Live Streaming:
A Comprehensive Guide


1. Introduction: What is it all About?


Live streaming has emerged as a popular trend in this age of social networking sites. Continuous technology advancement and rising development in event technology are opening impactful dynamics for all of us. From individuals to big brands and businesses all over the world are now able to take advantage of live streaming.

In general, live streaming is not a new concept as we witnessed watching cricket matches, sports events, news channels and others. So what is the difference between those and live streaming we are going to talk about? Well, there is not much difference to distinguish what they used to preview over televisions and the internet (any place not specifically to social sites). But in general, both are synonymously the same. How? We will reveal everything in this guide. Keep reading to unleash each and every aspect of streaming and live video streaming platform.

Before we proceed further, it is necessary to let you guys know about the very fact that live streaming is quite different from what we think. For example, as common people, we might think opening up your Instagram or Facebook and then live streaming your moments is not what we are going to talk about here. This is a format of a live stream, but from a broader perspective, it is not what it is.

Streaming, an in-person event or physical event over social sites or more specifically over the internet is what live streaming is. Lots of brands, businesses, industries, marketers and event hosts used to hire professional live-streaming services to make the event dynamics look wonderful and customized as per their marketing objective which takes a lot of planning and effort.

Here particularly we are going to discuss event live streaming. So, let’s begin.

2. What Is Event Live Streaming?


It is important for all industries, organizations and businesses, especially in the professional world to stay connected with their audiences. Live streaming helps the world of businesses and many institutions ranging from education to healthcare or event entertainment. How? Simply online streaming of any in-person event makes it possible for anyone from anywhere to watch that stream and enjoy it as well as get informed of the offered content. We need to thank the technology and the innovators to make it possible now to attend any on-ground event in remote settings effectively. This is not just helping all of us but also saving a lot of money, time, effort and the environment too.

Regardless of social sites and video streaming platforms, streaming can be showcased over the internet. From a broader perspective, live streaming platforms allow you to stream music festivals, ceremonies, educational sessions, conferences, product launches, and everything you thought to stream.

3. Event Live Streaming Platforms


There are numerous social networking sites that offer live-streaming features, out of them the popular ones are mentioned below in detail. An array of benefits and advantages are associated with it. As every platform works and its very own nature is different. Additionally, they have relatively different audiences. For example, LinkedIn is a professional social site for connecting with organizations and others on a professional note, while Instagram is a photo-video sharing platform. Below is the top popular free live-streaming platform that can be leveraged to stream your events and content.

  • Facebook LIVE Streaming


    Facebook is one of the most popular and biggest platforms compared to any other social networking platform with 2.934 billion monthly active users (approx). Facebook offers a live streaming feature (earlier this year it also had a live streaming shopping feature too), to utilize it you just need a Facebook page or profile to go live. However, if you are an individual who wants to live stream for fun or to share your life’s money then you can go live with your smartphone or via your webcam. But for hosting a professional online stream a reliable and the best live streaming services provider is what you need.

    Streaming your in-person event over Facebook can be easier with features like streaming schedules, live chat, monetization, analytics and others. But the only downside is that it has restrictions on streaming time and some monetization policies.

  • Instagram LIVE Streaming


    Instagram, the popular social networking site of this young generation, is now able to make you feel overwhelmed with its live-streaming feature. As it is not just a photo or video sharing application anymore, there are shopping features, Instagram for business as well as the most popular of these times influencers marketing. Well, how are all these relevant to your live stream, you might be thinking? The answer lies within the very question, why do you live stream? If just reaching a high number of people is the only objective still it’s good, whereas if you wanted to avail the benefits of live commerce or do marketing. Then Instagram’s integrated online video streaming platform is your best bet. It is the fourth most popular social network and the first among youngsters.

    Just live streaming is not only what it offers, but recording it and repurposing it after editing can also be done, you can put the clips or snippets in the story or make the whole live stream available in the form of IGTV video. Additionally, you will also be able to send notifications to your viewers to join and view. The monetization feature is also available but in the name of donations or contributions.

