement ideas is important and can help keep the attendees interactive. Creativity and event technology, among other things, are pivotal to include in planning, but most importantly the hybrid event platform you choose can either make or break your event. Make sure you choose the right service provider that can fulfil all the needs and requirements of your event. Event tech suites like Dreamcast can easily help you leverage a robust and tailored platform that is end-to-end customized according to your event needs. Book a demo now to learn more.

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