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Reward and Discuss New Marketing Strategies via Virtual Sales Meet-up

A sales team is regarded as the driving force behind any company. A digital meet-up not only boosts sales, but it also upskills the team and gets all on the same page. Most pertinently, it is about maximising coordination, closing gaps, and creating more profitability.

Sales meetings can be tedious, but if done correctly, they can be extremely beneficial. The goal is to have a decent mediator who is well-versed in your industry to lead your meeting. The art of selling has evolved in recent years. Because of social media, doing business is now faster than ever. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the impact of getting a sales coach on results. Bringing in a professional sales coach to speak to your team has a high return on investment. A strategic sales expert understands what your team is looking for and can coherently coach your team to upskill.

Did you know? Today, 90% of the sales have gone virtual and it is critical for sellers to master the art of selling virtually.

Team members must discuss plans for the coming year, work together on key initiatives, and learn new tactics and strategies for success in a digital world.

However, planning an online sales meeting after you’ve previously relied on in-person meetings may seem impossible. You didn’t muster all of us for a few weeks of practice, breakout sessions, and banquets.

In this year of 2020, one must rethink each facet of your meeting, from course content expert presentations to handouts to role playing, not to mention how to nurture the networking and collaboration that occurs in person. What about enjoyment? A massive part of an effective sales meeting is getting reps pumped up and ready to go for the next sales cycle.

If you are new to the virtual event industry possibilities are that you might be unaware of the benefits of hosting a sales meet-up online. If you have the same feeling well, you have landed in the right place. Know the benefits of an efficient and engaging way to run your meeting. Fortunately, there are several proven tactics that organisations can employ to adapt a live sales meeting to a virtual one. Know the advantages below to plan and deliver an outstanding kickoff that will set your team up for success and keep them safe when social distancing is the new normal. 

Virtual Sales Meet-Ups Benefits

1- Understand Your Target Markets 

Before planning your marketing forums, you must first understand any organisation and their employee’s way of selling products. Acknowledge their needs, their issues, their interests, and their objectives as this may help you strategise your business goals accurately. 

2- Increased Value

Businesses found a golden opportunity to expand their business and take their event to global audiences which helps in increasing their value, engagements, and profits. It also enables companies to build powerful connections with their customers and co-marketing organisation which might be possible in a physical meeting. 

3- Connect with Influencers

Virtual meet-ups are gradually becoming a great support for many influencers and why not? It has helped them grow exponentially and build empowering connections with individuals. 

4- Build Powerful Bonds and Networking Opportunities

Networking is the most important significant that cannot be overstated. When people bond, they form connections that will benefit them in the future. Networking can help boost morale as well as individual sales reps’ careers by putting them in touch with a larger network of people who can answer questions and open new doors. Furthermore, the business benefits can be substantial, as networking can frequently lead to new opportunities.

5- Employee Development

Virtual meet-ups have dramatically helped sales teams develop and upskill their techniques. Motivate your employees with fun and healthy virtual engagement activities like Q&As, live pollings, or web-based games to enhance their virtual experience. 

6- Save Costs

 Before the novel coronavirus came our way, conducting meetings offline added up a lot of cost. Travel, food, accommodation, venue and whatnot! But after we started hosting our meeting over virtual platforms our costing went to zero. How? Well, the answer is really simply. For organising a virtual meeting all you need is a good and stable internet connectivity and you are good to run a meeting seamlessly. 

7- Eco-Friendly

It is self-explanatory that if everything is moving digital you are contributing in saving the environment. No more vehicles parked at the venue, no more carbon emissions, no more air or noise pollution. 

Tips Before Organising Your Virtual Sales Meet-Ups

  1. The very first tip before organising a meeting is planning and strategising your event motive. This will help your targeted audiences identify their interest and save time. 
  2. It can be challenging while coordinating times for your team who are located remotely. They will have different schedules and time zones. So for that ensure that you pick a time frame which enables everyone to attend the meeting at a similar time zone, use tools that assist you with choosing the correct time frame, and schedule your meetings in advance. 
  3. Proper etiquette sets the tone for a smooth and productive virtual meeting. To ensure a seamless meeting experience, here are some helpful etiquettes for hosts and participants to establish prior to each virtual meeting- run a quick test of all the technology prior to the meetings, set aside all the distractions, and meet and interact face-to-face with the help of video. 
  4. Engage your participants with exciting and encouraging activities. This is important because hosting an event online comes along with possible distraction and we can’t afford that. Add on fun games like spin the wheel, crossword puzzles, photo booth, gif booths, social walls or any web-based games in your event to enhance your attendee overall experience
  5. The discussion that ensues at the water cooler, much like an in-office meeting, can be just as telling as the session itself. Here are some things you can do to ensure clear communication and avoid confusion: conclude your meeting with water cooling conversations, ask them about their experience and generate feedback. 

Over To You

2021, is going to make history and why not? We have seen so much last year and discovered so much new this year that one thing for sure virtual events are here for a long halt. Find your right space to conduct virtual sales meet-ups and enhance your experience seamlessly, build strong relationships, and reach out to global audiences.

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