  • Twitch Live Streaming

    Gameplay live streaming platforms now opened its door to other industries as well due to the increasing popularity of Twitch live streaming services. It has around 30 million active users. With the advanced AI technology and bots, you will be able to manage the audience, make use of various emojis, live stream or replay the previous one as well. Also, you can use a variety of ways to earn from it by using;

    • Subs
    • Badges
    • Gifted subs
    • Emotes
    • Donations
    • And many other ways to play ads and earn!

    If you are in the gaming industry. This is the best place to grasp the audience’s attention and grab a large section of gamers and game lovers’ attention while increasing a good revenue.

  • Youtube LIVE Streaming


    YouTube: The most popular of all-time as all online video streaming service website is a free platform where anyone can share videos or go live. Here anything can be streamed from a workshop to a teaching class, or any event. Live streaming on YouTube is an effective feature and has a monthly reach of 2 billion users for live streaming. Additionally, surveys suggest that channels that live stream every week gain subscribers by 40%.

    Video streaming platforms like YouTube allow you to reach globally by utilizing its simple features and functionalities that help you in handling the streams effectively. Moreover, you will be able to share the screen or can be able to quickly broadcast gameplay and other things. Not just that but easily an in-person event can be streamed over this platform in real time by setting up cameras, microphones, encoding-decoding systems and others easily. However, for an advanced live streaming production, you need to hire a whole team of live streaming services providers so you can live stream a big event like music concerts, festivals and others. Businesses and individuals who had a passion for streaming events, or wanted to be content creators or video creators can have a very good opportunity with Youtube live to stream as there are monetization options too. With the best live event streaming services the hassle of planning, execution, equipments setup and others can be minimized.

  • Twitter Live Streaming

    We all might be aware of Periscope, which was discontinued by Twitter a long time back. But still, the opportunity to live stream here is possible. The platform has 230+ million active users daily, making it the best of all time as a social networking site (with purpose) for live streaming of events. Just like other platforms it also offers live chat and also can collaborate with your friend (for co-host) by sending an invite before the stream. However, it also monetization but on the condition to fulfill eligibility criteria of Twitter’s monetization policy.

  • LinkedIn Live Streaming


    video on demand

    The professional networking site is not anymore the one it used to be, but the best part about it is that it has now become a materialized content composition medium. Additionally, Linkedin has more people with more purchasing power compared to others, making it the best to promote, sell, or stream your product launch events. On LinkedIn, not everyone is able to go live. According to LinkedIn Live Video Access Criteria, you must make a request. Additionally, you can only start a Linkedin live broadcast if you have access to your page or are a member.

    With the right professional consultancy and live-streaming service providers service you will be able to make the best possible ROI. LinkedIn live streaming offers numerous features including;

    • Live streaming scheduling
    • Streaming of an event
    • Generate auto-captions
    • Ability to comment as a page
    • Restrict specific viewers (from commenting and reacting)
    • Editing and trimming options for videos

    It’s a common dilemma of thought and confusing state to choose which live video streaming services to choose between Facebook and LinkedIn. There is no need to be confused. Firstly you need to do research and analysis which live broadcast platform has the most fanbase and targeted audience is more.

    It’s a common dilemma of thought and confusing state to choose which platform to choose between Facebook and LinkedIn. There is no need to be confused, first of all, the only thing is that you need to do research and analysis where your fanbase and targeted audience is more.

    But if there is an option of multi-streaming or simultaneous streaming. It means you will be able to live stream on multiple platforms at the same time. Isn’t it the best way to reach all levels of the audience? If it fascinates you. Yes, it is now possible for you with Dreamcast. We have covered this and other ways of live-streaming formats in the next section, keep reading.

4. Live Streaming Formats


Live streaming at the end of the day will remain the live stream, but the touch of technology makes every format different from one another. How? Simply, all have different uses as per the needs and requirements of the event. Some are in real-time, some are for everyone, some are restricted to a group of people, and some are not in real-time (challenging the very own nature of live streaming’s real-time interaction).

