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DIY Live Streaming – The Future of Events

The evolution of the digital era has emerged faster than anyone could ever have thought. Digital performances, speeches, events, and more have become a part of our daily lifestyle. The unforeseen times have made us realize the importance of digital innovations by tech-enthusiasts. The global pandemic has pushed organisations around the world to cancel all the upcoming physical events in the coming year and beyond. The uncertainty of the situation resulted in the mass cancellation of events, concerts, and festivals. However, digital innovations by tech experts offered the best alternative to replicate live physical events into virtual ones.

Organisers worldwide have leveraged virtual events and DIY live streaming. They have kept their best foot forward to inculcate the excitement of physical events into a virtual world. It offers endless possibilities for organisers to generate more revenue while amplifying engagement levels.

Digital events have become immensely popular with time. An upsurge in the percentage of ongoing virtual events and DIY streaming has been recorded the most in the year 2020 in the last 10 years. Today, hosting events digitally has become an essential practice, and the need for an hour to grow exponentially. The popularity of DIY live streaming evolved rapidly. For some DIY live streaming seems to be a futuristic idea, but it has been in existence for a long time. It has been well quoted long ago “DIY live streams seem to be the latest frontier for brands to interact with fans”. The music industry has been leveraging DIY streaming to win the hearts of the fans and expand their reach for a long time. In reference to DIY live streaming, long ago Ryan Montbleau stated: “Everything is so direct now, the more ways you can interact with fans the better.”

Amidst the pandemic, several artists and musical institutions have taken the show online to share some musical joy during these trying times. The list is ever-growing with time. Right from Justin Biber to Morgan Wallen, Pin Martini, and many more famous artists opted for DIY live streaming. During the challenging times of pandemics, virtual concerts and performances from the comfort of home have become a new trendsetter.

DIY streaming is not only restricted to the music world but large and small-scale organisations can even utilise the power of DIY streaming. As time has evolved, hosting virtual events and DIY live streaming has become a part of the new normal. DIY Live streaming in virtual events, webinars, breakout sessions, and more have become an integral part of all industries. It offers various opportunities to marketers and organisers to maximise their ROI on live streams. DIY streaming offers endless possibilities to take your online sessions to the next level thereby receiving incredible responses from attendees.

What is DIY Live Streaming?

virtual events and DIY streaming

Asthe name suggests “Do It Yourself”, DIY streaming enables organisers to live stream or webcast easily all by themselves. With DIY live streaming, you do not need any support from the backend team or an external 3rd party platform. Nowadays, even Congress has a Livestream channel these days on YouTube. The possibilities are becoming endless.

Dreamcast – DIY Live Streaming Solutions

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers the functionality of DIY streaming to hold business meetings, have live discussions, and more. It can be utilised in the auditorium, breakout sessions, or even during webcasts.

DIY live streaming facilitates organisers to invite speakers to be part of ongoing streaming. The host can invite a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 15 speakers in a private backstage. When everyone is on board, the host can push the Go LIVE button. Once you GO LIVE, attendees in the auditorium can access the DIY live stream as participants. DIY Streaming allows attendees to raise their hands and ask their questions or queries to speakers in real-time via audio/video live chat functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do DIY live streaming in virtual events?

Yes, you can do DIY live streaming in your virtual events.

What DIY live streaming stands for?

DIY live streaming stands for Do It Yourself live streaming without any support from the backend team or external third party.

What engagement features can I use in my DIY Live streaming?

You can integrate emoticons right from like and heart to hoot and clap in your DIY live streaming for attendee engagement.

Does DIY live streaming enable real-time communications?

Yes, DIY live streaming enables real-time communication between speakers and attendees. Attendees can simply raise their hand and request being a panelist to have conversations with speakers in real-time.

Is Dreamcast a safe and secure platform for DIY Live streaming?

Yes, our platform is safe and secure for DIY live streaming. We take definitive measures to ensure data privacy and security. To know more read: Data privacy and security at virtual hybrid events.

Deliver unforgettable virtual sessions at scale effortlessly without a third party or any involvement with Dreamcast. Now delivering your own live content is in your hands! Looking forward to DIY streaming solutions? Level up your DIY Live Streaming experience with Dreamcast.

If you are looking for DIY Live Streaming Solutions, Dreamcast offers endless possibilities. Enquire now!


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