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25 Innovative Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Event

Uncover the best 25 virtual event ideas to transit in your virtual event planning for your upcoming virtual event. In this blog, I am featuring examples of top most popular events like All About Music, The World of Weddings Expo, MG Hector Plus Product Launch, EEMA Digital Day Conclave and more!

While the world continues to deal with COVID-19 global pandemic, the percentage of virtual events has skyrocketed phenomenally. An upsurge in the demand for virtual events and virtual event platforms has been recorded as the world continues to overcome the challenges caused due to the pandemic. 

As per the recent survey, the majority (50.7%) of respondents responded that all live physical events will have a virtual dimension to them post-pandemic. Whereas 86% of online participants report higher engagement levels than in-person events.

In the near future, 67% of companies are planning to invest in web conferencing software.

as per the survey conducted by TrustRadius

Marketers and event planners are more than ready to invest in virtual events and incorporate incredible and innovative virtual event ideas into their strategy. 

However, advanced technological innovations by tech enthusiasts and the number of increasing virtual event platforms have made it possible. Virtual platforms enable organisations and exhibitors to host a virtual event to achieve the desired outcome. Whether you are planning to host hybrid events or a virtual event or all set to kick-off an internal corporate event, virtual hybrid event solutions offer enormous benefits. There are ample virtual and hybrid event ideas to upscale virtual event experiences for attendees.  

In this article, I have accumulated the top 25 virtual event ideas to incorporate in your next virtual event. Different ideas can fit different industries opening new realms of endless opportunities to grow and evolve. Without wasting any further time let’s have a look at a rundown of innovative hybrid and virtual event ideas:

Best 25 Virtual Event Ideas

Whether you are planning to host hybrid events or want to go completely virtual I have got you covered! In this blog post, I have enumerated the top 25 amazing hybrid and virtual event ideas that can be implemented in your event across various industries suiting the requirements. The list of 25 virtual event ideas shared here includes inspiration from the famous virtual concerts, conclaves, expos and more. 

Have a look at some of the unique virtual event ideas:

Entertainment Virtual Event Ideas

1. Virtual Music Concerts

When everyone was at a standstill with the outbreak of a global pandemic, various music artists were streaming music performances from home. Music is something that soothes the soul and keeps the audience engaged. Various artists from Justin Biber to Morgan Wallen and many others have delivered virtual musical performances and virtual concerts during challenging times. Hosting virtual concerts is one of the brilliant virtual event ideas to deliver memorable and engaging experiences to attendees. While planning a virtual music concert it becomes necessary to deliver an immersive experience and not just stream a pre-recorded video.

A virtual music concert, All About Music 2020 hosted on our platform, has a  spectacular lineup of national as well as international speakers. India’s Biggest Virtual Music Festival had a versatile line-up of 180+ speakers that include the most famous personalities of the music industry such as AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Prasoon Joshi and so many more.

It has been one of the biggest virtual event examples that achieved incredible response from attendees with all the applause and appreciation.

2. Comedy Performances

Virtual comedy performances are the most fun way to give a dose of entertainment to your attendees and keep them engaged. Deliver virtual comedic experiences to your audience by streaming the jokes and comedy gigs by renowned comedians online. Host wackiest comedy shows or performances online for a great dose of laughter. Allow your attendees to join in Live and give prompt responses on humor in the forms of claps, hearts, or emoticons. It helps in delivering fun experiences to attendees thus allowing them to remember special moments from the virtual event.

During the times of pandemic when people have been locked inside their homes for infinite days, a group of talented comedians was streaming their comedic performances that give the  audience a chance to experience a daily dose of laughter right from their cozy homes.

3. Instill Art and Creativity

Adding a layer of creativity to your online sessions helps in keeping attendees engaged and reminisce experiences they never had before. Instilling art and creativity in your virtual or hybrid events is the most engaging, innovative, and creative virtual event idea that evokes the interest of attendees.

Michael Breach, aka BaristArt, is renowned as the original Latte Artist who creates beautiful portraiture and images in latte coffee! He displayed his art by creating portraits of attendees during his sessions. 

4. Virtual Magic Show

A virtual magic show is an innovative and engaging virtual event idea to boost the interest of attendees and keep them entertained throughout. It can create a sense of wonder in the entire event leaving attendees feeling curious about what up next.

Recently, Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater hosted a virtual magic show to benefit the historic Newtown Theatre. The magic show featured renowned magicians starting from Danny Archer, Mark Zacharia, and more. 

5. Memorable Virtual Party or Festival

Hosting a memorable virtual party or festival is a crowd-pleasing virtual event idea that is sure to keep your attendees engaged with your event. Organise games such as cards to play online, customise dance or any other performances to fit the event theme, organise virtual birthday parties or a karaoke like virtual Dua Lipa karaoke bash.

