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All You Need To Know About A Fantastic Virtual Sales Kickoff Event

Find out how you can host a successful virtual sales kickoff event by implementing some of the easiest steps.

This is the best time to bring your sales team together and conceptualise the most effective sales strategies. And what can be a better way to do this than a virtual sales kickoff event, right? Virtual sales kickoff events are the best alternative available in the market to energise your workforce and elevate sales. 

We are sure that you want your virtual SKOs to be extraordinarily engaging. You want them to be educational as well as motivating at the same time. But, combining all these factors and using it in just a single virtual event seems a bit tricky, right? Well, don’t worry because you have come to the right place! In this blog article, we are going to give you some amazing tips and tricks that can help you upgrade your sales kickoff event and take it to the next level. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive straight into unwinding the numerous factors behind a successful virtual SKO.

Steps To Host Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff Event

1) Choose the correct virtual event platform for your SKOs

We all know that with access to the virtual world, online events have taken a drastic turn towards success. These events have facilitated mankind to get their desired virtual events to cater to all their expectations. It is time to utilise all the beneficial facilities. Therefore, we suggest you get your virtual sales kick-off event tailor-made with the help of a professional event platform. 

A virtual event platform allows you to showcase your creativity while utilising the maximum capacity of the platform. You are free to utilise a number of extraordinary equipment that empower your virtual attendees along with the sponsors and exhibitors. You must utilise this opportunity and inculcate effective features that enhance your virtual SKOs. Emphasising your keynote and promoting your ideologies would be an effective strategy. This will create the entire virtual event more informative as well as easy to comprehend for your participants.

2) Create an exciting buzz in the market

This is the time for you to implement all your creativity in your virtual SKOs. Communicate your thoughts with the respective departments and curate a virtual platform as per your expectations. You can share valuable information and collect some pre-event data from all your participants. Including their different ideas will also encourage them and keep them motivated. Moreover, it will give your virtual sales kickoff event a mesmerising twist.

3) Turbocharge the audience engagement 

As your virtual attendees get all set to binge on your informative session, take their excitement to the next level. A catchy, as well as a descriptive introduction, would be a perfect option for this. Moreover, adding calming and soothing music in the lobby or including dynamic banners throughout the virtual event will act like extra pop-ups that will grab the viewer’s attention instantly.

This strategy will attract the audience’s attention and keep them interested for a longer duration. Dreamcast enables you to create an effective introduction slide that adds unique professionalism to your virtual event. But, that’s not all! You will also get access to a specially designed introduction guide video. This video will elaborate and help your virtual attendees explore each segment present in your virtual sales kickoff event. Here is more about virtual events planning, strategy and execution.

4) Analyse the specific takeaways

While hosting a virtual sales kickoff event, it is essential to emphasise your key takeaways. You surely do not want your virtual space to go in vain, right? You would intend to make your virtual audience understand the main concept behind your event and the different ideologies that you bring to the table. But, if you yourself are clouded then and the chaos would definitely be inevitable. So, to avoid this haphazard, we recommend you carefully analyse your key takeaways beforehand. 

You must examine what are your goals from this virtual SKO event and what do you want your virtual attendees to take home from this?

Additionally, you can interestingly present your key takeaways. You can also empower your virtual attendees to store this meaningful information for the long term. You can do so by utilising the document download feature offered by Dreamcast. This will empower your virtual participants to download and store information on their devices for future reference. Moreover, you can also utilise another feature that is known as a briefcase. It is famous for allowing individuals to download and store data onto their devices. They can access this data whenever they feel necessary. Emphasising your key takeaways will make your virtual SKOs more goal-oriented and straight to the point.

5) Implement effective communication 

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to hold the audience’s attention. We all are aware of the fact participants experience great distraction from the comfort of their houses. Undeniably, this affects the quality of your virtual SKOs. Therefore, it is essential to boost audience retention power with the help of effective communication. Furthermore, you must keep your sessions small and directly to the point. This will be a beneficial factor as an individual would be able to understand your point in a simple way.

Talking about communication, it is essential to clear all their doubts and queries on time. This will help your audience engage for a longer duration. To do so, you must incorporate specialised tools like live question and answer sessions, live polls, live surveys, and so forth. Dreamcast recently hosted an event where we embedded live question and answer sessions during live event. This feature enabled all the virtual attendees to share their queries during an ongoing session. This feature received extensive appreciation as individuals were able to share their queries, ideologies as well as clear the doubts from the specialists on time.

6) Expand your networking strategies 

Individuals are always on the lookout to expand their networking administration and interact with new individuals. Therefore, your virtual sales kickoff event must be a hub for numerous networking strategies. This will allow your virtual attendees to interact with all the different brand representatives, sponsors, exhibitors, hosts, speakers as well as different virtual participants. Dreamcast facilitates an organisation with specialised features like networking roundtables and networking lounge that focus on expanding your reach and improving your online visibility. Additionally, to boost effective communication, you can utilise B2B meetings and 1:1 meetings. These options empower you to plan and schedule a meeting according to your preferred time slots. This will be extremely fruitful as individuals will be quite content with the quality of work delivered. Not only that, but the sponsors will also be happy because their main aim of increasing the customer base will be satisfied. Therefore, you must inculcate numerous networking strategies in your virtual sales kickoff event. 

7) Spice it up with captivating Tools and Features 

In the virtual world, you are in charge of each and every aspect of your virtual space. Thus, you must utilise it to the utmost potential and create a virtual SKO that fulfils all your demands. Fortunately, the virtual SKO platforms allow a dozen of useful features that are extremely beneficial. You can incorporate a different set of equipment and tools to put together a captivating virtual event.

For instance, Dreamcast’s one of the most prominent features is AI matchmaking. This feature is all about improving your analytics. It empowers the exhibitors to access information about the virtual participants and their area of interest. This later allows them to schedule an informative meeting with them as per the requirements. Attendee footprinting is another vital feature that empowers the organisers to access information regarding the most as well as the least visited segment in a virtual space. This information is analysed by tracking the virtual attendee’s pathways during a virtual sales kickoff event. On the other hand, if you want to amplify the engagement aspect of your virtual event, you can do so by simply inculcating gamification. This feature offered by Dreamcast allows you to choose from 100+ games or you can also get your own game installed on your virtual event platform. Unquestionably, utilising all these features, you take the excitement and virtual image to the next level.

8) Prioritize the participants 

Lastly, you do not want to make your virtual participants feel unappreciated, right? Your rationale must be to cater to all the requirements at all costs. Virtual attendees are the key elements of a virtual SKO. You can make this entire virtual space easier to comprehend them by opting for a user-friendly interface. At Dreamcast, we offer an extremely easy registration process that boosts up the attendee participation. Moreover, we only follow the concept of easy navigation throughout the event. This allows the virtual attendees to explore each and every aspect of your virtual event with the utmost ease. Prioritising the virtual participants is an important aspect which is directly proportional to the success of your virtual sales kickoff event. 

Over To You

Sales kick-off events are the perfect way to boost up audience engagement and host fruitful brainstorming sessions. An organisation needs to host successful sales kick-off events as they can be undeniably beneficial. Therefore, in the above-mentioned article, we have covered numerous pointers that will help you host a marvellous virtual SKO event. 

It is important to pay extra attention to the virtual sales kick off-platform as well as the virtual participants. Moreover, you can make the entire event an astonishing experience for virtual attendees by adding captivating tools and equipment. We trust that this article would provide you with important information and help you host a memorable virtual SKO.

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