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How To Livestream On Facebook And YouTube Simultaneously

Youtube and Facebook are the two most popular social media platforms. Social media streaming is becoming extremely popular and it is incredibly useful for marketers. Because youtube and Facebook have huge audiences marketers prefer them for live streaming their content. With Facebook live streaming marketers and organizers can reach millions of individuals on the platform, similarly with youtube live streaming they can reach a huge audience on youtube.

If you choose any one platform for live streaming you will be missing the audience of other platforms and to avoid that from happening you can multi-stream on both platforms simultaneously. If you are wondering what you can do then continue reading as further in this blog we will be explaining how you can stream on Facebook and youtube at the same time, the equipment required for live streaming, and reasons for considering multistreaming.

How To Multi-Stream On Facebook & Youtube

Here is how you can live stream on Facebook and Youtube at the same time:

How To Multi-Stream On Facebook & Youtube

Sign Up To Both The Platforms

The first step for live streaming is to sign up for both platforms, if you don’t have an account on any of the platforms, first create the account. Because if you don’t have an account on any of the platforms you will not be able to live stream. Or if you have more than one account on any of the platforms make sure you select the one you want to live stream with.

If you are live streaming on youtube for the first time create a youtube channel and get it verified by the platform. Youtube will take 24-48 hours for the verification of the account so be prepared in advance because without verification you will not be able to live stream on youtube.

Choose Your Streaming Platforms

Not all platforms offer the features of multiple live streaming so to find one you will have to do research. You can’t live stream on youtube or Facebook without any multistreaming platform, software, or hardware you will need live streaming services or a solution that allows live streaming.

To choose the right live streaming platform all you need to do is set your budget for the platform, and look for the features it offers like video quality, real-time analytics, audience management, etc. Once you have selected your live streaming platform you can connect both your Facebook and Youtube accounts with it.

Check Your Network Connection

For multis streaming, you need a strong internet connection. Your network will play a vital role in the success of your live stream so make sure you are choosing a reliable network for your live streaming. Your network should offer an uploading speed of at least 3 mbps otherwise your streaming quality will be very low, which can hinder your viewer’s experience.

You can require more uploading speed depending on the platform, hardware, and software that you will be using for live streaming on Facebook and youtube. So test your network speed before going live and ensure your network doesn’t drop during the live session.

Multi Streaming Options

There are a few different options available for multistreaming. You can get hardware, or you can install the software on your laptop or desktop. Lastly, you can choose a live streaming platform or service provider.

Multi Streaming Options
  • Software

If you have a strong network connection software can be a good option for you. There is various software that allows you to live stream on multiple channels at the same time. With streaming software you can upload your live videos, and add effects to them, you can also add overlays to your video.

  • Hardware

A hardware encoder is the next option that you have for multistreaming. With these encoders, you will be able to multi stream on various platforms at the same time. These hardware encoders have their processing power which means your laptop or computer device doesn’t need to process your video.

  • Cloud Service

If you don’t want to use both hardware and software for multistreaming the next option you have is cloud-based services. You can upload your live stream to this service and after that, the cloud-based service will later upload the video to Facebook and youtube by itself.

You don’t require double brandwidth for multistreaming with cloud-based services.

Schedule Broadcast & Go Live

Lastly, schedule your live stream and go live. There are a few live streaming platforms that allow you to schedule your live stream so that you don’t miss it, from there you can directly go live on your Facebook and Youtube. Before going live make sure everything is in place, all your equipment is functioning, your setup looks good, you have proper lighting, and sound network connection and all your audio devices are recording high-quality sound, once you check everything it’s time to go live.

Why You Should Use Live Streaming?

If you are wondering why you should live stream on two platforms at the same time here are some of the reasons to do so:

Why You Should Use Live Streaming?

Expand Reach

It is important to reach your audience on the platforms they are most active on and what’s the better way of reaching your audience than live streaming?

If you are looking for an opportunity to find a new audience or to reach your target audience you should give multistreaming a chance because it lets you connect with the audience from different platforms at the same time. Both platforms have millions of active users which means you can reach a bigger audience by live streaming on these platforms, not just if your audience is active on Instagram you can also take advantage of Instagram live streaming.


The best part about live streaming is that it is inexpensive and this is the reason why a lot of businesses and marketers these days are preferring live streaming. If you are on a tight budget you can still live stream, as to get started all you will need is a smartphone, laptop, or any such device, an internet connection, and live streaming platforms and there are various free live streaming platforms available.

But if you are hosting a live streaming session on a bigger scale you will need some investment. You will have to go for a better live streaming service provider and equipment.

