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The Ultimate Guide: Event Technology 2021

Get ready to upgrade your knowledge with our informative 2021 event technology guide. Learn every aspect related to event technology and host exuberant virtual as well as hybrid events.

Have you ever pondered over the thought of the rapidly changing dynamics around us? We all can agree that every individual stumbles upon the ideas of the constantly evolving perspective. Over the past few years, we have observed a major evolution in technological advancement. Without a doubt, this left has resulted in numerous changes in the event technology. Today, organisations worldwide rely on virtual event technology to keep the business going and connecting with a wide spectrum of attendees. In this article, we have talked about the major changes in event tech and the contribution of virtual event technology in the challenging times. If you’re probably wondering what do all the new terms imply, don’t worry because we have got you all covered up! Continue reading further to find answers to all your queries. 

What Does Event Technology Mean?

What Does Event Technology Mean?

In simple language, we can define virtual event technology as digital equipment that facilitates strategic planning of events. It enables individuals to carefully plan out and produce a successful event. The most popular event technology tools are event management software, virtual event platforms, hybrid events, mobile event applications, streaming services, and so forth.

What Is The Importance Of Event Technology?

What Is The Importance Of Event Technology?

While the pandemic affected every aspect around the globe, the event industry positively benefited from virtual event technology. During the course of pandemic, the event technology introduced and boosted new tech-savvy virtual event technology tools. Long gone are the days of manually planning out each and every element, from the contact list to the sitting arrangements. The event planners can now take a sigh of relief with this evolving event tech.

In 2021, we can expect the virtual event technology as well as the hybrid event technology to boost up rapidly. This new event platform facilitates individuals to virtually plan out and host an effective brainstorming session for their audience. It not only helps to cut the cost but it is also extraordinarily engaging. Organisations have found that virtually held events hold the attendee’s attention for quite a long time. 

Virtual Event Technology has empowered individuals to successfully promote their event and gain significant profit from the same. It has empowered the participants to experience an entirely immersive and holistic ambience. The complicated task of event promotion is considerably more easy to comprehend now. Undeniably, virtual event technology has facilitated the planners to carry out event marketing in a more effective yet versatile manner. 

Select The Most Appropriate Virtual Event Technology

Event Technology

If your rationale is to host the perfect event, it is necessary to opt for appropriate virtual event technology. Analysing and selecting the best event tech for an event can be a complicated task. That’s why we have amalgamated a list of few pointers to help you out. You must keep all these things in your mind while looking for perfect event technology for your impending event.

1. Examine Your Event

The first and foremost thing that you should consider doing is analysing your event. There are numerous types of events that can be held virtually with the help of virtual event technology. Let us have a look at some of these event types. 

a) Virtual Exhibitions

These types of exhibitions are quite popular in the corporate industry. It allows organisers to offer the exhibitors a global virtual platform. The sponsors as well as exhibitors create an immersive exhibition both to showcase their products and services. 

The most common type of event tech used here is DIY booth builder, Dynamic environment, AI Matchmaking and so forth.

b) Virtual Conferences

This is the most useful virtual platform for organisations. It allows the workforce to interact together and indulge in effective brainstorming sessions. The participants are facilitated with unique features that allow them to encounter a real-time experience. The most prominent type of event technology used here is networking roundtables and live chat as well as audio features.

c) Webinars 

These are small conceptualising sessions held by numerous industries from educational institutions to Pharmaceutical organisations. They are usually 1 to 2 hour-long interactive sessions. Talking about the event technology used there, we can observe question and answer sessions as well as live poll features.

d) Hybrid Events

Hybrid event is the perfect fusion of physical and virtual elements. These types of events allowed a few individuals to be present at the event location. The rest of them join virtually with the help of a hybrid event platform. For a successful hybrid event popular event technology to be used consists of, access management, B2B meeting, business card exchange, and so forth.

2. Focus On The Organisational Objectives

If you really want to analyze the perfect virtual event technology, you must focus on the organisational objectives. This implies that you must examine what goals you want to achieve from your event. You must also consider the key takeaways from your virtual or hybrid event. It is important to analyze the message you want the audience to take with them.

Whether you want to increase your brand’s awareness or just really educate the virtual attendees around the globe. It is also advantageous as it helps you to add key performance indicators in your event plan. This helps in effectively tracking the performance metrics. This aspect will empower in analyzing the most appropriate event technology. Some of the common organisational objectives include: 

  • To lure in more potential buyers.
  • To update the current customers.
  • To improve the brand’s image.
  • To boost up the sales
  • To foster relationships 
  • To achieve the organisational goals 
  • To curate an effective event strategy and so forth.

3. Analyze The Customer Support Facilities

When you opt for any type of event technology, you must consider its customer support facilities. You definitely do not want to compromise with your help and support features as they can drastically affect your brand’s image. Therefore, it is important to analyse all the options offered by an event technology. Customer support is one of the most important ones. We advice you to look out for 24/7 customer support as it is the best alternative for troubleshooting unexpected issues. You should carefully check out all the features offered by the customer support facilities to make sure utmost solace. It will also promote easy functioning during any virtual or hybrid event.

