Author : Vinay Khandelwal

Hybrid Meetings: Introduction, Benefits and Some Tips & Tricks

With the advent of the coronavirus global pandemic in 2020, the way of organising meetings has moved from a functional room to virtual and hybrid meetings. Read More

Guide To Virtual Trade Shows & Virtual Fairs

Having thought of sitting and setting-up a perfect trade show without having to hustle seems nearly impossible. Read More

Hybrid Conference: Definition, Benefits and Tips

As the coronavirus pandemic came into light in 2020, event planners and digital marketers pivoted towards virtual conferences and events. Read More

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events were in existence long before COVID-19 took hold and impacted almost every nation entirely. With the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic, the event industry has experienced the major flux resulting in the cancellation of events. Read More

A Look At The Future Of Events In The Post COVID World

Virtual events were considered to be a niche category with only a small percentage of brands using them in the world before COVID-19. However, it is clear that the future... Read More

Virtual Events: Planning, Strategy and Execution

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a massive wrench into the gears of the machine we call the event industry. With hosting physical events being rendered impossible for the near future,... Read More

Guide To Virtual Events

As we entered into the digital world, digital ways are overcoming the in-person activities with each passing year. Going virtual has become the new norm. An incline in a large... Read More

A Guide To Webinar Services & Solutions

As we stepped into the new world where everything is digital nowadays, so do business events and meetings. You must have desired an event that keeps audiences hooked throughout the... Read More

How To Execute Virtual Events And Virtual Conferences?

At a time when most of the world is under lockdowns, quarantines or movement restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events and video conferences have once again taken... Read More

Establishing Courageous Leadership And Deeper Connections During Quarantine

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to redesign our prospective and work ecosystems to suit a new lifestyle. This new lifestyle might not seem to be befitting your... Read More

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