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Virtual to On-Ground Events: A Complete Guide to Digitize Your On-Ground Events Successfully!

Jack: Do you know organizations of various scales are going back to on-ground events?

Cody: on-ground events meaning???

Jack: It means no need to sit in front of laptops. Instead, go to a venue and enjoy the entire in-person event.

Cody: Wow, but I do not like the hassle of going to the counters, waiting in lines, and booking tickets. I like it when I can easily register online and get everything online.

Jack: You can still do that, bro.

If you have a similar opinion as Cody, then you must read the entire blog. Now, it is possible to enable easy registration, ticketing, RSVP, and more online without hassle and make it easy for your attendees to join in. Hence, your attendees do not need to wait in lines or stand in rows. Dreamcast has a long list of on-ground event ideas that will change the complete experience at your event.

10 In-Person and On-Ground Events Ideas to Digitize the Complete Experience!

The return of the in-person events is initiating excitement all around the world. Everyone is happy to know that now they will be able to attend various events physically again. However, everyone needs some technologies that can reduce all the offline hassle. So, 10 In-person event ideas that can help you digitize your complete event experience are as follows:

On-Ground Event ideas

1. Event Registration (Paid / Unpaid)

You can build a microsite for your paid or free On-Ground Events where your audience can get complete knowledge about your upcoming On-Ground Events. Furthermore, you can use different content formats to share valuable information, such as event dates, times, sessions, speakers, schedules, brand flyers, brochures, and more. Also, you can create a registration page online connected to the microsite that can help your users register for your event from their respective locations.

Additionally, you can use the link to this microsite as one of the best-on-ground promotion ideas. Hence, you can integrate this link into your emails, social media posts, official website announcements, PRs, and other sources. It will divert your audience to the information and then the registration page.

2. RSVP Management

It can be beneficial to know and finalize the seats for your users. Hence, you can send a message to your audience with a confirmation link. You can come in touch with the audiences coming to your on-ground events. The users will be able to click on your shared direct invite and approval-based message link and clinch their seats for the organizations.

Furthermore, you can use WhatsApp as one of the beneficial mediums to reach and connect with registered users and get RSVP.

3. Event Ticketing

No need to get a paper ticket anymore as everything is digitizing so is your event ticketing process. You can now build a QR code for your audience, scanning which can take them to the landing page or microsite to learn all the on-ground event information. They can get a QR-based ticket in return as well. Just like you would have seen when you book a movie ticket and reach the theater.

Similarly, you can work with your QR scanners. You can create a QR-based ticket for your audience and send it to them via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp. Furthermore, users can show the QR ticket at the entry, and you can scan it and let them enter the show. You can get easy reconciliation with such an idea. Also, the organizer will get complete control over the event with the live On-Ground Events statistics.

You can avoid any kind of leakage and pilferage with such QR-based ticketing. Also, you can create QR batches for the users with their initials and photos on them.

4. Push Notification & Broadcast via WhatsApp

You can choose WhatsApp Automation to manage all the online transitions. It will ease your connection and communication with the other attendees without hassle. Furthermore, you can create an automated flow to handle customer conversations efficiently and enhance their experience.

You can use the push notifications to share various updates with the attendees before, during, or after the event. Also, you can use live communication with anyone at the event to build a path for them.

On the other hand, you can ease your user’s journey by defining some automated and designed communication over different touchpoints. Hence, you can schedule some messages conveyed to the audience on numerous occasions of your event. You can trigger some automatic messages to be sent when your attendees take some action or not.

Additionally, you can create some automated answers for the FAQs that you think most people will commonly ask. This way, you can save some extra effort and time for your team as well as participants.

5. Database Marketing

You can use WhatsApp automation to reach global audiences with some better conversation ideas that can be helpful in building recall and boosting sales. It is actually fruitful to run an on-ground marketing campaign via Whatsapp. Furthermore, you can set up a one-time or recurring campaign based on customer attributes & events.

You can use rich media for exalting campaign performance, such as images, videos, PDFs, files, etc. Also, you can add interactive message templates, like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons, to your automated messages.

Additionally, you can use the non-transactional messages to share various discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, and more details with your audiences. WhatsApp automation will help you monitor the complete on-ground marketing campaign performance stats. Hence, you will be able to know no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read, Replied to, and more.

6. Live Audience Engagement

You can make your on-ground event moderator online via WhatsApp so that audiences can connect to them directly. Furthermore, your in-person event attendees can come or you can invite them to ask questions to your moderator directly. Also, you can conduct live polling over WhatsApp according to the discussion of an on-ground event.

Also, you can gather Feedback from your attendees over WhatsApp in real-time for every session and the entire event. Furthermore, you can share various digital agendas with the event users.

7. Post Event Feedback Via WhatsApp

You can ask about your user’s event experience via WhatsApp, as it will be an easy and convenient way. Furthermore, you can build a proper follow-up form that can help you ask various questions as per the sessions, speakers, and other agendas of your event. Hence, you can use a 1 to 10 or a 1 to 5-star rating option. It can help you know how your audience feels about your event and every other part of it.

