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In-person Event Ideas & Examples for 2024

In-person events are the most preferred form of the event that can help you to involve and interact with your audience in real-time. Online event encounters lack the level of engagement and pleasure compared to in-person events You cannot, then, avoid in-person event benefits. How do you host a physical event or in-person event? In this session, you will find the best tips that will help you to host successful in-person events.

Best in-person Event Ideas

Are you going to host an in-person event? If your answer is yes, check out the following in-person event ideas. You may use it to efficiently arrange a physical event.

Follow Health and Safety Protocols

For physical gatherings, there would need to be a number of health and safety guidelines put in place, such as contact tracking, hand sanitizers, and strict social distance rules. You may also use in-person event solutions for touch-free check-ins and transactions.

Use in-person Event Platform

in-person event platform

Even if your event is solely physical, with no virtual or hybrid components, you must employ an in-person event platform to control crowds and minimize interaction between attendees, staff, and security. Using in-person event solutions can help you cut down on lines and waiting times at events.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

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Across All Event Formats


Maintain High Hygiene Standards

Maintain high hygiene standards

If you intend to host in-person event, you must maintain high standards of cleanliness. Consider the following hygiene recommendation:

  • Hygiene and safe handling of giveaway products
  • Use hand sanitizing stations
  • Use contactless payments, registrations, and check-ins
  • Establish regular cleaning and disinfection regimes

Sensorial Experience

For example, you may prepare a delectable dessert, incorporate smells into the environment for smell, serve meals, play gentle music during dinner, or use floral or light venue decorations for sight to engage your guests’ senses and create lasting memories. You may charm your audience and ensure that they will remember your event by fusing all these sensory sensations. But you won’t be able to replicate that using digital technology.


Virtual and in-person events are both enticing because of the element of surprise; the factor of not knowing what to anticipate may be fascinating and inspirational. People enjoy being surprised, whether it is with a reward or an unanticipated present.

Offer Networking Opportunities

Offer networking opportunities

Any event’s experience revolves around networking. Attendees who network and mingle will have a better opportunity of meeting new people, finding customers or business partners, and developing relationships with others who have similar interests and pastimes to their own. Nothing beats the sense of being at a gathering where you may meet new people and be in the company of others who share your interests and pastimes. Giving attendees an opportunity to network is one of the best in-person event ideas.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


Examples of in-person Events


A conference is a gathering of people who get together to discuss a certain subject or share information. Conferences might last a single day or many days, depending on their size and scope. Common conference types include:

  • Trade conferences
  • Business conferences
  • Academic conferences, etc.

Every great conference aims to bring together a group of individuals with related interests and equip them with the knowledge they can put to use in those areas. Conferences occasionally feature a large number of sessions that are spread out across numerous days, weekends, or even whole weeks.


It is one of the best in-person event examples. A seminar is a meeting of people with the intent of discussing a certain subject. These events are frequently participatory sessions where the participants have conversations regarding the predetermined subject. Typically, one or two speakers take charge of the sessions and direct the conversation in the intended direction. In simple words, a seminar is planned with a specific target audience in mind with the intention of disseminating highly pertinent information.

An online event platform may be used to host this sort of event online, at the business headquarters, or even in a public space. It’s customary for one or a few speakers to address the audience, therefore the first thing on your seminar preparation to-do list should be researching speakers and reaching out to potential sponsors.

Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos aim to expertly showcase new products and services from a variety of pertinent companies. The booths at these events often share a common theme. These events are often always in person because of the nature of interactive activities and trade show booths. Trade shows and expos are especially beneficial for potential clients who are interested in learning more about your product or who want to see it in person. This event structure is advantageous for companies looking to interact with their customer base more directly. Most event organizers utilize this in-person event to support lead generation, increase brand awareness, and make money from ticket sales.



The workshop is another in-person event example. The importance of workshops and training sessions should also be taken into account because they can improve customer and employee relations. These corporate events provide the equivalent of a collaborative classroom where the focus is squarely on learning, whether you want to gather workers to brainstorm ideas or assist your target audience in better understanding your product.

A workshop is often a gathering when a number of people who have interests, credentials, or employment in a certain field actively engage in in-depth discussion and research on a particular subject or project. The event’s main objective is to increase each participant’s understanding of subjects related to group work. A workshop is a form of activity where several subject-matter specialists meet with a group of people from the same background or profession to engage in interactive activities to examine certain concerns.

Final Words:

Considering the unusual conditions, we rely extensively on organizing and going to online events as a means of education and social interaction. However, several crucial components of face-to-face communication, such as body language and facial emotions, are absent from these online interactions. Due to the fact that in-person provides both parties the chance to be there, connect with one another physically, and express their opinions without worrying about criticism or misinterpretation, many people believe that offline events are more significant than virtual ones.

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In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats

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