Immersive Virtual Meeting & Event Ideas

6. Virtual Award Shows

Hosting a virtual award show is the most fun way to engage attendees effortlessly and make them feel valued. Virtual award celebrations can be personalised as per the company’s branding. Leave no stone unturned and leverage virtual event technologies for organising your award ceremony virtually.

A successful virtual event production of 2020, Daytime Emmys awards was held in June. It has been called out for a blueprint of virtual award shows. The virtual award ceremony attracted more than 3 million visitors and was broadcasted on CBS as well simultaneously.

7. Organise Multi-Day Virtual Conclave

Organising a virtual conclave or congress event helps attendees around the world to have an insight into the discussions held by expert speakers. It is one of the engaging virtual event ideas that hold the attention of attendees for an extended time span. 

Our virtual event platform was associated with EEMA for India’s Biggest Digital Conclave where discussions around the future of events have taken place. Roshan Abbas, president of EEMA gave a brief overview of how virtual has become a new normal. Whereas the event holds an extensive portfolio of panelists including renowned names from the industry. 

8. Fundraiser Virtual Event

Ever thought about organising a fundraiser event? Host a virtual event to raise funds for artists or for a social cause. The innovative virtual event idea not only helps in attracting attendees but keeps them hooked throughout the event. 

We recently launched a virtual fundraiser event on our virtual event platform that features a stellar lineup of artists across all genres with 60+ acts for one cause to raise funds for artists and art during the pandemic. The event only showcased talent to attendees but was counted as India’s Largest Fundraiser Virtual Event

9. Organise a Virtual/Hybrid Launch Event

Virtual and Hybrid Product Launches have gained immense popularity over the course of time and are one sure shot way to reach a wider segment. Brands are launching new products and offerings virtually in the most innovative and creative way out. It is an effective virtual event idea to showcase your offerings to an extended audience through various digital channels. A virtual product launch gives the brand the much-desired exposure and creates a niche in its market segment. Thus resulting in attracting more attendees to participate in an event. 

MG Hector Plus Virtual launch organised on our virtual event platform received tremendous response from attendees globally. The event took place across 7 platforms simultaneously and engaged the audience effortlessly. More than 7000+ attendees witnessed the event live however resulting in making the event hit the success bucket list!

10. Virtual Networking Tables

Introducing virtual networking tables in your conferences or meetings is one of the most revolutionizing virtual event ideas for seamless interactions. It emulates how networking takes place during the physical event. Attendees can move freely in a networking lounge from one table to another and have life-like discussions via audio/video chats and calls. 

11. Virtual Expo & Exhibition

The upheaval of events has taken place in our day to day life in the whole of 2020. Various virtual exhibitions and expos are being organised across the globe. Innovative ideas for hosting virtual exhibitions have been high in demand and extremely popular. An increase in the percentage of creative virtual expos has been recorded. Virtual art galleries, trade fairs, wedding expos, etc. are some of the most creative and innovative virtual event ideas.

The wedding industry is no more an exception. Organising a virtual wedding expo is an innovative virtual event idea. It allows brides and grooms to have interactions with the right wedding partners virtually from the comfort of their own homes. Now plan out your big fat day to reminisce forever at your convenience.   

Recently, our virtual event platform, Dreamcast partnered with The world of weddings: India’s first virtual wedding fair. The experiential expo fair was organised for 3 days and received an overwhelming response from attendees. The event has bought the finest players of the wedding industry to network seamlessly with potential customers. The virtual wedding expo was an all-in-one access passage for industry professionals to showcase their best-in-class wedding services.

Attendee Engagement & Gamification Ideas

12. LeaderBoard Challenge

A leaderboard challenge is an effective virtual event idea that helps in keeping attendees engaged throughout the event. Additionally, it motivates attendees to navigate through every corner of the event. It enables attendees to earn points by visiting various areas at an event and by attending various keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and more. A virtual event platform that offers the functionality of organising a leaderboard challenge is sure to boost engagements at your virtual event.

13. Virtual Award Badges

Awarding attendees with badges after completing a task or after watching online sessions is an innovative virtual event idea. It helps in motivating attendees to navigate all areas of the event. Recognise attendees who have a maximum number of badges at the end of the event. It helps in encouraging attendees to explore full sessions thus keeping them engaged throughout. 

