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Hybrid Event App – A Sure-Shot Way to Ensure a Next-Level Event Experience

Brands and businesses are in a continuous race of reaching a wide audience and setting up an effective communication strategy. With the ever-evolving technology and innovations, the event industry has adopted all the new trends. One such trend is using Hybrid Event Apps to ensure smooth execution. With the rise of digital communication, we all are going virtual and changing the dynamics of in-person events. The addition of virtual elements into the on-ground event makes a hybrid event. However, organizing a hybrid event can be challenging; that’s where the “hybrid event app” comes in. It is specially crafted to elevate the event experience and take it to new heights of innovation.

Organizing a hybrid event takes a lot of time, effort, planning and proper execution. To ease down some of the procedures like event ticketing and registrations procedure as well as offer flexibility and convenience an event app for hybrid events plays a significant role.

Further here in this blog, we are going to explore hybrid events and how mobile events can be helpful for your organization. Additionally, we will deeply discuss the features, functionality, trends, and how it is a great investment to enhance the attendees and host experience and convenience. So, let’s get started;

What Is A Hybrid Event App And Why Is It Important To Have It On Board?

Hybrid events are simply referred to as those events which combine both in-person and virtual event elements. In general, on-ground event attendees can interact and communicate with speakers and other members while also participating in many activities arranged for them physically. Whereas virtual attendees do such things via live streaming or through other digital platforms like by directly logging in over the web or on the hybrid event app. Simply the event app is specially designed to make the attendee’s experience seamless with many ingredients like;

  • live streaming
  • interactive networking
  • digital content sharing
  • real-time polling and surveys
  • We are going to explore more! Just Hold On….

These combined give a more personalised and meaningful way to engage virtually in the hybrid event.

Furthermore, it is essential to adopt hybrid events and have them on board. As the world is shifting toward the digital age, many companies have already adopted hybrid and remote working models. So, it has been a great opportunity for them to reach everyone and not let anyone miss experiencing your brand’s next event while also offering them a flexible option to attendees. Also, to bridge the gap between the in-person and hybrid event it’s also crucial to have a hybrid event app on board.

In addition to all these, the mobile event application also facilitates enriched interaction and communication while also offering;

  • Collection of data and insights about attendees’
  • Their preferences, interests, and behaviours,

All the information and data collected can later be used for future events and improve overall attendee satisfaction. In summary, a hybrid event app is a valuable tool that can transform the way attendees experience events. Also, it is utilized to emit a positive impact on both attendees and event organizers.

Hybrid Event App Features That Change Your Events Landscape

Hybrid events are increasingly popular due to their versatility and their custom features. Combining the in-person and virtual elements and offering flexible options to attendees to attend the event through the event app for hybrid events is the best approach. Additionally, this helps you give many advantages like its cost-effectiveness, sustainability and offers an opportunity to meet diverse audience needs.

Hybrid Event App Features

Furthermore, creating compatible event apps for hybrid events and customizing them with lots of interactive features. This approach can lead to offering a memorable experience that can lead to higher attendance rates and increased revenue.

In this section, we will explore the many benefits of event apps for hybrid events and how they can benefit businesses and event organizers. But before that, we have made an image for you to look into. This image shows the statistics about the hybrid event app.

Reach a Wider Audience Base

It might be possible that all your invited or targeted attendees do not appear at your on-ground event. As there can be an array of reasons for that but leave those reasons. Because now you don’t have to worry about them, with the right hybrid event app you can attract those attendees and let them attend your event virtually. Additionally, you can also enhance your hybrid event registrations and reach different geographical locations.

Boost Engagement With Interactive Event App Features

Hybrid event apps have the potential to enhance engagement by offering numerous interactive features such as;

  • Live polls
  • Q&A sessions
  • Chat functions
  • branded game engagement
  • physical & virtual speakers connect
  • And much more!

All these above-mentioned features allow attendees to interact, connect and lead to create a sense of community.

Save the Cost With Hybrid Event App

Developing and creating a hybrid event app is considered the most cost-effective while also providing a valuable and engaging experience for your attendees. Here we have concluded a few of the points that help you save money;

Save the Cost With Hybrid Event App
  • Reduced Printing Costs: Digital formats are cost-effective and minimal cost while providing all the necessary information about the event. This helps you save all the money that goes into printing materials and scheduling brochures for the attendees.
  • Lower Venue Costs: When you host a hybrid event you can go host the event in a smaller venue. As you are streaming the event to a virtual audience. This can be another way of saving the cost. Additionally, reduce the cost of catering and staff expenses by creating the mobile event app.
  • Fewer Travel Expenses: The virtual attendees don’t need to travel which ultimately saves the cost of hotel accommodations, food and other. In addition to this, the host can also invite guests virtually and that will also save you a lot of costs.
  • Lower Production Costs: A hybrid event app can help you save money on production costs, such as audiovisual equipment and technicians. With a hybrid event, you can stream video content, which can reduce the need for expensive on-site production.
  • Track and Analyze: An mobile event app has the inbuilt specification to track and analyze the event metrics and the event performance.

Enhanced Event ROI

Undoubtedly, hosting a hybrid event enhances the registrations and accommodates a larger audience base. This leads to improved ROI as huge audience participation and reduced cost are helpful in earning more. Additionally, when there is more attendee participation in the event there are more likely chances to get sponsorships and advertisements.

Enhanced Event ROI

Measuring The Event Success: Better Collection of Insightful Data

The event app for hybrid events offers many insightful collections of attendee metrics. All this valuable information is useful for the brands and hosts to understand their audience’s behaviour and interests. Additionally, when any user registers themself on your hybrid conference app or simply on any other event type, you can store the user information like their contact details. Furthermore, this information can be the potential to send personalized messages about the product or services by your marketing team and for other uses.


There is a lot of flexibility and convenience for the attendees with regard to participation. As they are open to choosing in which setting they want to participate like they can attend in-person and virtually too. Additionally, this flexibility allows the participants to fulfil all their other commitments by saving their time and saving money for travelling and others.

However, by taking participants virtually they still have the same sort of flexibility to connect with other attendees and interact. So, they get a win-win situation in both cases thanks to the event app for hybrid events.

Hybrid Mobile Event Apps Are User & Environment Friendly

The mobile event app promotes and helps in reducing carbon footprints. With the best hybrid event practices there are a lot of environmental benefits as there is a lot more opportunity to decrease the use of disposable materials. The hybrid conference event is best to tailor the variety of audience needs while also saving the environment’s negative impact.

Summing Up

Without a doubt, hybrid event apps are getting lots of attention and becoming popular choices for many event organizers and brands. As said earlier the array of positive benefits and its effectiveness has many impactful reasons to incorporate with it.

The hybrid event app is not just to display all your streams and make the virtual participant participate only. But additionally, it is beneficial for all the in-person attendees too as they can also register and book their tickets. Furthermore, the details of the itinerary, guests, speakers and social wall all are useful and informative to engage with. The end verdict is that hybrid events are very beneficial and ultimately mean to make the attendee experience seamless.

These thoughts, if you think that it is beneficial for your next event to be held in a hybrid setting or convenience with the thought of having a mobile event app. You don’t have to worry about how to create one that attracts and engages your audience. At Dreamcast, our team of specialized professionals know how to build one. Get in touch with us or simply book your free demo now. To learn more.

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