4. Check For Maximum Reliability

There are numerous event technologies out there. Blindly trusting any of them could lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, it is advised to cautiously examine its reliability. Any virtual event technology should be extremely reliable as your brand’s image relies on it. It should not only provide you with adequate customer support but also offer numerous virtual and hybrid event solutions. 

5. Easy To Understand

Lastly, all the event technology features must add to your event platform. This will help you with effective event marketing. The entire event technology guide must combine to an easy to utilise the platform. Factors like the functionality as well as the navigation play a major role in determining event tech. You can use specialised features that facilitate all the new virtual participants. This will allow them to freely explore and understand the event platform. Moreover, it will result in substantially higher ROI for your brand. Thus, you must carefully examine the different aspects and choose an event platform that is most suitable. 

6. Promote Innovation

We all know that innovation is the key to success. It is important to promote creativity and constantly come up with innovative ideas. Not practicing innovation in your organisation can lead to stagnation of ideas. As a brand, the most appropriate option is to alter and modify different techniques. This will help you analyse what works best for your platform. Eventually, it will boost up your attendee participation and offer better returns on investment. 

7. Prioritise Attendee Experience

When selecting event technology for any event, your main priority should be the attendee experience. Rightly choose the virtual event technology that will seamlessly depict your brand and its ideologies through a virtual platform. Thus, it is necessary to focus on this aspect. An easy to comprehend event platform is appreciated by all the virtual participants. This helps them get a better picture and gain valuable insights in a hassle-free manner. This in return satisfies your brand’s objectives of delivering quality content and attracting more customers. 

8. Offer Utmost Personalisation

As an organisation, it is important to showcase your brand and its objective through any virtual event. Curating a familiar environment for your virtual attendees will help them relate more to your ideologies and concepts. This will be welcomed by them in an appreciative manner. Thus, you should look for virtual event technology features that offer utmost personalization. This will empower you to customise every segment of your event platform. For instance, you will be able to modify even the lobby, auditorium, exhibition booths, and a lot more according to your taste and preferences.

How To Finalise Event Technology?

How To Finalise Event Technology

We agree, selecting and finalising event technology is not an easy task. There are a lot of doubts clouding an individual’s mind. Therefore, we have listed a few pointers that will help you in this tedious situation. Whenever finalising an event tech, ask these questions before taking any steps further.

1. Search The Internet

If you want to find out the most prominent even technologies, you must surf the web at least once. There are countless websites that will help you understand the best event technology for your platform. These websites contain insider data that is sometimes not even made available on the brand’s main website. This information usually revolves around the virtual attendees and their feedbacks. You must thoroughly research and analyse all the pros and cons of your preferred event technology. This knowledge will help you implement the most suitable event technology for your organisation. Moreover, it will attract your target audience effortlessly. Some of the famous websites are software advice, G2 Crowd, and so forth 

2. Take Advice

If you are facing any confusion, you might want to look out for advice. Asking for advice from other reliable individuals can be quite beneficial. This will help you analyse the situation from a different perspective altogether.  

3. Go Through The Guide

We advise you to go through the event technology guide thoroughly. This will help you comprehend each and every aspect in a better way. It will also bring light to numerous segments that you were not able to pay attention before. The event guide consists of some valuable information that is convenient for the organisation. Therefore, always read the event guide to gain valuable insights.

4. Ask Questions

Ask your heart out! It is important to clear all your doubts beforehand only. If you are facing any confusion while opting for event technology, you must take all the endeavours to sort it out. This will help you understand representatives in a better way. Clearing all your misconceptions will pave the way for a better understanding. Moreover, it will facilitate you to choose the right option available in the market.

5. Opt For The Most Suitable Solution

After considering all the above-mentioned pointers, you must have a clear picture in your mind. This will help you analyse the event technology in a better way. Accordingly, you must opt for an event technology that is most suitable for your organisation. You might want to look out for the one that caters all your brand requirements and expectations. 


After carefully analysing various aspects related to event technology and its usefulness,  we have scrutinized this article. In the above-mentioned article, we have amalgamated all the key features that you must know about event technology. 

  • Event technology refers to a combination of distinctive digital tools that help in creating a perfect event platform. Event technology is quite useful in modern times like these. In this generation of tech-freaks, event technology is the perfect option to customise an event platform as per our requirements.
  • Keep experimenting as it will help you in analysing the most appropriate event technology for your organisation. Some features that might work for a famous brand might not work for your audience. Thus, it is important to keep experimenting and coming up with new ideas.
  • Favor the virtual participants as they are the key elements of any event platform. You must focus on the experience of your virtual attendees. Elaborating on the key takeaways will be extremely beneficial for your organisation.
  • Lastly, we advise you to choose strategically. This implies that you must carefully examine each and every element regarding event technology. This will help you select the best alternative available in the market.

Unquestionably, event technology is a very prominent tool that holds advantageous properties. We trust that this article would provide you with significant information regarding the necessary aspects of event tech and importance of virtual event technology in today’s digital era. It will help you expand your mental horizons and easily comprehend the concept of event technology.

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