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Online Event Registration Platform- Finding the Best Solution

Technology is changing everything around you. Whether you go to a play station, mall, movie, or event, everyone is digitizing their way of working. One of the remarkable aspects is the online event registration platform which amazed everyone. 

Now, no one has to stop in long queues for registration and go counter to counter for one ticket. Everything will now be possible at their fingertips. Audiences can do everything online and attend the event without hassle. 

However, many organizers still face trouble with online registration and choosing the best platform, keeping their event needs in mind.

Hence, here we have a detailed blog that will guide you to find the best online event registration platform in 2023 without hassle. 

How to Choose the Best Online Event Registration Platform?

Searching and choosing the best registration platform is not a big deal. You just have to keep three things in mind: Check Reviews, Key Features, and Affordability. So, without further ado, let’s see all these aspects in detail and ensure the best outcome. 

How to Choose the Best Online Event Registration Platform

1. Shortlist the Best Based on Their Reviews

You can find a lot of event registration systems and platforms online. However, you can pick the best one to help you achieve your goal without hassle. So, you can get started by checking the reviews of various service providers. 

You can trust the feedback from other customers who have experienced their features and functionalities well. Start with positive feedback and try to list and understand what that event registration solution is good at; similarly, check the negative aspects and understand what problems their customers have to face sometimes. 

You will find some problems in every solution, as nothing is perfect. Still, you can trust the one that is able to fulfill all your requirements. Hence, you can check their features and ask the following questions while searching for an answer. 

2. Compare the List Based on Their Offered Key Features

These questions are essential as they will help you select the online event registration solution with better experience and integration to make event ticketing at your event easy. 

1. Can I Create My Own Personalized Registration Page?

Self-management, as well as customization, can help you make a better impact on your audience about your brand and events. Hence, online registration will be beneficial if you get a personalization option for your registration page. You can add various demographic details in the form as per your requirements. Also, create a buzz about your event by adding a countdown on your event registration page. 

So, look for a self-manageable registration page solution. 

2. Can I Get Paid, Unpaid, and Invitation Based Registration?

It is essential to find an all-in-one event registration solution so you can get all types of signups on the same page. Whether you conduct a paid, free, or invitation-based event, it is necessary that you will get the chance to manage everything on the same page. 

So, look for a solution that allows you to take paid, free, or invite-based registration without hassle. 

3. Can I Opt for Multiple Categories in One Form?

Instead of making multiple diversions for different classifications for your event registration, you can simply keep everything rationalized with one form. So, you need a platform where you can create different categories on the same page easing the complete process. 

So, look for a Multi-Category Registration Solution. 

4. Can I Create a Microsite for My Event Registration?

A microsite can help you share complete information about your event in different ways and using a variety of content formats. Hence, it is essential that your picked solution provides you with a microsite for better knowledge sharing. You can display gifs, infographics, images, teasers, trailers, and more content for your brand promotion. Also, you can integrate internal and external links to divert the audience after they register. 

So, look for a microsite + registration form solution. 

5. Will You Be Able to Provide a Mobile-First Experience to the Audience?

Approximately 54% of overall web traffic comes from mobile devices rather than PCs or laptops. Hence, ensure that your registration page will be available for mobile registrants. It can make it easy for your audience to open the form in real-time and register without hassle. 

So, look for a solution that ensures a mobile-friendly view. 

6. Can I Offer Discounts and Manage Them At the Same Place?

Deals and coupons are the best way to grab the maximum attention of your audience. So, it is vital that you exhibit all the available options for discounts on your registration form as well. Your chosen online event registration service providers must have space to showcase various offers on the page and lure the audience to register in real time. 

So, you need a solution that can help maintain discounts and coupons. 

7. How Will Digital Badge and Ticket Invitations Work?

You may have received QR-based tickets every time you go to a movie. Similarly, your audience will receive M-badges online with a QR code. They just have to show that badge at the time of entry, and you can let them in after scanning the ticket. It will be a non-transferable and one-use ticket. Hence, every attendee will receive unique access to the event. Also, you can send invitations to your guests, taking their confirmation and sharing the passes online with them. 

Hence, you will get a badge builder to create tickets for all your registrants. Also, you can print these tickets at the event to provide them with physical badges to wear throughout the event. 

