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What is a Virtual Meeting & Its Benefits?


Today, organising virtual meetings has become a new normal. Almost every industry around the world is walking ahead with time and leveraging virtual event technology. Hosting recurring day to day virtual meetings and conferences has become an integral part of large and small-scale organisations. Due to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the nations around the globe went on hold.

The event industry is one of the major entities that has been severely affected by the wrath of coronavirus. Restrictions have been imposed on public gatherings and social distancing protocols. The most important events of the industries such as annual general meetings and more either got postponed or cancelled completely. To ensure the safety of the public government has released orders and nations went down under lockdown scenarios for months. It affected many businesses resulting in a dip in revenues.

Organisations around the world are left with no other option rather than going virtual to keep going. Under the work from home scenarios organising virtual meetings has become a day to day task. Companies worldwide transformed the most important internal physical events into a visually rich virtual environment. However, hosting virtual annual general meetings and virtual town hall meetings has come in trend. It enables organisations to connect and network with clients, stakeholders/shareholders, and remote workforce seamlessly in a virtual environment.

Some organisations that have a widespread presence were benefiting from virtual meetings long before coronavirus came into frame. As the scenario has changed in 2020, the percentage of virtual meetings have notched high. With the sudden surge in the demand for virtual meetings, everyday virtual meeting platforms are coming up on the internet. In this post, we have listed what are virtual meetings and what are its benefits.

What are Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meetings are defined as online meetings hosted on a virtual meeting platform or software. It enables people to connect and network seamlessly from their respective remote locations via live audio, video, text chats. Virtual meetings facilitate organisations to connect with a remote workforce, global delegates, clients, and stakeholders and share information in real-time. The need for gathering at a physical location during meetings gets escalated with virtual meetings. It allows attendees to participate virtually from wherever they are. Right from organising day to day meetings, conferences to virtual town hall meetings, and virtual annual general meetings, a comprehensive virtual meeting platform serves all.

Nowadays, virtual meetings have become an integral part of the industries. Whether you want to connect with a remote workforce or hire a new employee or provide training sessions to employees, virtual meetings have become the most powerful tool. Marketers and planners around the world are tapping on the most powerful technology to keep going. Even today, many are not aware of the power of virtual meeting solutions. Whereas some do not hold the knowledge to conduct an effective virtual meeting. The perks served by virtual meetings are enormous, thus making it difficult to ignore the fast-growing ways of organising meetings. To understand in detail, we have listed some virtual meeting benefits, have a look:

Benefits of Virtual Meetings

#1. Increased Reach Better Attendance

Organising virtual meetings results in having better reach and amplified attendance. Virtual meetings are organised on a web-based platform thus enabling attendees to access the event remotely. Participants can tune-in from the comfort of their own space via any device or browser without having to travel to an on-site location. In short, it results in saving a lot of time and money. Attendees who miss attending a live physical meeting due to any constraint can be part of virtual meetings. However, resulting in having better attendance at the time of virtual town hall meetings or virtual annual general meetings.

#2. Reduction in Travel Expenses

Reduction in travelling costs is one of the biggest benefits of organising virtual meetings. It escalates the need for travelling to an on-site location by booking expensive tickets. Some stakeholders miss attending AGMs as they are located at a distance. Virtual annual general meetings enable all level interested stakeholders to participate in the same and voice out their opinions. Geographical constraints faced during in-person meetings get completely resolved with virtual meetings.

#3. Space Limitation is No More an Issue

Apart from geographical constraint, space limitations is another obstacle faced during in-person meetings. For some organisations, it’s nearly impossible to fit all the employees under one roof for a town hall meeting. It results in leaving out some employees and the same goes for annual general meetings. With virtual meetings, space limitation is no more a barrier. You can host as many attendees as you want. Moreover, it results in saving the costs involved in renting a venue with a larger space capacity to fit all employees or shareholders.

#4. It Offers Increased Opportunities

With physical meetings, it is not always possible to attend a meeting you are invited to. Some miss it due to busy schedules. Whereas some miss it as they can not take out the time to travel just for a meeting. Virtual meetings overcome all these obstacles faced with traditional meeting formats. Online virtual meetings offer the opportunity for attendees to attend the meeting from the comfort of their space or desks. To organise a successful virtual meeting leveraging the right virtual meeting platform or software is a must. With the right platform, you can stream live audio, video, share presentations seamlessly. Moreover, virtual meetings offer enormous opportunities for work. It enables you to gather different employees located in different office locations at the same time virtually.

#5. Increased Productivity

With on-ground physical meetings, the attendee’s energy goes in making travel arrangements or traveling to an on-site location. It results in cutting down the attendee’s productivity and attention needed. As virtual events can be attended at the convenience of the attendees from home and as well as from desks it results in increased productivity and attention. The energy saved can be utilised in preparing presentations for virtual meetings.

#6. Reduction in Carbon Footprints

As virtual meetings are an eco-friendly alternative and works on green technology, it results in a reduction in carbon emissions. Apart from reduced carbon footprints, the eco-friendly alternative reduces travelling, the disposal of waste, and paper printing. However, this resulted in contributing to environmental conservation.

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