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Web Conferencing: Definition, Feature, Advantage

Everything around us is going virtually. In today’s world the need for physical meetings and in-person is quite less and all for the good sake. The introduction of web conferencing services and technology made it possible to rely on virtual meetings. As this offers interaction similar to in-person meetings.

In big corporate houses and the world’s institutions, there is always a great need and emphasis on improving communication and online conferencing tools. And with the web conferencing platforms in obvious ways, it is quite improved a lot and getting better with each day passing. The event tech companies and communication services provider with technology advancements and proper R&D is taking charge to make virtual communication a seamless mode.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss web conferencing and how it is helpful to integrate into the corporate world. Furthermore, what are the benefits that one can leverage with such services and platforms one by one? So, let’s start with the basics first and keep reading till the end to understand each and every aspect of web conferencing services including features and advantages.

What is the definition of web conferencing?

Web conferencing is a type of online meeting in which two or more two participants get involved via audio and video in real-time from anywhere in the world.

In general, it is an online form of service (over the web) that works on communication protocols that are TCP/IP (which stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

definition of web conferencing

That’s how we can define it in definition, but you don’t have to understand it by definition. As we are going to define it descriptively. Web conferencing is one of the parts of advanced technology which emphasizes improving the overall communication channels of businesses and institutions.

Must To Know Things About Web Conferencing

We all recognise how crucial it is for businesses and organizations to interact with one another in a way that prevents miscommunication. It provides a customized end-to-end way of communication, much as face-to-face meetings do. However, the fundamental question that motivates the development of such technology is this: how trustworthy is it for everyday face-to-face meetings with clients or people all over the world? That’s not how things can be, can it? Traveling to different cities, and countries for meet-ups is quite an expensive thing.

However after the revolutionary development of technology we all have seen how the working models have evolved from hybrid to know remote working modes. So, using such web conferencing tools is quite preferable. Web conferencing is a border term simply to conduct meetings online or sessions in an interactive way. Not just that but you can be able to host a webinar or online events and that too on a large scale.

Furthermore, web conferencing can be defined as the simple act of exchanging thoughts, information, or ideas through your computer (using the internet) via an application directly over the web in real time. Web conferencing is a more general term that covers a wide range of interactive session options. You may, for instance, host or conduct a variety of sessions, such as large webinars, live seminars, or presentations either live or recorded. Web conferencing becomes a one-stop platform for collaborative meetings, sessions, and all other activities involving the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information. Additionally, it includes integrated text, audio, and video communication too. Next, let’s unleash the use of such advanced communication models as web conferencing.

The Best Use of Web Conferencing platforms

The uses of web conferencing platforms are widely known and to make sure you don’t miss any here is an elaborative attempt at it. Have a look at which of the benefits is needed to require for your institution;

Best Use of Web Conferencing platforms

Team Meetings

To discuss the projects and new strategies team meetings are important for any institution around the world. But we are not talking about just holding meetings over your phone call, just opening up the camera and connecting with each other. As this is not a matter of connecting only. However, how efficiently you connect with each other in the team makes sense. As there are many cases where you need to repeat on point lots of time which I really believe is an unproductive way of meetings.

Web conferencing offers a 360-degree camera setup in the conference room and with advanced microphones to capture all the audio and video.


Webinars are the top trending yet effective way to make your sales deal while giving training sessions or having a group discussion over a topic. But how good is it to leverage different services when you can host seamless webinars over the web and anyone can connect via just a link? With high-quality audio-video output, you will be able to express your thoughts and participants can even contribute their thoughts via chats and screen sharing.

Online Collaboration

Here you can not just exchange your thoughts in real-time but with collaboration, you can do modifications to any files and other things. As this offers remote access to teams for efficient working on the projects.

Product Demos

Businesses are meant to help people with their products and services and what if you can make product demos? It is always an urgent need for the business to rely on a platform where the executives can teach about their products within the teams to clients remotely. This can be the best approach as now you don’t need to spend lots of money traveling to another city for product demos as it can be done right through anywhere and to anyone irrespective of their geographical location.