However, these formats can be lucrative for different industries as many events can’t be just shown directly. As they need some editing, and customisation and need a lot of time and effort to make them unique. So, what’s that, let’s understand them;

  • On-Demand Streaming


    As the name itself suggests the broadcasting of demanded video or video on demand is referred to as on-demand streaming. So, this type of streaming is a pre-recorded version of your event that goes through edits (not necessarily) and is then scheduled to stream over the internet. But in general, on-demand streaming refers to streaming or watching shows over;

    • Hulu
    • Amazon Prime
    • Netflix
    • Disney+

    As per your choice, but that’s video-on-demand my friends for you. But conventional on-demand streaming is to stream the recorded version over the internet for more reach. It is useful for businesses that host and conduct on-ground events and want to showcase it with their online audience after some cuts or additions. If you are the one looking for an on-demand streaming service. Book your free demo now.

  • IP-Based Streaming


    IP-based streaming is the top-notch secured way of streaming your event with limited access to people. And are best for businesses that need to secure the content and showcase their event with a limited group of people with maximum security. Additionally, there is a user id and password (which can be integrated) for the audience and ends via an end-to-end encryption message to them. From big corporations to government official events can be streamed via this format and definitely the safest, and most secure in its segment. There are few live event streaming services that offer such secured and private streaming capabilities. Like Dreamcast is a popular name in India to avail top video streaming platforms. That offers endless customization as well as certified with all regulatory compliance.

  • 2-Way Video Conferencing

    Any interaction is good until it’s two-way communication. Well, the 2-way video conferencing is for the business and corporations who are required to have discussions and sessions where there is a need for interaction. Here in this, the audience is able to send the request to join to interact if the host or admin allows it. It will be a 2-way interaction where the host and audience can interact and that is what the mantra of business is. Communicate and address all the issues. Most of the top video streaming platforms offer this feature to enhance your organisations collaboration.

  • Intranet Streaming


    An intranet is a private, secure online space in a company, that is used to improve productivity. How? This space is used to improve tasks, communicate, or do all the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and files to make it a proper work culture set-up. Now coming to intranet streaming, it is simply the same private set-up in which company employees and management can communicate with each other with the utmost security (so, outside invaders can’t attack or interrupt).

  • Parallel Multi-Streaming

    As discussed above, the ability to stream online over multiple platforms simultaneously at the same time is what multi-streaming is. For example with this format you will be able to stream your event on Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and others at the same time so no one from your audience will miss any stream. This is the best above all as a brand the ability to not make anyone feel missed out while the opportunity to grab your audience is one of the crucial aspects of it. Live stream to multiple platforms is definitely the best part to engage more audiences, making them aware of every insight you want to showcase. These are the formats and live broadcast platforms that can be used to make your event live streaming more secure, engaging, and in a seamless way for your audience. Let’s see how to set up a live stream next.

5. How to Set up a Live Stream


Live streaming is quite simple and without any hassle, you can stream your moments if you are an individual with your own channel or just for entertainment. By just opening your social media and going live you can literally be live over the internet. Additionally, by following these simple steps you will be able to stream online too;

  • Connect your streaming device to the audio and video sources that record content for live streaming (PC or laptop).
  • Set up the encoder, which converts audio and video files into streamable ones that can be distributed online.
  • Utilizing the stream key and URL that your streaming platform gives, connect the encoder and streaming platform.
  • Check the speed of your internet connection and start streaming!

But if you are one, having a business, brand or someone from an event organizer who wants to stream your event online and that with lots of integration then you are required to hire a live streaming services provider. As it is not as simple as it seems.

For live streaming of a whole event, you need to set up lots of cameras, microphones, encoders, decoder systems, computers with stable internet connection and all that in a perfect setting. As you can’t expect any technical glitch or any scope of mistake in a live

stream. Additionally, there are many customized options available like inserting logos, customizing the brand tone interface to make your promotions and others that can only be done by a live streaming service provider.

