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Establishing Courageous Leadership And Deeper Connections During Quarantine

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to redesign our prospective and work ecosystems to suit a new lifestyle. This new lifestyle might not seem to be befitting your original business model. But the best way to make the most of it is to replan your model and settle into it as soon as possible.

Having your team members seated in different locations and managing them remotely would’ve been an impossible task if it would have happened some 30 years back. But during this time of technological revolutions, virtual meetings and conferencing have got your back.

Now the important question that arises is how a team leader can build trust and patience amongst his/her team during these times of global crisis? Everyone around us is too terrified and worried about the uncertainties lying ahead. Being a leader the responsibility falls on your shoulders to keep your team’s and your own spirits high during a coronavirus pandemic.

Work From Home: An Inevitable Culture Enforcement

Work from home during quarantine

Offices and workplaces used to have a culture of casual professionalism if not utter professionalism. We had managed to keep our personal lives separate from professional lives neatly. But with lockdown, offices have crawled into homes. All of us, despite our designations and positions in any organisation, are propelled to get adjusted with the homely environments of our teammates.

The remote working culture has already been prevailing in foreign countries. India has seen less of a corporate culture where people have the facility of working from home. The reasons are many. But everything is feasible and manageable once you and your teammates get acquainted with the new setup. 2-way video conferencing allows you to stay connected with your people even while working remotely.

A Connection Is Necessary More Than Ever

Global distress, unpredictable future, added on with isolation. Indeed, the isolation, inability to meet and interact with so many people and have real-time connection increases the anxiety. Even though almost everybody is facing these situations, but with isolation, it seems to be a one-man fight to every individual.

Setting up communications with your employees while letting your guard a little down is needed to keep them motivated. As a leader, you may have a remote meeting set up to discuss the challenges and struggles of your teammates regularly. You got to let them know that you are with them and are willing to help this new office setup to succeed.

You may also come up with initiatives to let your people know that it is okay if their kids walk in during virtual conferencing and that it’s okay if they need to look after their elderly parents. Connect on an emotional level with your employees, so that they may take off some of the anxiety and focus on the work.

Find Opportunities To Fill The Gap

If you establish yourself as more of an active listener and be a human before being a manager, you would win the hearts of your employees. Build this everlasting relationship through 2-way video conferencing. You have to let your employee know that this change is not difficult only for them and you, but it’s a global situation. Also, If the whole team will focus on goals and plan a schedule, this new setup would not look this tough.

Allow more openness and let your colleague share their fears, their struggles, and help them build their short-term and long-term goals. These kinds of interactive activities will help your team stay connected despite the lack of physical presence. This is the best time for you to establish yourself as a true leader who is also people’s go-to person.

Many webinar solutions for corporate aim to help you reach your team members in real-time and keep them motivated. The quarantine can be hard in terms of managing daily schedules with all other family members around. Guide your team about how they can achieve maximum productivity and focus on the task at hand.

Team Huddles And Official Business Meetings

Work from home is also about official meetings as much as it is about team-building. How, as a leader, you should incorporate team huddles and official meetings with a large number of employees? Your answer is webinar solutions for businesses. These professional webinar services allow a leader/manager to address many people in different locations at the same time. These webinars can also be used to deliver skill development training or to make important announcements.

Besides essential team meetings, where you are setting up team activities to bring the members into one perspective and to achieve better team bonding, live streaming your webinar or virtual conferencing can also help you conduct daily team huddles to discuss day’s tasks and timelines.

Work From Home From A Different Viewpoint

Virtual Conferencing Meeting

The new change in the corporate culture, work from home has made a way to a different possibility. You can have some activities where all of your team members introduce their family members. This activity will fill the gap and remove the feeling of embarrassment in scenarios where a person is disturbed by a family member for some urgency.

While many organisations are not so convinced about work from home culture, some have already realised the benefits of it. From an employee’s perspective, it gives a person more time at hand to help or spend time with family members. Once the anxiety and hassle of being settled with this change, It also improves an employee’s productivity. The money and time saved from travelling to and fro can be utilized in learning new skills.

You can set an agenda of learning a new skill for your team members. With the help of webinar solutions for businesses, you may arrange some learning sessions that will add up to your business. It reduces the need for large spaces, thus, saves an employer from spending on real estate. Also, the improved productivity will help your business to grow.


An employer needs to build proper communication and connection with the team. The trust and reliability amongst all the members are essential to get the work done in the best possible manner. The management that can easily be established inside the four walls of a co-working space, there will undoubtedly be more efforts required to bring your entire team on the same page.

One of the best providers of webinar solutions for the corporate sector is Dreamcast. Dreamcast has solutions for each of your 2-way video conferencing needs. From conferencing, virtual events and virtual meetings to webinar and town hall meetings, Dreamcast is your go-to partner during these times of global change. The services provided by Dreamcast help you collaborate with your team members both on a personal and professional level.

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