Live video streaming solutions work excellently for music concerts, distance learning, business conferences, sports events, news coverage & more. In recent years, technology for live video streaming has evolved & expanded significantly. There’s always an underlying confusion about how to choose the best live streaming video platform. There are certain features which are a must in today’s environment. Our guide talks about some of the many features of live video streaming that are essential for a live video streaming service provider. Read to know more-

Video Paywalls

Video content secures an edge over static content. The viewers are ready to pay more for video content like live music concerts, video tutorials, sports events, remote attendance for a conference etc.. This way, you can monetize on your video content by pay per view through video paywalls.

Features a Live Streaming Video Provider

Pay per view can also be worked on education courses & seminars-on-demand making them fit for monetizing video content. It is easy to generate profit through video paywalls than by in-site advertising.

Video advertisements need a consistent audience size in thousands to be effective monetarily. Also, some video advertisements may not suit your brand aesthetic & may not appeal to your followers. Thus this makes video paywalls a superior option for incentivizing via videos & also engaging the audience simultaneously.

Social Sharing

You must consider a good live streaming video platform that provides the option of social sharing. Social sharing of your video content promotes engagement & conversions impeccably. Promoting on social media ensures you reach a wider audience & garner greater likes, comments & shares & also build your community.

Choose a live streaming video provider that provides you with the option to share directly on Facebook, Twitter & other social channels.

Website Video Embed

Choosing a live streaming service provider that permits website embed of your video content is something you must definitely look out for. Video content is preferred by the audience widely & promoting it aggressively familiarises your brand content to the global community.

As discussed earlier, a live video streaming service provider that permits social sharing of your video content must also provide the feature for website embed as this allows your video content to be added to your own website. This feature ensures that your content will certainly reach your established community that visits your website.

Website embed ensures that your followers find a centralized spot to watch your live video content.

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Publishing a variety of video content online, organising webinars, distributing video content, being accessed by a global audience, all this requires sincere tracking & analysis to measure growth, global impact & revenue generation. An analysis & tracking of the performance is a feature that a live video streaming service provider must deliver. This is so because it helps in improvement for the future & helps in monetizing in a better way. All this keeps you ahead in the competition. Choosing a video streaming solution that offers analytics insights for your business to scale up using the right tools & techniques is vital.

Payment Gateway Support

For a live video streaming service provider, you will have clients & audience from different countries that’ll deal in their preferred mode of payments. You cannot miss out on clients due to payment gateway non-compatibility. While choosing your video streaming provider, make sure you check payment modes that your audience prefers are supported.

Here you must also ensure that the payment gateway supports multiple currencies & stores card details safe & secure.