Job Interviews

Every company or organization conducts interviews to recruit new employees and fill open positions. How feasible is it to call a large number of applicants from several cities for a single interview? Let’s improve your strategy by incorporating web conferencing into it. You can now interview candidates via web conference and narrow down your options. There is absolutely no need to participate in any in-person interviews. It also provides you with the same level of insight as in-person interviews.

Undoubtedly, there is no such online type of meeting you can’t do virtually and using online web conferencing services. But this is not the end of the discussion as next we are going to talk about its interactive features and how effectively they can emerge your boring meetings into an immersive experience.

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Features Of Web Conferencing Platform

There are many features you can get benefited from with an online web conferencing platform. Some of the top features are as follows;

  • Voice and Video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • White Board
  • File Sharing
  • Meeting Recording
  • Chat Features (private and group both)
  • Polls and surveys
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • And Many Other Additional Features

Advantages of Web Conferencing

There are many advantages that can’t be neglected or ignored. But before mentioning them, just have one question. How powerful technology is where you can connect with your clients or team members or do other collaborations with industry people easily and in a way that may be similar to in-person meetings. Additionally, you will be able to host meetings as well as do webinars to virtual product demos and even seal the sales. Let’s look at some more advantages;

Advantages of Web Conferencing

A web conferencing solution provides many advantages over in-person virtual meetings or voice-only conferencing:

Web conferencing is quite beneficial compared to any other meaning of in-person or virtual meetings or even audio communication, how? Here are the top uses you should look for before you integrate this into your business.

Remote meetings

Of course, the very nature of web conferencing is for remote meetings, but if you are having multiple offices and teams to coordinate this is the best way. As this allows face-to-face meetings from anywhere (meaning your remote employees can join too) with just an internet connection.

Offsetting Busy Schedules

No matter if the participant or meeting audience is in the same town it is still useful to connect with just a click and get insights or updates about the projects with the bare minimum effort.

Virtual conference room

There are many features it offers including whiteboards where all the participants can suggest, write or edit the shared files in real-time while screen sharing is helpful to understand easily.

Easy mobile access

Smartphones are part of life and everyone has the ability to work over the internet. The ability to connect via just your phone is effective to make yourself always connected with your team.

Save on travel costs

When you can conduct remote meetings there is no need to travel anywhere and for accommodation. You can even join or host a meeting from the comfort of your bedroom (well, that’s just an example, we are not recommending it).

Disadvantages of Web Conferencing

There is nothing that we can point out in the disadvantages besides the fact that technology has made our work easier and to meet people in just a click. The very fact that the web conferencing is taking place of in-person conferences or on-ground meetings can be one disadvantage of it. As it is reducing the physical meetings. Furthermore, there are some technical points that includes;

Initial Setup of Web Conferencing Can Be Costly

If you have the vision to set long-term goals and in offering a reliable communication model to your team then it is worth it. The initial setup for everything cost you a lot, the same as when you started your business initially. For a web conferencing set-up in the initial stage, businesses need to ensure the infrastructure required while giving all the necessary equipment to the teams also.

Equipment like webcams, monitors, headsets and others are the primary things you should need to invest in. Additionally, you might need to buy software to rely on web conferencing service providers.

Risk of Social Isolation

As we are discussing above it reduces the physical meetings needed and leads to social isolation. As the business has adopted the hybrid and remote working models, making it is tough for remote employees with a lack of real-world contact. So, for this, you need to take all the precautionary measures.

However, web conferencing technology does not make someone isolated from the social world. Moreover to bring everyone close, requires regular monitoring by human resources. So, the solution can be to host some non-working activities and events.

Technical Issues Can Drive Disturbances

Technical issues, poor internet connectivity or something that might be unpredictable can be caused. Technical issues, errors, and glitches can appear in the technology and for that investing in top-notch equipment are necessary. As poor hardware and software can bring lots of disruptions that lead to unproductiveness. Additionally, you also need to give some training to the employees who are using such solutions to those working remotely to maintain the regular connection. Most technical issues come due to poor internet connectivity, audio equipment and sometimes software glitch due to the compatibility of hardware. But all this can be reduced to negligible just need to leverage services from a good web conferencing solution provider.

