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How To Drive Town Hall Live Streams With Technology And Turn Them More Engaging And Effective?

Live streaming of events is a regular affair now with the exponential growth of consumer offerings like YouTube Live and Facebook Live. It is natural for internal teams to have burning desire to use this technology to make town-hall events more engaging and accessible. However, internal live streaming is slightly more complex than just clicking the “Go Live” tab on Facebook. There are a few considerations and ideas that you need to team up for driving up the scale of entertainment, reach, and success of your live session. We have sketched up some of those amazing points for you to drive town hall live streams more engaging:

Network Optimization

Live Streaming and Webcasting

The first thing that you need to work on is network optimization. There are so many people who try to go for high-bandwidth videos simultaneously which ends up putting huge strain over the corporate server. Even if it doesn’t brings the network down it will definitely affect the quality of streaming. So make sure you have a complete idea about CDN servers as well as the login mechanism because without that you will literally be lost. It is OK to go with lower bandwidth as it will only help in making things better.

WAN optimization is an important thing that can be addressed with several solutions like multicasting, hybrid deployments, transparent caching, as well as peer-to-peer technology. According to most webcast service provider in Mumbai and Delhi, the first two solutions serve them best especially when they need to extend their reach.

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Viewer Experience

Live Streaming

Next, work on level of interaction. Since you have optimized your network, now you need to start improvising viewer experience for town hall live streams. A number of add-ons like sign-ups, polling, call to action, real-time commenting, Audience Response System (ARS), pre-question buzz are good points to begin with.

On Demand Viewing

Live Streaming

On-demand viewing is another aspect that needs to be explored. In larger firms, it is rarely possible to schedule a town hall meeting since all members are rarely available altogether. The on demand viewing gets important on such points. In case you have teams that work on Salesforce, you can always add up this feature to their home screen. If a considerable part of your team is out in field make sure you add the car mode in the event. The basic intent should be to make this content as best available and accessible to all as possible. A webinar service provider from Gurgaon adds that usually the duration of town hall meeting is usually pretty long which means people watching it remotely may miss a part of this meeting. On-demand viewing is the only viable option under such scenario.

Secure Streaming

Secure Live Streaming

Last but not the least, you need to work on security part too. It is one of the most important consideration that needs your attention. Give due attention to the layers that need protection, if it is the player or the page or the stream or all. The granularity of your security will depend on that. You can always go for SSO on internal level that would only allow authorized people to edit the settings and better control on viewership.

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