Author : Lakshya Law

Top 5 Ways to Market your Virtual Event Better!

Leverage the top strategies to promote and market your upcoming virtual event to achieve desired outcomes! The pandemic has changed the entire narrative of our world. Individuals have seen a... Read More

The Virtual Runway of Luxury Brands – The Best Virtual Fashion Shows of 2020

It is time to face it! The world is not the same around us. The covid-19 pandemic has forced each and every individual to push all their boundaries, be it... Read More

Types of Virtual Events

With the coronavirus pandemic lurking in every corner of the world, having a face to face event with a large group seems a far fetched idea. One cannot skip the... Read More

10 Must-Have Features of a Hybrid Event Platform

The popularity of hybrid events has notched high while the world continues to deal with the global pandemic. Read on to know the must-have features in a hybrid event platform... Read More

Tips to Host Virtual Medical Conferences and Pharmaceutical Virtual Events

The pharmaceutical and medical industry organises substantial business meetings and conferences annually to grow business enormously. Read More

How to Host a Virtual Roundtable or Networking Table?

Every business faces challenges at one step or the other. Senior executives want to have discussions with the same level executives to overcome it. To accommodate this need, hosting a... Read More

What is a Virtual Meeting & Its Benefits?

Today, organising virtual meetings has become a new normal. Almost every industry around the world is walking ahead with time and leveraging virtual event technology. Read More

How To Host Hybrid Town Hall Meeting?

Town hall meetings are a crucial part of any organisations that are widespread in different geographical locations. Read More

Virtual Events Examples: Companies and Business

Humankind is facing an anomalous obstacle with localities and economies in every part of the globe being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Live Streaming for Education and E-Learning

“Knowledge is power. Education is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, every family.” These words by the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan hold just as much... Read More

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