Lastly, there is always a confusion between web conferencing and video conferencing. As both the things are similar in nature but have some minute differences.

Online Web Conferencing Best Practices 

To host the best web conferencing that offers your users an enhanced experience you should consider following these best practices:

1. Plan & Practice

One of the best practices of online web conferencing is planning for every aspect of the conference. For that, you can use web conferencing platforms. Planning everything will ensure that everything is in place. You should plan your event agenda, content, engagement activities, etc. 

But planning is not just enough; you will also have to practice for your conference in advance. So that you get familiar with the platform that you are using for conferencing. 

2. Use High-Quality Audio & Video 

For any online web conferencing, the quality of audio and video plays a crucial role. The quality of the audio can make or break it. So make sure you are using online conferencing tools or devices that can help your audience see and experience high-quality video. Invest in the best quality audio and video devices. If it is possible for you to invest in top-notch web conferencing services for the best possible audio and video.

3. Record The Conference

Recording is another best practice for online web conferencing. With the recording, you will be able to provide your audience with on-demand web conferencing. Invest in the best web conferencing platforms that allow you to record your conference. 

With on-demand web conferencing, you will be able to reach more audiences, and not just that it will be evergreen content that you can always use for future reference. 

4. Stay on Point

Staying relevant and on point during your online web conferencing is necessary. If you go off track with your web conference your audience might feel disconnected. You won’t be able to keep your audience hooked if you don’t provide them with relevant information. So make sure the information that you are sharing is valuable and on-point. 

5. Encourage Communication

When we are talking about best practices for web conferencing we can’t miss communication. Communication is a vital element for the success of any web conference. You need to adapt two-way communication for your web conference. Try to engage your audience, and communicate with them as much as you can. Use different tools and activities. For instance, you can take audience questions, host a live polling session, etc.

6. Use Online Conferencing Platforms & Services

If you search online you find a lot of web conferencing services and platforms. From free web conferencing tools, platforms to paid there are many options to choose from. If you are on a tight budget you can opt for free web conferencing platforms and services but if you want to host the best web conferencing you should look for the top quality web conference service providers. 

If you are not sure which platform you should opt for web conferencing. You can give Dreamcast a try. We are a leading platform that offers web conferencing services to all industries, you can host interactive and engaging conferences with features like live chat, 24*7 customer support, customization, polls & surveys, etc. 

7. Don’t Skip Follow Up

Following up after the conference is also considered the best practice for web conferencing. If you don’t follow up with your participants how will you know about their experience? If you don’t follow up with your participants you will miss the chance of improving your participant’s experience for an upcoming conference. So make sure you ask for feedback.

Web Conferencing vs Video Conferencing

Web conferencing is widely used for webinar, presentations and for large-scale use (where there are more people who can be involved). Whereas video conferencing is best for two-way meetings (not for large-scale) and those two in real-time.

However online web conferencing can pre-record for later access too. But video conferencing is live and in real-time, no pre-recorded session can be played.

Summing Up

Web conferencing is definitely the best and effective thing to incorporate with and integrate in the working models. It is quite the best for all the remote and hybrid employees to stay connected with their teams while for the sales team it is good to interact with clients and to use it for product demos and sales. For the human resource to recruit new talent with an ease, it is suitable. So, after knowing all these for what you’re waiting? Book your free demo with Dreamcast, and know how it can be beneficial for your business or institution too. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Web conferencing?

High Quality video and audio, screen sharing and recording, engagement features like live chat polls, conference notes etc are some of the key features of web conferencing.

Can I host web conferencing for free?

Yes it is possible to host a free web conferencing by using free web conferencing services and platforms. But these platforms only offer limited features and you might need to switch to paid web conferencing platforms that can offer you top notch features.

What are the main web conferencing advantages and disadvantages?

One of the main advantages of web conferencing is that it is economical and time-saving. And the main disadvantage is that it lacks face-to-face human contact.

What are some web conferencing examples?

Some of the popular web conferencing examples are Google meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Dreamcast, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.

What are the different forms of web conferencing?

Webcast, online presentations, webinars, online collaborations, and web meetings.

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