6. Equipment Required for Live Streaming


Live streaming requires multiple pieces of equipment from hardware to software, depending on the event you need to host. Choosing the right equipment needs a lot of expertise in understanding all the technicalities of what has been chosen. As discussed above, setting up live streaming for an event requires a lot of equipment and proper technical knowledge. Otherwise, a single wrongly chosen piece of equipment can spoil your brand image name. First, let’s see what equipment is required, we have categorized it in some pointers to make it easier for your to understand;

  • Must Have Live Streaming Equipment

    In every planning and initiation there are some core or must-have things which can’t be replaced. Just like that, these mentioned equipment are must-have.

    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Reliable Internet Connection
    • Laptop or Phone

    These are the pretty standard and basic equipment for event live streaming.

    Now going further, just think of a cricket match you are watching on your television screen. Are you just watching the cricket (in the pure form you watch at the stadium)? No, as there are lots of infographics, marque animation running on the screen, commentary voice (with a touch of stadium sound too, but in a balanced tone), in the middle of the match snapshots of the stadium, ads, customized interface with branding logo and all those in real-time. How is this possible with just a camera, microphone and internet connection?

    Let’s take another example while watching the live news, you see lots of highlights, and bulletins running over the screen, and in the middle, lots of customized videos, infographics and the pre-recorded session are showcased. How? Because these types of live streaming need a team of skilled professionals and high-end equipment, most of them are mentioned below.

  • Equipment For Event Live Streaming


    Live stream to multiple platforms can be easier if are equipped with the set of right and profession multi-streaming equipments like;

    • Multiple live streaming camera setups
    • Multiple microphones (to record all voices)
    • High-end internet connection
    • Encoder and decoder software (RTMP)
    • Codec packages of HEVC to reduce latency
    • Backend team (to manage all those with top-notch computer systems)

    All these are the equipment you need for your next live streaming event. But it is somehow impossible or better to say hectic to set up everything on your own as it needs proper planning and execution. So, to make it easier for you there are professional event live streaming services providers like Dreamcast, who can help you make your online stream a seamless experience for your audience by using high-end customisation as per your requirement and vision.


    Whatever you see in live streaming like brands logo, color palette rich interface (branding tone of symbols), backgrounds. And other key integration of features as per requirement can be integrated by using such live streaming services.

    When you get an opportunity to customize your own vision you will be able to make it more interactive or restrictive for a few features as per the needs. But keep in mind a professional live event streaming services is what you require at first.

7. Features You Can Integrate With Dreamcast

There are features and functionality you can integrate with the Dreamcast’s online video streaming services. Some of are mentioned below, but are not limited to;

  • Live Audience Interactivity
  • Immersive 360 Degree Live Streaming
  • Emoticon Reactions
  • Live Chat
  • Like And Comments
  • Personalized Ticker
  • High-Definition Work System
  • Insightful Data And Analytics
  • Branded Logos
  • Branded Frames
  • Countdown Timer
  • Top-notch Customization
  • Brilliant Branding
  • Dynamic Device Support
  • Innovative Networking Tools
  • Third-party Integration
  • 24*7 Backend Customer Support
  • 100% Safety And Security
  • Seamless User-experience
  • Enriching Engagement

8. In-Person Events That Can Be Live Streamed


Any event that used to be organized on-ground can be live streamed. In general, most of the in-person events are compatible with live streaming. Check if your next event type is available in the list or not. If not, no need to worry, we are here to make it possible for you, contact us now.

  • Townhall

    Live streaming has been now an integral part of communication, and town hall meetings are now possible to live stream. Here you can invite all your employees from different geographic locations and offices in one place virtually. For large entities and enterprises, it’s the best way to connect and engage.

  • Music Entertainment


    We all love music festivals, but sometimes it can’t be possible to attend one due to distance, the cost of traveling and all. As an event host or a musician you might need to expand your fan base, live streaming is great for that. As everyone can be able to enjoy your concert easily.

  • AGM

    Meetings are the core part of corporates and businesses to enhance productivity, the same in the segments AGM is quite important to hold. But for it you need to book a big venue and call all your employees in one place, is it possible. Maybe, but is it feasible? If not, live streaming and 2-way conferencing is something that can be the best approach.

  • Education


    The fast growth of technology is now valuable for educational institutions and for students from all over the globe. As best video streaming platform makes it possible for students to learn from anywhere they want. Now educational institutes can teach foreign students by literally making them come. Live streaming of education will promote more distance learning courses and empower everyone to have access to education.