8. Digital Event Help Desk

You can create ease for your audience by offering assistance on various steps of your on-ground event. They should be able to contact you for anything they need from your event or brand. Furthermore, you can manage 1000s of conversations with customers via WhatsApp Business APIs effortlessly.

9. Whatsapp User Journey Automation

You can start your attendee’s journey at your event via WhatsApp Automation. Your audience would be able to connect and interact with a moderator, audiences, your brand representatives, and others using the WhatsApp application. Furthermore, you can send updates regularly to your audiences with an integrated twist and rich media – images, videos, PDFs, and more. Also, you can keep your audience engaged in your account by using different message elements such as CTA & Quick Reply buttons.

10. E-commerce

You can use the D2C selling Via WhatsApp as your on-ground activity ideas. Furthermore, you can get an official WhatsApp number to provide live support to your event attendees.

Solve your audience’s queries in real time. It will uplift your customers to come again and shop at your store. Also, you can save human resources by creating some automatic answers for all the FAQs commonly asked by users.

Additionally, you can create conversation labels and private notes to enable real-time team collaboration. You can keep better customer service by assigning and re-assigning the chats. Also, you can organize and access contacts and chats by employing smart cards, labels, tags, and private notes.

Additional Integrations for Your In-Person Events 2022, 2023, & Beyond!

You can make your on-ground event go across the globe with suitable integration to your on-ground event. Furthermore, Dreamcast can incorporate the following event extension to your in-person event for better reach and higher ROI this festive season.

Integrations for Your In-Person Events

1. Live Streaming:

You can broadcast your event live for all the audience available online over any social media channel or other platforms. This way, you can connect both the online and offline audiences with your event and brand products and services. Also, you can get the parallel multi-platform streaming to go live on various sources simultaneously. For instance, Dreamcast has broadcast the MindMine Summit 2022 successfully.

2. Hybrid Event:

You can take your in-person event online with the hybrid technology integration to your on-ground event. This way, you can create a virtual platform for the online audience with a similar ambulance and design as your in-person one. Hence, your audience will be able to enjoy your event via both online and offline modes.

3. In-Person Event App:

You can create a White Label app for your on-ground event, taking your event registration, ticketing, and even streaming online. Furthermore, you can add various sections for your audience to check their own profile, find online friends, enter the auditorium hall, submit feedback, bookmark content, and more.

4. On-Demand Streaming:

You can use the various recorded videos of your live streaming or on-ground event to build a video-on-demand streaming platform where all the content will be available for a longer time. Also, you can integrate various additional features to make your platform better and more engaging for the global audience.

So, here are various in-person event ideas that can change the complete experience at your event without much effort. You can find a lot of in-person event examples that were successful with the help of interactions provided by Dreamcast. Our online registrations and ticketing make your event more scalable and eco-friendly as you and your audience can go paperless without hassle.

So, think twice, choose the suitable integration for your on-ground event and go digital. Reach us if you have any queries or doubts about digitalizing the on-ground event.


What Are On-Ground Activities?

You can integrate various activities into your on-ground event. All you need is the right In-person Event Ideas & Examples for 2022 that can work for 2023 and beyond.

What Does On-Ground Mean In Marketing?

On-ground events are places where you can invite and gather people to connect and discuss various aspects with other audiences and speakers. You can provide your audience with numerous facets at your physical event venue so they can interact, engage, and network throughout the event.

What Do You Call On-Ground Marketing?

There are different types and names for on-ground marketing as event marketing, special events, and engagement marketing, majorly known as Experiential Marketing. The main motto is to directly engage customers and encourage them to participate in a branded on-ground event experience.

What Are Examples of Marketing Events?

You can take 8 Event Marketing Examples to inspire your on-ground campaigns.
1. Conducting conferences
2. Go with Pop-up shops
3. Networking event hub
4. Call at Lunch and share knowledge
5. Host Community events, like movie night, community cook-off, or game night
6. 5K run, walk, swim, or ride for a nonprofit cause with crowdfund
7. Auctions and raffles to generate income side by side with driving awareness
8. Special guest events

How to Promote Your Event & Get People to Come?

1. Include your event name at listing sites.
2. Use various social media channels to go global.
3. Incorporate content marketing to share valuable information
4. Use professional content (images, infographics, teasers, trailers, and more.)
5. Start and promote over your YouTube channel.

How to Make Your Event More Fun and Engaging?

1. Focus on what you want to achieve with your event
2. Choose a flashy and interesting theme for your attendees.
3. Create a Buzz for your event with the right promotional ideas
4. Invite a well-known personality in your industry as a speaker at your event
5. Ask them to promote your event on their channels as well.
6. Add some memorable factors to your event
7. Arrange a competition or game to engage your audience and make the event fun.
8. Stay connected with your audience and keep interacting with them.

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