So, look for a solution supporting digital badges and ticket invites. 

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8. What Can I Get with WhatsApp-Driven Communication and CRM?

WhatsApp Automation can be your one-stop solution for all the registration system requirements. It provides you with the following benefits: 

  1. Online and on-spot registration.
  2. Effective RSVP management.
  3. Share QR code-based digital tickets.
  4. Direct communication with a moderator. 
  5. Send Notification.
  6. Custom replies for frequently asked questions.
  7. Build a campaign and elevate it with rich media, like images, videos, PDFs, etc.
  8. Get advanced interactive message templates, like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons.
  9. Post-event collect feedback.
  10. Customer support.

So, look for WhatsApp automation to create a seamless experience. 

9. Can I Incorporate Third-Party Tools As Well?

You can enhance the communication, engagement, as well as networking opportunities at your event with third-party integrations. Hence, you can choose any app or software to incorporate into your registration platforms, such as WhatsApp, Zoom Meeting, MS Team, Google Meet, BlueJeans, Razorpay, Hubspot, PayPal, and more. 

So, keep the event registration solution with third-party integration on priority. 

10. What Additional Modules Can You Offer Me?

It does not matter to which industry you belong. You will need to share some essential data with your audience, and you need a proper space for it. Hence, you need a keynote session to provide all the modules for e-commerce, hotel booking, packages, speaker management, volunteer management, online certifications for attendees, VIP guest experience integrations, custom process interfaces, and more. 

So, choose an event registration system with powerful add-on modules. 

3. Match Their Pricing and Your Budget for the Final Decision

Match Their Pricing and Your Budget for the Final Decision

After you have shortlisted all the top event registration platforms and checked their customer reviews and key features, it is now time to check and make a budget for your event. You have to keep control of your budget to ensure it is not over your affordability. Keep your goals in mind and measure the cost that can help you get some profit at the end of the event. 

4. Things to Consider If you Want an App For On-Spot Management

You can also opt for the event registration app for more seamless and immersive event registration management. An app can make all the work easy as you can get all the details at the same place without hassle. You can get a lot of benefits with an App as follows: 

  1. Save time and effort.
  2. Standardize process.
  3. Ease of deployment and ease of use.
  4. All Digital and gives good control to the organizer.
  5. Act as a Smart AI Integration.
  6. Integrate with WhatsApp for a big impact & ROI.
  7. Mobile first design for the ease of users and organizers
  8. Backup of all the processes.
  9. Get centralized data management.
  10. Detailed reporting.
  11. Set up online surveys.
  12. Go Green; Support an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Event.

Reasons To Choose Event Registration Platform

Now that you know how to choose the best online event registration platform, here are few reasons why you should be choosing event registration platform: 

1. Time-Saving

There are several reasons why you should be considering online event registration platforms and time-saving is one of them. If you don’t want to get trapped in the process of managing all the registration forms, payment slips, etc, and want to have a smooth registration process for your event you should consider using an event registration platform, they save a lot of time for you and your attendees, as they won’t need to be present at the event venue few hours before the event just to register and get the ticket they can save their time and do that online through event registration platform. 

2. Economical

When we are talking about the reasons why you should be preferring an event registration system we can’t skip on the fact that they are economical.

You can find a lot of event registration platforms in the industry that are economical and offer various features that can streamline the process of registration. If you are low on budget you can also opt for a platform that offers free registration services but they might not be the best plus they are also not suitable for huge events. 

If you are hosting an event that has a huge attendance rate always opt for a platform that is affordable and reliable. 

3. Streamline The Process Of Event Registration

Event registration management systems make the process of registration more convenient, event organizers don’t have to shuffle between different apps for payment, registration, and ticketing and they don’t need to stock up a lot of paper registration forms for the event. They can simply create and customize their event form according to their requirement, automate the process of registration and ticketing, collect the crucial feedback of the attendees, and make the process of registration short and sweet for all the event attendees. 

4. Improve Data Collection

Event registration apps or platforms make the process of data collection less complicated for the event organizers. With the help of these platforms, event organizers will be able to collect all the information that event attendees share with the organizers during the event from start to end. From collecting personal information like name, mobile number, and email address to collecting feedback, and check-ins data event registration platform will collect all the information that event organizers will need to track the performance of their event. 