  • Sports

    There is no stadium in the world to accommodate everyone who loves any sport or make it possible for everyone to visit the place the game has been going. So, just like the traditional way, make your sports event live stream and make it possible for everyone to watch it.

  • Corporate Events


    Corporate events can be easily hosted with cost-effectiveness (that is what matters a lot to companies), over online streaming with interactivity too. And with polls, and live chats it can be easily possible to get their votes about anything.

  • Product Launch

    Product launch is also a part of corporate events, and every brand wants to increase their sales. How is it possible? By reaching more people and making them aware of your products, if this is right. For what you are waiting for. Start planning your next product launch event with integrated live streaming for your online audience.

  • Government Programmes

    There used to be many government programmes which needed to be important for people to witness, like swearing-in ceremonies, new projector scheme launches, press conferences and others. We all got to know how easy, and convenient webcasting is. So, let’s integrate the technology into our systems.

  • Weddings & Ceremonies


    Marriage and ceremonies are some of the most important events of everyone’s life and involving your family and friends is important. Remember the days when there was a restriction to invite guests in limited numbers or maybe you are going for a destination wedding? Is it possible for everyone to come, no? So, live streaming can be something unique for them.

  • Religious and Spiritual Activities

    In the whole world there used to be many temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara, monasteries and many spiritual activity centers. Why not live stream these promising places and activities so that devotees can feel blessed?

    These all mentioned are not limiting you to only live streaming only these events, as you can make anything live as long as you have a good audience base. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and effort. Well, you can do market research and find out if your business event needs online streaming.

9. Key Features to Look Into Your Live Streaming Platform


Live streaming platform offers many features but there are some which are quite necessary to be in place and must have. We have concluded a list of features for you to help you with your next online stream. Besides these features, there is always the option of end-to-end customisation available for you with us. Let’s see what is here for you;

  • Parallel Streaming on Multiple Platforms


    Nowadays, you will be able to stream online and over multiple platforms or social sites in real-time simultaneously. Making it possible to reach to target more users as well as not making anyone miss your streams. It’s best for brands to opt for this live streaming so that they will be able to create their fanbase and give a seamless branding experience to everyone.

  • High-Quality Streams

    Quality is everyone’s priority and the one which offers you a technology-advanced online stream is better as it draws more user engagement. You yourself can think who wants to watch blurred, poor-quality streams when they can watch high-quality event streams and enjoy.

  • Easy and Convenient to Use

    A user-friendly interface is always preferable. Choose the service that gives you an easy convenient set-up for you and your user to use and connect. If someone finds it difficult to join the online stream then they might lose interest. So, the simple yet unique and creatively crafted user interface is recommended.

  • Analytics Tracking


    A good live-streaming platform will help you in tracking all the important metrics and statistics. Like how many people have joined your stream, when they left, at which point there was the highest engagement, comments, polls, reactions etc. This data is quite important to improve your live streams in future while the data is useful to analyze the whole session.

  • Multi-Device Streaming Compatible

    Not everyone uses a smartphone to watch online event streams as some are there who uses, laptop, desktops, tablet and other gadgets. So it is important to use an responsive interface for everyone to watch and enjoy.

  • Ad-Free Streaming

    Ads spoil credibility and some people don’t even like them and skip the whole stream of your event. Well, do you like ads, no. Right, so it’s better to choose the services that offer you ad-free streaming.

  • Video Monetization


    With the right services provider and platform you can monetize your live streams, as mentioned above in the platform section. Each and every social networking site has its own policies for monetization and you need to comply with them to avail. But here is a catch, what about making your own platform for the live stream and monetising it? Yes, with Dreamcast you can do web-based streaming and the link will be shared with those who have a user id, this is how you can monetize without complying with any social networking site monetization compliances.

  • Privacy And Security

    Privacy and security are the two main concerns of this modern digital age, but somehow it is important to keep everything secured and maintain privacy within the live stream. With different formats, you can take privacy and security into account, like an intranet or IP-based streaming offer full fladge privacy assurance. But you need to look for that before choosing any live-streaming platform.

