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Here Is How You Can Boost Networking At Your Hybrid Events

Accelerate your hybrid event’s networking strategies by implementing these tricks & using amazing networking features of our platform.

Undeniably, hybrid events are expanding rapidly. We all can agree that virtual hybrid event ideas have gained significant popularity over the course of the past few months. Probably, the most prominent organisations would be having their hybrid event right now! These events are perfect for sharing your brand’s products as well as services at a global level. They facilitate individuals to choose their method of joining in your event. If you want to host as well as execute exuberant events and you also want the maximum audience engagement, then hybrid events are just the right option for you.

How Are Hybrid Events Beneficial?

We all know that there are participants who are unable to join because of certain complications. Be it the location barrier or the timing mismatch. But, fortunately, hybrid events are here to solve all our hindrances. These events allow individuals to prefer their mode of interaction and communication while maintaining the utmost solace. Wait, that’s not all! There are a lot more benefits of hybrid events

  • Hybrid events accelerate data analytics with the help of their specialised features. You can use numerous tools for maximum data accuracy. 
  • Hybrid events offer seamless networking to all virtual attendees. You can incorporate dedicated features that promote networking. This allows participants to interact with a number of different brands and individuals.
  • Hybrid events are perfect for your audience as they prioritise attendee engagement. Hybrid event platforms offer an easy to comprehend interface, that promotes the audience participation as well as interaction.

Networking At Hybrid Events

Unquestionably, the networking experiences at hybrid events are top-notch. These are a perfect destination to get in touch with all the other virtual participants. In a physical event, these activities were limited to say the coffee break, the in-between question and answer sessions, and so forth. But, the organisations faced a tedious challenge when they had to change the entire outlook to the online medium. This situation was soon sorted with the help of virtual hybrid event engagement ideas. The hybrid event platform offers numerous engagement tools & features that can help you amplify your reach, that too in less time. So, without any further delay, let us explore networking at hybrid events to boost your connections effortlessly.

1) Include AI Matchmaking Facilities

We cannot skip the fact that networking in an online event is a bit complex as compared to the physical location. While in any physical event, body language as well as verbal communication plays a major role, it is entirely a different scenario in the virtual world. Participants face a strange challenge that acts as a hindrance in their communication. This does not allow the brand representatives to interact with the interested candidates and vice versa. To solve this problem effectively, you must incorporate AI matchmaking tools. This feature curate an effective list that contains information regarding the participants and their area of interest. It empowers all the attendees & exhibitors to interact effortlessly with the other virtual attendees sharing similar interests by recommending right prospects. Moreover, they can also schedule an effective meeting with them as and when required. This is a brilliant feature that must be present in any hybrid event. It facilitates the entire process and makes networking experiences at hybrid events a favourable encounter for booth the parties. Here is more about this amazing AI Matchmaking or Intent-Based Matchmaking Feature.

2) Host Event On A Smart Hybrid Event Platform Offering These Features

Host your hybrid events on a smart hybrid event platform which allows you to offer different networking options & formats to your event attendees. Networking is the most important part of any event, thus, chose such a platform which offers amazing interactive networking features for 1:1 meetings & group meetings. Below are some of the networking features that are must haves of a hybrid event platform.

  • Virtual Networking Tables
  • Live Chat Functionality (Video/Audio/Text)
  • Business Card Exchange
  • WhatsApp Chat Integration
  • AI Matchmaking
  • 2-Way Virtual Interaction

3) Location For Hybrid Events

You must consider the possibility of encountering chaos in your hybrid event. This is so because there are high chances of complications when numerous individuals are present in a conceptualizing session. Thus, networking in such case scenarios becomes a far fetched dream. To avoid indulging in complex situations, you must opt for a dedicated area present in both the physical and hybrid events. 

A calm and soothing area away from all the hustle and bustle promotes interactive communication. Therefore, it will be appreciated by both the virtual as well as physical participants. To meet a perfect ambience that facilitates all your networking strategies, you can incorporate the following factors:

  • A Strong Internet Connection to provide seamless communication at all times. It helps you avoid the connectivity issues at all costs.
  • Dedicated Charging Portals as it helps the participants in case of battery drainage. This will enable them to charge as and when necessary.
  • A Comfortable Ambiance includes desks, tables, chairs, microphones and so forth. This promotes effective brainstorming sessions and enhances networking effortlessly.

