Mahindra 5G NXt of Everything Virtual Conclave Powered by Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

Tech Mahindra launched 5G Virtual Conclave and Digital Experience Zone to expedite the transformations that are caused by 5G. The virtual conclave hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a massive hit!
The 2-day virtual conclave offered a platform to inspiring leaders from leading technology, policy formulators, business practitioners, and industry vanguards to come together and have meaningful discussions. The virtual conference was power-packed with knowledgeable and informative panel discussions, interesting keynote addresses by speakers, and much more. Additionally, the event offered an opportunity to connect with the 5G ecosystem. The participation of the most prominent luminaries from the technology domains and government bodies contributed to the event’s success.

Dreamcast is more than proud and humbled to curate a perfect virtual event platform suiting the event requirements by amalgamating the most brilliant engagement and networking features. Our team of experts closely worked together to offer the best possible solution and do justice to the stellar virtual conference by offering a fully customized experience to participants in a virtual space.
Right from offering a fully dynamic branded lobby experience to attendees to a customized connect zone offering Auditorium, Media Room, Bilateral, Analysis, Round Table, ECC zone, photo ops, testimonial booths, poster halls, games, feedback desk, and much more, Dreamcast offers many such features to deliver immersive event experiences to attendees globally. Thus making a virtual conference a truly global experience.

Some Event highlights powered by Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform:

Immersive event experiences with custom dynamic lobby and a Video motion entry with music

Easy navigation and Timer on the login page for quick registrations

Connect Zone with a complete package of Auditorium, Media Room, Bilateral, Analysis & Round Table for seamless experiences

Engagement features such as photo ops & spin the wheel to keep attendees engaged throughout the event.

Booth zone for displaying testimonial booth and partner booths

Demo exhibition hall, 5G arena, feedback desk, and much more for immersive experiences

Mahindra 5G NXt of everything virtual conclave hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success. The conference was a step towards gaining better insights and knowing the potential and possibilities of 5G solutions across various industries. The event holds keynotes and discussions of industry experts focusing on uncovering what the future looks like with 5G solutions. Dreamcast is thrilled to offer its virtual event platform to a conference that delivered immersive event experiences globally. Adding another feather in our cap by hitting the bucket list of successful events.

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