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Top 12 Benefits of Video On Demand Streaming

Do you want to know what video-on-demand streaming is? Are you interested in adding to your virtual event? If your answer is yes, then your search ends here.

You will get to know about streaming and video-on-demand streaming & its benefits in this guide. So, let’s get started without wasting time with a brief introduction to streaming and video-on-demand streaming.

What Is Live Streaming?

Watching videos or listening to podcasts on Internet-connected devices is possible because of the continuous audio or video file transmission from a server to a client, which is called Live streaming. Anything video, event, training, sessions that you attend online in real-time broadcasting is live streaming of that event.

The best examples of live streaming are watching videos in real-time on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other streaming platforms, over the web.

What Is Video On Demand Streaming & How Does It Work?

The brands create an online library with different formats of content. Attendees can watch these videos and other content at their leisure or even during the live event from any compatible device. It is called Video On Demand Streaming.

For instance, you can add the video on-demand streaming at virtual events [such as summits, conferences, meetings, town halls, exhibitions, fairs, AGM, trade shows, launches, etc.], hybrid events, live streaming [YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, IP Based, etc.], etc. Also, you can create an individual stage for your video on-demand streaming for the attendees based on paid or open access.

These are consumer-oriented entertainment services that do not allow independent creators to upload their own content. So, the organizations are streaming video on demand on their own.

Organizers can get the top features and functionalities with video streaming services in India, such as Dreamcast, known for its video hosting, management, monetization, delivery, and more. Also, you can get the white-label and custom branding options to match the specific services or offerings of the organizations. You can get content delivery networks (CDNs) associated with VOD for fast and reliable content delivery to businesses and online audiences. 

There are way more advantages than you can get with VOD streaming. Let’s explore what it is and how it has become a game-changer with multiple benefits.

Top 12 Benefits of Video On Demand Streaming!

12 Advantages that can help understand how streaming video services will be valuable for your business are as follows:

1. More Convenient to Reach Maximum Audience

Video on demand streaming is the most popular and simplest approach that can help publicize your brand across the globe. You can stream your videos without any boundations of geographical locations. Audiences from various countries and zones can watch the content on your video on demand platform or session. Hence, you can create awareness of your brand and support it with easy-to-understand videos for the audience across the globe.

2. Access with Proper Formatting to a Myriad of Content

You can reach global customers with a broader range of brand content and unlimited events & session recordings based on different topics and classifications via video on demand streaming. There will be no confusion among the videos, as you can create a video gallery for particular categories. Moreover, users can search and access the videos without effort with a well-arranged gallery of properly sequenced and grouped clips.

You can create a great variety in your videos and content to make the attendees reach your video on-demand streaming and enjoy the complete video without hassle. So, the attendees across the globe will watch different clusters of content as per their desire and exceptional intrigue.

3. Supports a Wide Range of Devices

Not everyone is taking laptops or PCs with them everywhere they go. So, your VOD services must be compatible with all types of devices. No matter where the attendees are, they must be able to watch and enjoy the video on demand streaming without difficulties. It will be beneficial for the participants as they will be able to watch various videos on the Smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, as well as laptops, and PCs from anywhere they want.

4. Provides the Best Quality Content

Attendees can binge-watch the video on demand with the association of the best broadband speed anytime, anywhere. They do not have to go through the buffering or any other disturbance they may face in live streaming.

Moreover, sometimes, in live streaming, visuals or audio can be unclear, causing trouble to the audience and making them leave between the sessions. But in a video on demand streaming, you can record a live session and edit the video & audio of the recording to stream it over the internet without any hassle.

Also, you can add subtitles or graphics in order to make it more impressive, which can be difficult in live streaming. It can be more up-to-date and advanced innovative ideas and creative videos.

5. Promote Your Product and Services Quickly!

You can create various videos on your every product and service with a proper description of features and functionalities. The attendees can watch, understand and learn about your offered products via those videos to your on demand streaming. Moreover, it is everyone’s habit to check various videos, read the provided content, and then choose the best product after comparison. So, you can use this chance to grab the attention of the global audience to your products and services. It can also be a helpful factor in increasing your sales.

