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How to Use Social Media Wall in Virtual Events?

Amidst the chaos of the sudden shift of event formats, social media aggregators have been saving our lives and get the event going in the most exciting and engaging way. Here you will get a detailed insight into social media walls and their merits!

The pandemic has brought about a dozen changes in our day to day lifestyle. This generation of gen-tech freaks saw innumerable changes in every aspect of the surrounding. Be it the minute changes to break the monotony of life or enormous shifts in our work patterns. We all are aware that with the help of technological advancements, individuals were able to enjoy the facility of working from home. Organisations rapidly adapted to the tech-savvy innovations and shifted their main focus to virtual platforms instead of physical ones.

Virtual events allow individuals to partake in digital webinars with the help of an online platform. These online brainstorming sessions are comparatively cheaper and reduce unnecessary time consumption in activities like transportation. Moreover, a large number of people can partake in these sessions at the same time from the comfort of their homes! There is no denying the fact that organisations around the globe spectacularly moulded technological advancement as per their convenience and were able to deliver such fascinating virtual platforms. But, we cannot ignore the fact that this was not an easy task to comprehend. Amidst this chaos, there was one tool that proved to be drastically efficient in enhancing the ambience of visual events. Yes, we are talking about social media aggregators.

Social Walls for Virtual Event Engagement

This digital innovation works by extracting all our perfectly curated social media handles and carefully displaying it at a single place. In simple terms, social media aggregators allow individuals to embed their social media profiles in the form of a single feed in their virtual platforms.

If an organisation’s motive is to create more traffic for their virtual events, social media aggregators are a great tool. They help organisations in grabbing the attention of their viewers effortlessly by creating a social wall for virtual events. Aggregators usually support a number of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and so forth.

But, there is a catch to it! To utilise the utmost potential of social media walls in virtual events, one must learn to master the art of amplifying its effect. If you’re someone who wants to use social media aggregators for virtual events, you have come to just the right place. In this article, we will talk about the top tips and tricks that will help you in attracting more audience by making a stupefying social wall for virtual events with the help of aggregators. So, make sure to read this article till the end to fetch answers to all your queries.

1. Utilise Social Media Aggregators to Enhance Your Online Visibility

You must never underestimate the power of a social wall for virtual events. If you smartly plan out your promotion techniques and include all behind-the-scenes from your social channels, you will definitely see beneficial results. The speakers incorporate all the tremendous test runs that take place before a virtual event. Try to amalgamate all such interesting scenarios with the help of a social media aggregator to increase the curiosity of your viewers. Moreover, these aggregators are pretty budget oriented as compared to old and expensive promotional campaigns.

2. Boost Communication with the Help of Social Walls

If you are trying to utilise social media aggregators for your benefit, make sure to carefully amalgamate their communication features. Embedding social media walls in virtual eventsfacilitates the creation of an online community among the audience.

Social media aggregates take great endeavours in order to engage your audiences. They allow individuals to communicate during live streams, that too without disrupting anyone’s solace.

This social wall for virtual events helps in creating a sense of reliability and develops a trustable bond between the organisation and people.

3. Incorporate Holistic Ambience to Engage the Audience With Social Media Aggregators

One cannot deny the fact that social media handles are the best platforms to interact with a vast majority of audiences. Thus, social media aggregators can help you efficiently utilise your walls and keep the audience engaged in your content. For instance, you can showcase a particular question asked by an individual in your audience and answer that in your live stream session. This will allow more participants to show their interests and ask their queries.

4. Promote Your Upcoming Event With Attractive Social Media Walls

If you want to attract the targeted audience, you must get a little creative. You can utilise the social media walls in virtual events in order to promote your upcoming event. Social media aggregators create an interactive wall for people that can be used to spread awareness regarding your impending events. You can smartly upload mesmerising clips for the upcoming event and choose to stay connected with your viewers.

You can also so give valuable insights regarding your previous events as this would help in attracting a set of new potential consumers. Additionally, this tactic would boost up your sales and help you promote the tickets for your next event.

5. Engage Several Sponsors With Social Media Aggregators

There are innumerable sponsors available out there that have successfully mastered the art of gaining a significant following. Make sure to engage such exhibitors and offer them a paid space in your feed. This strategic move will allow you to sell out some posts of your social media profiles and pitch great sponsorship deals.

You can decide to showcase your social media feed along with your live streams on a virtual event. This will lure in a lot of the viewer’s attention and enhance the visibility of your sponsors as well as your impending event. Therefore, try to carefully incorporate a social wall for virtual events as it can help you in earning sufficient revenue.


As we all know, virtual events are gaining significant popularity among individuals of every age group. This digital platform allows people to join virtually and gain valuable knowledge regarding any topic of their interest. Virtual events are extremely budget-oriented and are comparatively more effective than physical events. Therefore, in the upcoming years, there is no denying the fact that virtual as well as hybrid events are going to take over the world. Virtual events attract most of their audiences with the help of social media platforms. Thus, embedding few social media walls in virtual eventscan drastically enhance the quality of your platform.

Social media aggregators act as a marvellous tool to lure in the targeted audience and enhance the online visibility of an organisation. After painstakingly running thorough research about all the ways social media aggregators can be utilised to create a social wall for virtual events, we have summarised a list of the best ways to intensify the power of these tools. In the above-mentioned article, we have scrutinised the top 5 ways to successfully amalgamate social media aggregators for your utmost benefit. We trust that this article will provide you with valuable information regarding the same.

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