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Why Live Streaming Corporate Communications Makes So Much Sense?

Live streaming has changed the way people communicate all over the world. Ever since the technology of live streaming became accessible, corporate live streaming has been used by companies around the globe for effective corporate communications.

Corporate live webcasting and corporate streaming services have started becoming a trend when it comes to corporate communications these days and almost every company in the world using it to some extent.

There are a number of applications when it comes to live webcasting corporate communications as companies can use live streaming for both internal and external communication.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how corporate streaming services can be used to create effective communication across the organization.

Internal Corporate Communications with Live Streaming

One of the major use of corporate live streaming solutions is internal corporate communications. Corporate live webcasting is a great way to facilitate better and more effective communication and collaboration between all parts of the organization.

Let’s take a look first at how corporate live streaming can be used for internal corporate communications.

1. Training

Live streaming video is often used to provide training to new employees in a company. When there is more than one branch of the company, corporate live streaming solutions are often used to provide all the employees with a high quality of training.

As live streaming video is an interactive medium where the instructor can actually engage with the students, corporate live webcasting has proven to be more effective than training videos that are available on-demand.

2. Meetings

One of the primary uses of corporate streaming services is to enable employees from different branches and departments of the company to collaborate more effectively by online meetings.

Companies prefer to live webcasting corporate communications because they are more effective than phone calls and add a personal touch to the meetings while saving the company the travelling cost that would otherwise have been incurred for the meetings.

3. Creating an ongoing resource base

Most corporate live streaming solutions enable the live stream to be recorded and saved as a video that is later available on demand. 

These recorded videos can be used to create a great ongoing resource base that can be used by the company for training and other purposes.

4. Collaboration

Corporate streaming services can also be used to collaborate more effectively with the outside sales team and other external parts of the organization.

Overall, live streaming video allows all departments to be connected in a real-time and authentic manner which creates not only a more functional organization but a more connected one.

External Corporate Communications with Live Streaming

Corporate also use live streaming video for external communications like streaming live events, town hall meetings, and offering live customer support. More details about these use cases for live streaming in corporate communications are provided in the sections below.

1. Events

Live streaming corporate events is one of the best ways to make it more accessible, cost-effective, and inclusive, among other key features of corporate live streaming. Most corporate usually stream their live events for various reasons, including:

  • Opening up the event to a global audience. 
  • Engaging audiences who couldn’t make it to the event. 
  • Saving up on travelling costs for employees.
  • Archiving the event for other uses later like marketing and promotions.

2. Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings are some of the most important events for corporates. While in the old days every single employee had to travel to attend the meetings, most corporates usually just live stream the event so every employee can get access to the meeting, regardless of where they’re located.

Streaming Town Hall Meetings is one of the most common applications of live streaming video for corporates and almost everyone company these days live streams their town hall meetings.

3. Customer Support

Lastly, one of the uses of live streaming video for corporates in recent times is customer support. While it is possible to offer customer support over text and phone, providing support over live video makes the consumer experience a more personal touch which leads to better consumer retention and satisfaction.

Providing customer support over live video is not possible for most organizations as it requires a lot of resources. Still, it is increasingly becoming a trend to offer customer support over live video to provide more comprehensive and useful customer support to the consumer. 

Live Streaming v/s Web Conferencing

live streaming vs web conferencing

A lot of people do not understand the difference between web conferencing and live streaming because they use the same underlying technology. However, there are a lot of differences between live streaming solutions and web conferencing solutions which you need to understand if you’re considering using live streaming video for corporate communications.

While live streaming video is often a part of web conferencing tools, it is not the main focus of the internal conferencing tools for business. The main goal of web conferencing tools is, as the name implies, facilitate conferences over the internet. These tools usually focus more on the collaboration aspect and come bundled with features like interactive whiteboards and file sharing.

However, a live streaming solution is usually more cost-effective and focuses more on the quality of the video with a few engagement features. Using a web conferencing tool for a live video streaming application such as streaming a live event can end up being disastrous.

While web conferencing is suitable for internal corporate communications, it is not really ideal when it comes to external corporate communications such as streaming events and customer support, which require dedicated live streaming solutions and setups.


Live streaming video has become truly accessible in 2019, and while corporate have been using the technology for a while now, it has become mainstream now. We hope this blog helped clarify how live streaming video is used for various corporate communication needs! Keep following this blog for more updates in the world of live streaming video and more!

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