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Types of Video Conferencing and Its Application in Various Industries

The importance of video conferencing has grown in every walk of life to the extent that we usually use one or the other type of video conferencing in our daily life without even perceiving it. In the beginning, when conferencing was introduced, people used to arrange meetings over a single phone call to cut down travelling cost. Such meetings lack the essence of personal meetings. Video conferencing has replaced conventional teleconferencing as it brings more convenience to the interaction. The market is flooded with many 2-way video conferencing solutions for you to choose the best from. 

We have categorized and listed below major solutions provided by most 2-way video conferencing service providers.

Personal Video Conferencing

On a personal level, we all video conference with our friends or family who are far away from us some time or the other. Many live streaming platforms like Skype, Google Duo, WhatsApp, etc. provide the facility of personal video conferencing. In the corporate world, live stream conference can be a solution for one-on-one interviews to find a deserving candidate without having to spend on logistics. Live conferencing helps the managers sitting at different locations to make important decisions in real-time. 

Personal Video Conferencing

1. Video Conferencing for Small Room or Huddle Meetings

Most organizations have their offices at different locations and need to collaborate with their teams on a regular basis. Travelling to and fro is not practical in such a scenario. 2-way live video conferencing has been proven to be a huge factor behind the successful establishment of offices at multiple locations. This has offered a solution to the problems of collaboration, discussions on day-to-day tasks, and brainstorming sessions. Conferences with clients and counterparts can also be done through live streaming in small workspaces. 

2. Video Conferencing for Mid-Sized Meetings

2-way live webcasting makes it easier for people to conduct meetings online and connect with other people even offshore. It also allows teams to give presentations while sitting at remote locations. In mid-sized meetings, where a group of people need to collaborate with team members from an office situated at a different location and come to a conclusion or decision in real-time, a live stream conference comes in handy. Generally, a 2-way video conferencing company provides a set-up for these mid-sized meetings in a way that no manual intervention is required once the set-up is installed. 

3. Video Conferencing for Large Room or Boardroom Meeting

Many big organizations and companies have their offices across the globe. Especially at times of announcements and monthly meetings where all members of the company need to be gathered, are done through 2-way live webcasting. It is next to impossible for an organization to have all the people of the company, from locations all around the world, gathered physically, that too monthly. Many 2-way video conferencing vendors provide streaming solutions for town hall meetings which help all the people of a company gather and connect together through video conferences. 

4. Immersive Video Conferencing

It’s more convenient to be able to see someone as if they are present physically in the meeting room rather than seeing their faces in tiny projections. Immersive video conferencing provides a facility for the people who prefer to have in-person essence in meetings. It also works well in laboratories where science projects need to be demonstrated. Almost every 2-way video conferencing company provides services related to immersive video conferencing. 

Application of Video Conferencing in Various Industries

As much as the necessity of online presence is growing, video conferencing is emerging as a solution for the need of live webcasting. It is also very important to know the best live video streaming platform before you dive into the world of 2-way video conferencing. We will discuss here the importance of 2-way video conferencing solutions in different industries. 

1. Global Businesses and Small Entrepreneurships

Town hall meetings streaming solutions have proven to be the best tools for businesses all over the world. Whether it is a company that marks its presence all around the globe or a small startup, 2-way video conferencing vendors have everything you need to help you save time and money spent on travelling. It eases the task of business meetings with clients and customers. Live stream conferences have made the idea of expanding global presence a reality. 

2. Healthcare Sector

The availability of best live video streaming platforms revolutionized the healthcare industry on a different level. Accessibility of doctors in most remote areas became a reality through 2-way live streaming where an expert can inspect a patient and guide family members to some medicine and treatments before he/she can reach that remote area. 2-way video conferencing service providers are targeting remote areas and setting up a video conferencing is as easy as handling a television with remote. 

healthcare industry

3. Education Sector

Conventional teaching methods where all the students and the teacher had to be present in a single room is an old tale now. Video conferencing technology created an opportunity to turn a living room or bedroom into a classroom depending upon the convenience of students and teachers. It has also broken the boundaries of a classroom and paved a way for the teachers and students from all around the world to connect in real-time. 2-way live webcasting helps students to learn from different knowledge pools and find solutions to their problems at hand. 

4. Judiciary, Law and Enforcement

Video conferencing technology helps reduce the time taken in resolving a case. It has simplified the process of communicating with a witness or brainstorming with other law professionals to come to a conclusion in a case. It also helps individuals to converse with their lawyers regarding a case. When it comes to enforce a law or appeal an existing one, Judiciaries need all the brains and ideas to make it happen and streaming solutions for town hall meetings helps bring all experts to a single room. 

5. Banking and Finance

It is absolutely difficult for any individual to judge the reliability and trustworthiness of another party without observing their behaviour and body language in person. Financing a project or lending a loan needs sincere observation because trust is a necessary factor for developing business. Video conferencing enables these banking and finance institutions to develop their presence in remote areas without needing to travel back and forth. Live stream town hall meetings are also held for addressal from top authorities.

6. Government Offices

Administration of a city or village itself is a cumbersome task. When so many of these administrative offices need to be managed from a centre, it becomes more difficult of a process. The concept of live-stream town hall meetings through the best live video streaming platform simplifies administration process in government offices. It provides a cost-efficient solution for government departments to collaborate amongst them, for staff to communicate with members on field jobs, and pass on orders and instructions. Town hall meetings streaming solutions help higher authorities to connect with their team members from different cities and remote localities. Live stream town hall meetings help officers to pass on important information to many subsidiary offices.

Today, many 2-way video conferencing solutions are available all across the globe. Video conferencing is a futuristic solution which will grow and grow more with time. It’s not very far before almost every industry in every sector will digitize and will have to incorporate 2-way video conferencing in executions of everyday agenda. 

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