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8 Innovative Ideas for Hosting Virtual Festivals (Christmas, New Year etc)

A time for celebration, cheer and joy is around the corner. The much-awaited Christmas and New Year’s Eve brings joy, excitement, and happiness in people’s life. The need for a get-together is much needed after months of self-isolation. We have been following the social distancing protocols to prevent health risks. Even though we still need to follow social distancing for some time and avoid large gatherings even after the pandemic vanishes. But, there is still a way to keep the spirit of a festive season high. It’s time to add more innovation and creativity and host virtual holiday events.

The festive season offers the opportunity to host virtual Christmas parties and virtual new year parties. The virtual events for new year’s eve and Christmas are much more informal, creative, and fun than B2B virtual events.

This year bought a challenge for event planners and marketers to sail through the challenging times during the festive season. Marketers are working towards creative and innovative ideas to bring the same enthusiasm and excitement to Christmas and new year’s virtual events.

As we all know attending a virtual event is not as stimulating as a live physical event. Attendees focus on the screen for long hours while attending a virtual event and are not surrounded by other attendees. Attending virtual events may sometimes be draining and tiring. As there are no in-person touch and chances of distractions are high as attendees tune in from the comfort of their own space. To keep the attendees entertained during virtual holiday events, marketers need to go the extra mile and get creative.

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In this post, we have listed some fun ideas for virtual holiday events to get you started!

#1. Create an exciting & fun look for virtual holiday events.

Marketers and planners are working towards creating unique and enjoyable ideas for virtual events for Christmas and New Years. To boost excitement to your event, firstly get creative with the design and set up of an event. Add life to your virtual new year party or Christmas party by opting for advanced cool designs. You can create a theme for your virtual events for Christmas and new year and adjust colors, feeds, graphics, pages, etc. accordingly. Add a pinch of humor and recreate an entire look for your virtual holiday events. You can even plan out to have different themes and designs for various virtual Christmas games and interactive sessions.

#2. Get creative with your Invitations.

Get creative with your virtual event invites. It is an exciting way to evoke the interest of attendees to be part of a virtual new year party.

Create theme-based invitations that give a glimpse of what the new year virtual events hold. Ask your attendees to introduce themselves in the most fun way to boost a flair of excitement since the beginning.

#3. Add a dose of entertainment.

You can add some fun ideas to your virtual events for Christmas and new years. Add a dose of laughter to your virtual holiday events by inviting someone who shares funny jokes. Apart from this, you can even opt to invite a witty host. Allow him/her to take hold of the virtual event and interact with attendees in the most fun way possible.

#4. Offer gifts during virtual Christmas party or new year eve.

The festive season calls for a time to give gifts to your near and dear ones and do not expect anything in return. Offer virtual gifts to your attendees at your virtual Christmas party. You can even send them gifts in advance and ask them to reveal them in front of everyone during the event. It not only boosts engagement at your event but also offers networking opportunities. To embark on an unforgettable virtual holiday event, make people feel appreciated at new year’s virtual events.

#5. Organise virtual cocktail parties.

Cocktails are the life of the party and everyone loves it whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Organise festive cocktails virtually this time for your attendees. Puzzled? Send a cocktail mixing video clips to your attendees to prepare their cocktail for a virtual party. It helps in building relationships with your potential customers or clients and getting them actively involved in an activity. Have a fun night holding your glass of cocktails in front of the screen with other attendees.

#6. Get in the festive mood, organise photo booths and utilise props.

December, the season of festivity is right here welcoming you all to have fun and excitement. Get in the festive mood and blast the speaker with top music charts. At this virtual Christmas party, dress your best as per the theme and get in the festive mood. Send a box of props to your attendees in advance so that they can wear it during the event and take excitement a level up. You can send them props such as Santa hats, boogy glasses, headsets, and so on.

With an engaging virtual event platform, you can add a segment of virtual photo booth with AR and VR features within your virtual party. It helps in adding fun to your live Christmas and New Year Eve. Virtual attendees can get clicked with the most fun props and can share it on social media instantly with friends and family.

#7. Introduce live sessions for networking.

Organise polls and Q&A sessions to ask the funniest and interesting questions to your virtual attendees. It helps in evoking an element of fun to the entire virtual Christmas or new year party. Adding a touch of humor to all the questions helps in keeping the spirit of entertainment and festivity alive. Share the funniest answers in your feeds to tap more audiences globally.

#8. Organise interesting virtual Christmas games.

Organise fun games for virtual Christmas party to engage attendees seamlessly. You can introduce a virtual secret Santa, candle making, or Christmas cooking activities in your virtual Christmas party. Additionally, introduce games like spin the wheel or organise contests on fun topics and offer giveaways to the winners to make them feel valued.  

Planning to drop out your Christmas or New year’s eve? You don’t need to do that, the solution is right here. You just need to pick the right virtual event idea for your virtual holiday events and experience the same level of fun and excitement.

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