Guide To Setup FHD Quality Webinar Streaming For Small Business

Webinar Streaming for Small Business

Live video streaming is rising rapidly in popularity and becoming the most engaging form of online communication in today’s world, and small businesses can benefit a lot by utilizing this technology. One of the major applications of live video streaming for small business is hosting live webinars on various topics relevant to their interests.

Webinars streaming for small businesses provide with opportunities to develop authority and trust, improve business relationships, raise brand awareness and engage with their target group meaningfully in real time by teaming up with a company which has expertise in providing professional webinar services.

When properly conducted, webinars can be an amazing marketing tool for small businesses while providing many tangible side benefits like high-quality recorded footage which can be repurposed for later use. They can also serve as an additional revenue stream for the business.

Things that are needed to host a great webinar

The Camera

For hosting live stream webinars, the first basic requirement is the camera that would be used to shoot it.

The camera can be something as simple as the webcam of a laptop but for businesses aiming to host a high-quality and good looking webinar should consider investing in a decent video camera. It is the only right way of doing things because when it comes to live video streaming, the quality of the video is often the most important factor that keeps people watching.

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The Encoder

Encoders are another part of the equipment that is required to stream a great live webinar. The job of an encoder is to make the format of video easier and faster to stream rather than to store, which is the default format for most cameras. An encoder is vital when it comes to live streaming, especially in a professional setup.

Encoders can be of two types – hardware encoders which are physical devices and software encoders which are programs that complete the task. Choosing which encoder to use depends on a lot of factors like the camera used to shoot the webinar and the platform used by the small business to host it.

The Online Video Platform (OVP)

A small business needs to choose a live video streaming platform where the webinar will be hosted. There are a lot of online webinar service providers and also a lot of free live video streaming options such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

However, consumer-grade live video streaming platforms such as YouTube Live do not provide the best webinar services for small business needs, as they are limited when it comes to features as compared to a dedicated online video platform such as Dreamcast.

A small business should ideally foray into the world of live video streaming with a good partner company that provides an on demand low cost webinar service. By partnering up with a company like Dreamcast that handles all parts of the process, a small business can focus on the most important part of the webinar – the content.

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