4) Give Adequate Break Sessions

Breaks are an important element of any event, be it virtual, hybrid or physical. Breaks allow the participants to relax and effectively channelize their thought processing. We all can agree that the physical participants are offered with numerous opportunities that allow them to rest. Whereas, the case might be a bit different for the virtual participants. Thus, it is necessary to incorporate numerous breaks in between meetings. A 5-10 minute rest period would allow the participants to take a break from the different ideologies of the brand representatives. They will also get an opportunity to think freely and effectively. This will boost their interaction capabilities and make your hybrid event a huge success. Moreover, during these breaks or anyways, you can use the feature of gamification at virtual hybrid events to keep the attendees hooked throughout the event.

5) Make Your Audience Aware

The virtual world opens the door to endless possibilities. You, as an organiser are responsible to utilise all these facilities and curate a marvellous hybrid event. Thus, it is essential to educate and make all our virtual as well as physical participants aware. While some of us might have adequate information regarding the different networking tools, the rest of the participants are probably experiencing this environment for the first time. Thus, it is important to introduce them to the different aspects of a hybrid event. Additionally, you can request them to ensure certain factors while parking in a hybrid event. These are as follows:

  • Utilise microphones, earphones or headphones for better communication. This equipment will help them interact with the utmost ease. They also reduce external distraction. Therefore, you must ask all your virtual attendees to utilise these tech-savvy tools for better networking.
  • Minimise usage of background applications as this can affect the online connectivity. When the virtual participants use background applications, they tend to face several network issues. This affects their communication and results in poor networking. So, inform all your virtual attendees to reduce and avoid using applications in the background.
  • Sit in a calm and distraction-free environment to ensure better communication. If they sit in a room filled with noises, their retention period would reduce drastically. Thus, it is necessary to be present in an environment that allows them to channelise all their energy in a particular direction. It will help them communicate and interact with the appropriate individuals and boost networking strategies effortlessly.

It is important to inform all of your participants regarding the above-mentioned pointers. This will help them understand the entire concept more efficiently.

6) Focus On Both Physical As Well As Virtual Audience

As an organiser, it is your responsibility to focus on both the in-person candidates as well as the virtual attendees. This can be a complicated task as dividing our attention adequately can often times become challenging. You can also record the in-person sessions and offer them to all the virtual participants who failed to attend on the set time. This will allow you to spread your thoughts to a global audience in an appropriate manner.

7) Post Event Networking

This is one of the most important feature that most organisers tend to forget. Networking plays a major role in the success of any event, be it virtual or hybrid. The strategies that you opt once the event is over also impact the overall performance drastically. Thus, it is important to indulge in effective post event networking to ensure optimal results. For instance, you can host post event surveys to find out information regarding your event. This will help you acknowledge every aspect of your event with utmost ease. You can also create a blog post for your event. This will empower all the virtual participants to share their ideologies and experience with each other on a virtual platform. It can be any social media platform of your choice. Moreover, you can also host several meetings to facilitate networking opportunities for your participants.

Final Verdict

Hybrid event ideas are gaining extensive popularity at a fast-pace. Therefore, an organisation needs to understand each and every concept of hybrid events. As we read above, networking at hybrid events is a cutting-edge experience for all virtual attendees. With the help of hybrid event attendee engagement tools and features, you can host extravagant hybrid events and promote networking for all the participants. Proper utilisation of hybrid event engagement ideas can result in expanded networking as well as improved brand visibility.

  • Satisfactory results for the sponsors and exhibitors as they can interact with a larger audience. This helps them lure in interested candidates that can increase the customer base for their brand. Once your sponsors and exhibitors are satisfied with the hybrid event, they often engage with you in the future. This improves the goodwill of your organisation and also helps you earn an appropriate profit.
  • Effective networking for the participants as they get an opportunity to share their ideologies with the utmost ease. The virtual participants are able to communicate with numerous brand represented and the other participants that are present physically as well as virtually.
  • Improved Feedback is an important aspect of any organisation. Effective networking satisfies both the sponsors, exhibitors as well as the physical and virtual participants. Therefore, it helps in attracting positive feedback from all the individuals involved. This is an extremely positive aspect of hosting hybrid events.

In the above mentioned article, we have covered all the essential aspects related to a hybrid event. Here is more on Hybrid Event FAQs you can check to get more information on hybrid events.

We trust that this article would provide you with some fruitful information regarding the networking strategies in a hybrid event platform

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