5. Increase Revenue

Revenue is the crucial element of any event, with the help of revenue tracking event organizers will be able to analyze the success of the event. 

Event registration platforms help with better revenue generation, with the help of these online event registration platforms they can sell more tickets, and attract more sponsorship opportunities.  When the process of the event registration platform is simple and convenient a lot more people register for the event.

6. Real Time Engagement

The event registration platform helps in engaging your audience in real time. With the help of these platforms, you can send updates to your attendees, you can send them push notifications, share event tickets, offer them customer support, send them discounts and offers, and share live polls, surveys, feedback forms, etc to keep your audience updated and engaged. 

7. Secure Payment

The event registration platform offers secure payment and that is another reason why you should consider using these platforms for the registration and ticketing process. Your attendees will be able to make the payment for their tickets instantly and securely from the platform. 

8. Third-Party Integration

The event registration platform allows you to integrate your event app with third-party apps, you can integrate your event platform with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, etc, not just that you can also integrate payment platforms, like PayPal, Phonepe, or you can integrate CMS, etc.

How to Choose the Right Event Registration Platform?

Events can be hosted in all shapes and sizes, and the event registration platform that you choose will either make or break your event. So making the right decision to choose the suitable platform for event registration is a must. And it needs to be as simple as it can be to drive conversions because a complex platform can make people turn away. Tips on how you can choose the right platform are mentioned below.

Analyze Your Needs and Goals

Not analyzing your goals and needs to use the platform is a mistake to avoid. You need to figure out what you are expecting from it and set your goals in order to seamlessly leverage the platform. You may find all the platforms with the same functionalities at first, but there can be pretty big differences in that. Furthermore, you need to research well to make the right choice and make a list of features that are required by your event.

Look for an Easy-To-Use Platform

After analyzing the need to use the platform that works best for your event. You need to focus on how you and your attendees will be using it. Spending unnecessarily on cutting-edge technology that is complex to use is not worth it. A good event registration platform should be easy to use and fulfill all your event’s needs. Choosing a complex platform can make the attendees turn away, and there are possibilities that your team may find difficulties using it during the platform. The best way to understand and check how the platform works is to book a demo with a qualified expert or professional.

Opt for a Mobile-Friendly Platform

The use of mobile-friendly platforms, apps, and software has been in demand as most people are using these devices. The event registration platform compatible with mobiles is necessary because it is not necessary that the audience will have access to a computer all the time. Choosing a mobile-friendly app or website will not only help to ease the registration process. But it can also help to pass on important information that can be accessed anytime by the attendees.

Security of the Platform Is Important

People are always concerned about their information being at risk. That is why looking into the security protocols of the event registration platform is necessary. Attendees will be putting too much information while registering for the event. So the platform should offer enhanced encryption to prevent data theft or be at risk. Security and privacy of the platform should go hand in hand, knowing that the connection is secure attendees need to be reassured that their data is kept safe and protected.

Scalability and Valuable

As an event planner or organizer, you must be hosting events of any scale and of different sizes. Choosing an event registration system that is capable of handling all your events no matter how big or small is necessary. So that you do not have to switch between platforms based on your event type. It is important to opt for a scalable and versatile enough platform that can be used to facilitate small to huge loads of traffic and works for all types of events.

Get a Free Demo with Dreamcast Today!

If you are confused about the platform or app, we can help you. Dreamcast is a great event registration management solution that can help you eliminate various errors without hassle. You can create a seamless experience for your audience with our integrations and automation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach us with your queries today and get a free demo here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an event registration platform?

You should use the event registration platform to effectively manage the process of event registration, sell tickets, share necessary updates, collect all the crucial data related to the event registration platform, and gather all the feedback.

Which event registration platform should I use?

If you are looking for the best online event registration platform for your upcoming events you can choose Dreamcast, it is the leading platform in the industry that can streamline the process of event resignations.

What are some benefits of the event registration platform?

There are numerous benefits of an event registration platform and some of them are time-saving, event automation, real-time data collection, and management, etc.

Are Event Registration Platforms cost-effective?

Yes, you can find a lot of event registration platforms that are affordable and offer numerous features.

What features to look for in an event registration platform?

Some of the must-have features for the event registration platform are customization features, secure payment, customer support, automation feature, etc.

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Across All Event Formats

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