  • Customer Support


    Nobody knows everything and in technology, there can be glitches or errors. So, it is important to trust a platform that can offer you 24*7 customer support for uninterrupted streams.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    At last money, when there is something cost-effective with lots of benefits. It is better to grab that opportunity. In general most of the in-person events have some charges. For instance, a music concert charges a lot for an individual and many of them can’t afford it. While if you live to stream the concert and make it available for them over the internet and discharge something nominal. Congrats you have developed a revenue model.

    Usually, live streaming isn’t expensive at all compared to hosting a big event and accommodating all the people. The last but not the least is to have the end-to-end customisation option in the live streaming platform and what that means;

  • End-to-End Customisation

    Customisation is the best part when you associate with a live streaming platform or services provider. From brand logos to background and to change the interface is something you should look for. Have fun customizing your live stream interface with your brand color palette to give users a soothing brand experience or event themes.

10. How to Promote Your Live Streaming of Event


Promotions are always crucial for all sorts of industries as they increase awareness among the audience about anything new. Promotions reduce the gap to deliver information about your company and the platforms on which you post such content work as a bridge. There is an array of platforms where you can promote and start using your social media profiles to post infographics, ad videos, posters and others.

The next step is to write SEO-optimized blogs and articles to get a high reach and easy rankings in search engines. Additionally, there is always an opportunity to send email invitations as well as paid promotions.

LIVE Streaming Services!

11. The Benefits of Streaming Your Event


As the world is moving fast it is hard for everyone to attend physical events. Why is there a need to? When you have online streaming services and enjoy the same event in a remote setting and can save a lot of money and the environment too. There are an array of benefits of streaming your in-person events including;

  • Wider Audience Reach
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Build Trust
  • Enhance Brand Loyalty
  • More User Engagement
  • Establish Credibility
  • Increase Event Reach Beyond In-Person Boundaries
  • Generate Additional Revenue With Paid Viewership
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Opportunity to Repurpose Content

12. Integrate live-stream shopping


Live streaming shopping is one of the effective ways event organizers and brands are leveraging the benefits from. A live stream can be of any event from exhibitions to trade fairs. And adding the live commerce feature to your live stream will make your users buy or order the products directly. This approach will help you create an online marketplace and makes it possible to work with you for live auctions.

Additionally, there are many ways you can integrate and boost your sales of the brand. For instance one of the famous types is Influencer Streaming which can be a great approach for any brand. By collaborating with social media influencers of celebrated personalities it is possible to influence and target the audience for sales.

Lastly, tutorials. Everyone in the market conducts research before buying anything and making tutorial live streaming for any product and addressing how it can be impactful for them is best. This will not just help people to rely on your product but also boost your sales.

13. Live Streaming - An Impactful Marketing Feature


Undoubtedly live streaming is great for marketing, and even there are lots of businesses and brands that are using live streaming marketing. It develops a powerful yet effective brand presence on social media. There is no doubt that the world uses social media.

Live streaming has been shown to be effective for a variety of other purposes, such as making announcements, launching new campaigns, hosting tours, holding Q&A sessions, and provided is merely a tool for giving users remote access to your brand so they can connect with it whenever you want your brand and that too when you only want. Marketing via live stream can be proven exemplary well over social media in building a great brand, establishing trust, credibility and the freedom to never go out of sight. Additionally, it creates a sense of urgency, improves customer interaction and a lot more. As discussed above, online video streaming platforms are good for sales and marketing combined. It’s just how effectively you incorporate it with the brand.

14. How to Successfully Stream Your Event


If you are an individual then there is just a simple procedure opening up your social media profile over Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or others and simply go live. There are a few things to keep in mind like lighting, camera setup and microphone, as also mentioned in above. But if you are one who is looking for a reliable live streaming or webcast services provider for streaming a big event. Dreamcast is here to help you with your event. We have a team of professional and advanced technology equipment. Don’t wait to give your audience an immersive experience or build a stronger online presence. Book your free demo now.

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