14. Virtual Photo Booths

Photo Booths are always an essential part of any event. Photo booths have evolved perfectly to fit virtual venues. Incorporating Virtual photo booths in virtual events is one of the most creative virtual event ideas. It helps in boosting the engagement of attendees by evoking an element of fun and upscale branding experiences. Virtual photo booths facilitate attendees to get clicked with the most promising and engaging AR and VR visuals. Take a step ahead with this virtual event idea, and turn attendees’ pictures into a social mosaic wall to make them feel valued and part of the brand family. 

15. Digital Certificate

This is a brilliant virtual event idea to recognise virtual attendees who have been part of the virtual event journey. A virtual event platform that enables attendees to download a certificate of participating in the virtual event encourages attendees to fully watch the event till the end. It works as a great souvenir for the participants.

16. Gaming Virtual Sessions

Add an element of fun by incorporating gaming sessions into your virtual events. It helps in boosting fun and excitement while keeping attendees entertained and engaged throughout the event. A comprehensive virtual event platform enables you to integrate your own games or games created by 3rd parties on the platform. Additionally, you can even opt for games offered by the platform to upscale engagement levels and deliver immersive experiences. 

Our platform offers a library of 20+ games like spin the wheel, crossword, Dart game, Tik-Tak-Toe, and more that are ready to deploy in virtual events suiting event requirements. 

17. On-Demand Session

Offering on-demand virtual sessions to attendees who missed attending a live event is sure to maximise your event reach. This is a brilliant virtual event idea that helps in enhancing the time frame of your live virtual event once it gets over.

18. DIY Live Streaming

Offer DIY Live Streaming to hold business meetings, have live discussions, and more. It can be utilised in the auditorium, breakout sessions, or even during webcasts. This virtual event idea allows you to take command of your own live content and engage attendees effortlessly.

UI & Graphic Design Virtual Event Ideas

19. Branded Virtual Backdrops

Virtual backdrops and background suiting the brand image is a brilliant way to enhance brand visibility and reach. It helps in creating a cohesive look and feel to the event. Ask your attendees to use the same branded backgrounds for a branded experience.

Take a quick look at Dreamcast 2.0 Features to offer virtual attendees a breathtaking immersive virtual experience same as physical events.

20. Dynamic Lobby with Animated Banners & Lighting

Having a boring static lobby area is out of fashion. To enhance the ambiance of your event lobby area curate a dynamic lobby with animated banners, lighting, the music of your choice, and more to capture the attention of your audience instantly. 

21. Create 3D Custom Virtual Environment

Create a 3d virtual environment suiting the brand image to deliver immersive event experiences to attendees. This virtual event idea helps in upscaling event experiences and is a good fit for brand activations.

22. Custom Avatars

Having custom avatars during virtual events makes attendees feel engaged and submerged in a virtual environment. It is one of the most creative virtual event ideas that enables attendees to interact and engage with other attendees via seeing avatars on the screen. Allow attendees to select their own avatars by selecting outfits, hairstyles, and more to deliver immersive event experiences.

Take a look at how Dreamcast created real-life experience with Virtual Avatars in World’s Biggest Literature Festival – JLF 2021.

Sponsorship Virtual Event Ideas

23. Dynamic Sponsored Banners

Introducing dynamic sponsored banners is a brilliant virtual event idea to accommodate more partner and sponsor logos as a sell-able feature. It adds more value to the event. 

24. Host Sponsored Sessions

Hosting sponsored sessions is a brilliant way to boost engagements at virtual events. It is a sure shot brilliant virtual event idea that enables sponsors to enhance reach and attract more attendees. While creating your online sessions collaborating with sponsors is one of the smartest moves.

25. Offer Giveaways or Virtual Goodies

Giving virtual goodies is a great virtual event idea to enhance attendee participation and engagements. Offer an opportunity to attendees to win amazing gift hampers or virtual goodies from sponsors. Announce the winners at the end of sessions to keep them engaged throughout. 

BMet has organised a virtual open event on 8th-11th February 2021 and offered a chance to enter the race to win an iPad by pre-registering. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Virtual events and hybrid events are the future of the event industry and will remain prevalent in 2021 and beyond.
  • Integrating innovative ideas while hosting a virtual event helps in enhancing attendance and boosts engagements.
  • To host a successful virtual or hybrid event, leveraging the right technology partner is essential. Here is an infographic depicting all about virtual events.
  • Well planned virtual events closely mirrors the in-person events by utilising the right virtual event features and tools. Take a look at Dreamcast 2.0 Features.
  • Create immersively memorable personalised experiences for attendees by integrating games, fun activities, and more.
  • Make your online sessions available on-demand once the event gets over to maximise reach.
  • Build partnerships for making your virtual events successful. Consult virtual event production teams to enhance your virtual event experiences.
  • Check out for other industry virtual events to get effective virtual event ideas to engage your attendees like never before.
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