GPC Powered By Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

Pulse industries’ biggest virtual event “GPC” hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a massive hit.

GPC Virtual event grabbed all the limelight and received phenomenal responses from attendees around the world. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by attendees leaving them wanting more. Thus resulting in contributing to the event’s success and making the event bigger and better while delivering immersive event experiences.
Dreamcast is more than proud and humbled to curate a custom virtual event platform by amalgamating the most brilliant features that best suit the event requirements. The team of experts at Dreamcast closely understood the event requirement and offered the best possible custom solutions that replicated the look and feel of a physical event in a virtual landscape.

The features offered by Dreamcast helped in elevating the entire event experience. Right from offering easy navigation for a seamless user journey to a conference hall with a “Ask a question” feature to boost attendee interaction to the Networking lounge enabling attendees to have real-time interactions with other participants to the exhibition hall to set up customized virtual booths, Dreamcast offered every possible feature that not only uplifted event ambiance but delivered value to attendees.

100% Customized solutions that delivered breathtaking experiences to attendees globally

There is no denying the fact that the GPC virtual event powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success. The platform enabled attendees to have open discussions with other participants at the event via group live chat functionality just like physical events. Additionally, the information desk was available at the event for any technical help that made the attendee journey smooth and seamless. Resource center with exhibitor brochures, global pulses, program, about Arab India Spices, and Brand videos were the major highlights of the event that contributed in delivering breathtaking event experiences to attendees globally!

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