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WhatsApp Automation: Best Event Management Tool

Whatsapp Automation has become the most popular and reliable tool for businesses and organizations from various industries. Specifically for the events industry, it allows the event organizers to reach a wider audience, keep the participants updated, and engage them during events. Attendees can now be constantly connected with the event support team and get answers to all their issues & queries without any hassle, thanks to the WhatsApp Business Automation & API-Based Solutions.

Let us move further and explore more about WhatsApp Automation and some of its best capabilities for event organizers & management.

What is WhatsApp Business Automation?

One of the greatest and most powerful marketing tools is WhatsApp business automation, which helps you completely automate the conversation and message flow with no human involvement. Sending notifications, warnings, mass messages, making significant announcements, and sharing offers and discounts are all examples of WhatsApp automation. Furthermore, WhatsApp business automation may be the best choice for you if you need to manage a huge number of contacts. Most firms employ WhatsApp business automation to streamline customer conversion. It allows you to respond to consumer communications even beyond business hours. How fast and efficiently your business answers customers’ queries will influence and enhance their experiences with your brand.

WhatsApp Business Automation

Some of the most beneficial uses of WhatsApp Business Automation & APIs are:

WhatsApp Event Invitation Messages

WhatsApp automation allows event organizers to send attractive WhatsApp event invitation messages to their target audience without any extra human effort. Furthermore, WhatsApp business includes a wide range of message templates. This feature of WhatsApp automation allows you to include interactive elements in your invitation messages such as CTA. Sending invitation messages through the WhatsApp automation feature allows your audience to know more about your event and brand. By using this feature you can boost your brand awareness effectively. Event organizers can decide the format of invitation messages according to requirements. Normally, this type of message includes the details of your upcoming events such as time, date, topic, event registration link, and more.

WhatsApp event RSVP Management

WhatsApp offers QR code-based Digital Invitations. It can be useful for managing WhatsApp event RSVP management. With the help of RSVP Management, you may provide your visitors with a wonderful experience. You can utilize WhatsApp to send direct invitations to any individuals you wish to attend your event. Additionally, you may use WhatsApp conversations to get confirmation from everyone who will be there.

Over your cell phone, you may add a whole invitation list to your Whatsapp. Additionally, you may control all of the adding, removing, and other features on your mobile WhatsApp. This tool enables you to seamlessly handle the +1 with the visitor during the event. For the hosts and event manager, this management is straightforward using WhatsApp’s event solution.

Send Timely Reminders

Sending reminders and notifications to your clients about the upcoming event is another benefit of WhatsApp business automation. With the help of WhatsApp automation, you can also send automated texts to clients in order to remind them of their pending bills or payments. It offers an amazing opportunity to engage with clients and improve their experience.

Share Event Calendar via WhatsApp

Managing a large number of people is a challenging task. Here WhatsApp automation plays an essential role for event organizers. Whatsapp automation service providers allow event organizers to send automated calendar invites to clients through WhatsApp. In order to share event calendars via WhatsApp, the service providers of WhatsApp automation integrate calendar software. This feature allows you to increase attendance at your event. When you share calendar invites with your attendees via WhatsApp, the automation feature allows you to personalize the calendar with event information and links.

Event Ticketing

Event ticketing through WhatsApp allows the attendees to book their event without having to stay in a long line for hours. Furthermore, the appropriate WhatsApp Business API provider can help you produce Digital tickets for events. You can send the booking confirmations to participants through email, text message, or WhatsApp. There won’t be a need for paper tickets. Hence, you can scan the participants’ digital tickets with QR codes to let them inside the event. With the help of the real-time statistics shared with you via WhatsApp, you may influence the event.

Event Management Help Desk

You can activate proactive message templates using the WhatsApp API. You may use this functionality to automatically provide transactional information about events, set up appointments, and allow payments if clients consent to receive these messages. Customers need to contact customer service to inquire about order progress and delivery status is decreased by this feature, which also lessens the burden on agents from repetitive situations.

Event Management Help Desk

Customer service statistics you must see

The long-standing communication barriers between diverse businesses and customers have been eliminated by WhatsApp. Businesses of all sizes may now make use of several effective WhatsApp event features, including the shared team inbox, bulk notifications, WhatsApp template messages, and—most importantly—WhatsApp automation.

Customer service statistics

Source:- financesonline

Speed in customer service may make or break a consumer’s relationship with your company. Customers who contact your company anticipate prompt replies. Failure to do so might be very costly to your company. One of the main things that upset and annoy clients is the alleged “lack of speed.” Almost 80% of clients suddenly quit after a poor customer experience, and 57% choose a different brand.

Get Started with Whatsapp Business Automation

It’s critical to understand that using the WhatsApp Business API is the most effective approach to creating automated messages for WhatsApp Business. Only API integrations can implement the majority of the aforementioned automation functions. Even if you may create automated messages on the free WhatsApp Business app, your options and potential are far more constrained. If you’re interested in incorporating WhatsApp automation into your event management plan, connect with Dreamcast.

All of your company’s communication channels may be combined into a single, unified interface with the aid of a solution like Dreamcast, which also supports automation. No matter the channel your consumers choose to contact you, you can answer them as well as connect with them from a single point of resolution in this fashion. This will eventually result in a fantastic customer service experience.

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