Sony Samagama Virtual Summit Powered By Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

Sony Samagama virtual summit hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a massive hit with all the appreciation and accolades it acquired!
Dreamcast is more than proud and thrilled to offer its platform to Sony Samagama to host its virtual summit. The event hosted on our platform received a phenomenal response and immense appreciation from attendees and was a grand success with 24/7 technical support from our team of experts that made the user journey seamless in a virtual space.

The team of experts at Dreamcast closely understood the event requirements and offered the best possible custom solutions that best match the event requirements. The list of exuberant features offered by Dreamcast helped in boosting event engagements and elevating the brand value by delivering immersive event experiences. Our team of experts curated a marvelous platform for the virtual summit that recreated the physical event experiences in a virtual environment.

Key Highlights of the Virtual Summit Hosted on Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform Includes:

Enable attendees to click a selfie at the start of the event and take event memory back home.

Animation on the entry with a dynamic lobby for immersive event experiences.

Virtual games such as spin the wheel and dart games for boosting attendee engagement.

Auditorium with polls live chats, ask a speaker, emoticon integration functionality to host engaging sessions.

Popularity score to engage attendees with the event and display the score earned on each activity.

Event agenda for attendees to have complete information about upcoming sessions.

Sony Samagama virtual summit powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform was a marvelous event that gained all the spotlight and attracted a diverse set of attendees to the event. The most engaging sessions held during the event captivated attendees’ attention instantly. Attendees can share emoticons such as heart, like, clap and hoot during sessions to show their appreciation towards the session or a speaker. Additionally, a live chat facility available during the event enabled attendees to connect and network in real-time just like a physical event. Dreamcast offered every possible feature that made the virtual summit bigger and better by delivering breathtaking event experiences. Thus, adding another hit event to our list!

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