Increase Brand Presence

A strong presence of your brand in the industry can give you a competitive advantage. If you want to increase awareness about your brand or you are looking for an opportunity to build strong images of your brand among your audience, you can do that by live streaming.

Because with live streaming you are interacting with your audience in real time it has a better impact on your audience which in turn will build trust among your audience. Live streaming can give your audience a better overview of your brand.

Live Engagement

The next reason why you should be choosing live streaming is that it promotes engagement with your audience. Of course, as a brand or business you want to engage with your audience, and with live streaming, you can do that effectively. When you are streaming on both Facebook and youtube you will have the chance to use the features of both platforms.

Live Engagement

For promoting engagement you don’t have to be dependent on the features that these platforms offer you can also add question-and-answer sessions, and live polls to collect audience feedback and can also host ask-me-anything sessions to promote live engagement.

Real-Time Analytics

With live streaming, you can also have access to real-time data of your audience. Your live streaming platform usually has a real-time analytics dashboard that offers you all the information regarding your live streaming session. You can individually get the data and analytics on both Facebook and Youtube or you can also collect all the insights from your multistreaming platform.

These analytics can help in lead generation. You can keep track of the audience who participated in your stream, stayed till the end, interacted with your content, etc.

5 Exceptional Features That You Get For Multi Streaming With Dreamcast

Here are some of the most exceptional features that you can get for multistreaming with Dreamcast

5 Exceptional Features That You Get For Multi Streaming With Dreamcast

Requirement Based Customization

Customization can enhance the user experience and it also plays a role in the branding of the business. With Dreamcast you get the option of complete customization, you can add frames, stickers, backgrounds, layouts, reactions, and emoticons in your live streaming. With Dreamcast, you can create your live stream your way.

The brand offers complete branding solutions, you can add your logo, tagline, etc. Personalized Ticker and countdown timer are also part of customization features. Dreamcast can create your live session according to your requirements and you get to decide even the tiniest detail for your streaming session.

Solution For Any Kind Of Industries

Dreamcast offers solutions that are perfect for all kinds of industries. The platform doesn’t limit itself to any particular kind of industry. From event live streaming to music concert live streaming, we do everything that you require. With Dreamcast, you can host events of all kinds and sizes. Be it live to stream a meeting or live streaming a show our platform is capable of providing solutions for every event.

Robust Integration

We know when you are live streaming different events you might want to integrate it with different platforms and services so we allow third-party integration of your live steam with platforms like Whatsapp, Bluejean, Paypal, Razorpay, Hubspot, Microsoft teams, zoom, google meet, etc. We offer seamless integration with all these platforms so that you can enhance the experience of your live stream.

Innovative Features

The platform also offers some innovative features that can improve your live-streaming experience.

  • Multiple presenters at once

With this feature, more than one presenter can talk and lead the live-streaming session. The presenter can request during the session to become part of the live stream.

  • Screen sharing

The next feature that is effective and innovative is screen sharing. Screen Sharing is important if you are trying to educate your audience about something with a feature your audience will be able to see on your screen.

  • Two Way Communication

Two-way communication is the feature that can make your live streaming session more engaging with the help of the two-way communication feature. Your audience can not just communicate with you through chat, reaction, and emoticons; they can also request to be part of your live video where they can ask questions or communicate with you directly.

  • Compatible For All Devices & Browsers

Another feature that makes the platform stand out from others is its compatibility. The platform is compatible with all the devices like android, IOS, and Microsoft and can be operated in most of the available browsers.

Complete TurnKey

Dreamcast offers complete turnkey solutions. If you want us to manage your live stream we can do that with our turnkey solution. All you need to do is share your live-streaming goals and we can create and manage your event according to your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Live streaming has become a part of many organizations and it has become mainstream, there are a lot of platforms offering streaming solutions and services. With social media live streaming becoming popular a lot of streaming platforms and service providers started offering multistreaming services. With multistreaming, you can go live with different platforms at the same time.

Dreamcast is the platform that you can choose to go live on Youtube and Facebook at the same time and that’s not it, you can also live stream on other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

With multistreaming, you can have various benefits like expanded audience reach, brand awareness, better engagement, etc. With Dreamcast, you will be able to multi stream like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to live stream on two platforms at once?

Yes, it is possible to live stream on two or more platforms at once. For that, you will need software, hardware, or a multistreaming platform.

What is the difference between Facebook live vs Instagram live?

Instagram live allows you to stream for just an hour whereas with Facebook you can live stream for longer hours.

Is Multistreaming worth it?

Yes, if you want to engage a larger audience it is the perfect option.

What are the popular social media platforms for live streaming in 2023?

1. Facebook
2. Youtube
3. Twitter
4. LinkedIn
5. Twitter
6. Instagram

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