6. Offer Better Opportunities at Less Cost!

Video on demand can be more budget-friendly for the organizers than hosting a virtual event or live streaming whenever they need to share something new with the audience. You can reach a vast audience at a lower cost with unlimited and anytime availability with video on demand streaming.

Moreover, you can be online for just a defined time, like a day or a week, or a month with live streaming and events paying every time. But with the video on demand, you can be streaming till the time you want at a lesser cost based on your requirements. Also, people can watch the sessions and other videos whenever they need some information.

Aim to reach the maximum number of audiences with your on demand streaming platform. You can trigger more sales opportunities in video on demand streaming to boost your business revenue and ROI. Such as, you can add numerous external and internal links to the video on demand streaming platform. It can help pivot the attendees to potential customers.

Moreover, you can take your audience to your official website, product listing page, social media, YouTube product description video, or anywhere you want through these on-demand live streaming services.

Also, you can add a contact us option that can help get people to reach you. It can help compel the audience to make a purchase.

8. More Affordable Business Publicizing

Spending a lot of money on promotion can be erratic for a huge part of the small and medium scale organizations. But if you have hosted a virtual event or live streaming, you can record all your live broadcasts and release them as VODs. You can share frequent feeds and posts on your official website, social media accounts, emails, guest blogs, and press releases to make a better web presence with these on-demand recordings. Such content saves your time designing new creatives and helps you with more budget-friendly marketing.

9. Offer Multiscreen Broadcast At the Same Time

Video on demand streaming creates a seamless experience for all the attendees from different locations without hassle. Many attendees can watch the video on demand simultaneously without any interruption. Moreover, there are no limitations to the number of attendees or streaming problems concurrently. They can enjoy the video without interruption as video on demand supports multiple screens streaming at a time.

10. Gauge Measurements & Reporting Metrics

It is essential to know and understand your targeted audience and the audience coming to your VOD streaming. So, the best VOD platform service providers can deliver you a detailed report of viewer activity through figures with analytics. Moreover, you will be able to estimate and learn about the group of onlookers intrigued and their signup details. You can reach them with reminders and advertisements through emails afterward.

You can enhance the execution and experience via flawless integrations with popular apps. Moreover, you can use WhatsApp, BlueJeans, Team, Zoom, Google Meeting, etc., in your video on demand streaming. Such apps will provide you with uninterrupted communication and interaction with others. Also, you can create a subscription-based or paid video on demand streaming with the integration of Razorpay, Paypal, and more for easy transactions.

12. What Benefits Can You Provide to the Audience with VoD?

Not only you; but also your audience can attain a significant benefit with the video on demand streaming. The audience likes to search for convenience and ease in everything. You can reassure the attendees of various features and functionalities that can create an amenity for them during streaming.

  • Navigator to Resume the Video: Users may get distracted by other brands or have something urgent to do in between the video. They may leave the clip in mid and go to do some other work. But no worries, as the best video on demand services have covered all for you. Your audience can come back to the online video streaming services platform and resume from when they have stopped. So, your audience will not be troubled by any interruption as they can come back anytime and restart their video.
  • Enable Viewers to Interact: The attendees can interact and communicate with you via various modes. You can provide them with chat or call options to contact and talk with the experts. Also, they can reach you using the different banners and other infographics on the video on demand platform providers. 
  • Provide Content Sharing: Attendees can share any video with their friends or family with unrestricted and open video on demand streaming. It will be beneficial for you to increase your audience reach. Moreover, it can be free publicity for your videos and products. Also, you can make it subscription-based if you want to earn with your VOD streaming. The audience has to pay a small amount to access the complete content. 

So, these are the various benefits of video on demand streaming. Hope, you have got the information you were looking for with a better understanding. Also, you can contact us for further information and services. Dreamcast has exceptional experts who will clear all your doubts and provide you with errorless live video streaming services and on demand streaming services.

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