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Mobile Event App: How Can It Be a Good Choice in 2024 and Beyond?

Nowadays, everyone is used to employing technology in everything possible. It can be helpful in maintaining your event as well. Hence, most organizations switch to Mobile event app, software, or platform.

It develops a more advanced stage for your event where you can manage everything for your virtual as well as on-ground events. In 2023, it is the most trending aspect that everyone looks for, and gradually, this trend will follow in 2024 and beyond.

If you are wondering about a mobile event app, this blog has everything you need.

What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app is a stage created for the ease of organizers, speakers, audience, and everyone at the event. Furthermore, one can take your in-person event, registration, ticketing, and streaming online via such an event app. Hence, you can integrate countless features that will be helpful in creating seamless opportunities for everyone.

What is a Mobile Event App?

Mobile Event App for In-Person & On-Ground Events

Mobile applications have transformed the event business and have emerged as a need for in-person events and on-ground events all over the world. Learn why mobile event applications are crucial to the events sector.

Touchless check-in experience

Use the QR code feature in your event app to provide touchless check-in for your attendees. Electronic badges may even be used to keep track of session attendance.

Engage your audience

An event app is a unique communication option between your attendees, sponsors, and you. It can help you keep your attendees engaged and alert with Q&A sessions, push notifications, live polling, survey, and live chat.

Capture lead data in real-time

During your event when your prospects, clients, and partners are entirely concentrated on your products and services, an event app is an ideal tool for collecting lead data.

Better serve your audience

For your in-person event or on-ground event, your event app can act as a mobile guide. Your mobile app can help you to guide your audience by offering important information including venue information, speaker bios, agenda of the event, and more. 

Stimulate interaction and networking

A high-quality mobile event app can offer interaction and networking opportunities during your in-person event. It includes a wide range of communication tools that help attendees to interact with each other and establish a network.  

Offer visibility for sponsors

In order to increase brand awareness, most sponsors join the event. The best thing about the mobile event app is that it offers various options for exposing your sponsors. You can add banner ads with links to the website of the sponsor.

Mobile Event App for Hybrid Event

A customized mobile event app offers several capabilities to assist event organizers to optimize results, regardless of your hybrid event aims. For hybrid event requirements, mobile app technology is the perfect event partner.

Effortless event check-in

  • Self-check-in option
  • Contactless check-in via QR codes
  • Easily verify
  • Record attendee arrivals

Branding and sponsorships

  • Exciting opportunities through splash ads
  • Fully customizable in-app sponsors’ screen
  • White labeling feature
  • Redirect your attendees to the sponsor’s landing page or booth


  • Share contact with QR codes
  • Filter function to find new contact
  • Book meetings in advance
  • Meet, chat and exchange contact information

Virtual exhibit booths

  • Showcase posters in the mobile event app
  • Display exhibitors
  • Floor map to find the way through the venue

Digital resources

  • Download QR codes and chat logs
  • In-app analytics to track the performance of the hybrid event

Upload all brochures and documents to the mobile event app

What Makes Event App Seamless And Successful?

You may have searched for a lot of technical and digital aspects that can be helpful in making your event app seamless and successful. However, you also have to take into consideration some other elements, such as Customization, Integrations, Engagement, Communication, Networking, and Data & ROI.

What Makes Event App Seamless And Successful


Organizers can personalize their mobile event app as per their wish. You can add different content, meetings, agenda, banners, virtual booths, and more. Furthermore, design, color, create icons, name buttons, and many more, as you want.


Add any app or software to your event app and enhance the engagement, interaction, networking, as well as payment opportunities in your event app.


Add different features that can increase engagement at your event app. For instance, you can integrate gamification, Clap and Hoot sound, Emoticon Reactions, AR Photo Booth, and many more.


Have valuable interactivity tools in your event app to smoothen communication among everyone at the event. For instance, you can have 1:1 or group chat, Live Audio & Video Calls, and more.


Enhance connection with everyone at the event by integrating the right tools like AI Matchmaking, Virtual Networking Lounge, Business Card Exchange, and more.

Data & ROI:

Measure your event success with a Detailed Event Report, Attendee Footprint, as well as take feedback from your audience. With the right event app solution, know your complete App Usage as follows:

  • How many apps audiences downloaded?
  • What is the total number of user actions in the app?
  • How many times does the audience use the app?
  • Sent push notifications
  • How many times were QR codes scanned?
  • What is the live voting participation count?
  • How many items do attendees bookmark?
  • Sent messages between attendees
  • How many notes were taken by users in the app?
  • What is the Q&A participation percentage and number of questions asked?
  • How many matchmaking do connections make?
  • Rating for sessions and speakers
  • Results of the Survey
  • Rating for the overall event

Simple Effortless Ways That Make Event Apps Everyone’s Choice!

You can get the right and more effortless event with a mobile event app. Hence, it has become everyone’s first choice for both online and in-person events. Here are some effortless ways that can make your event more immersive.

Simple Effortless Ways That Make Event Apps Everyone’s Choice

Set Your Goals and Objectives with an Event App!

You have to keep your goals for conducting this event in mind. It will help you create a seamless experience aiming towards the same.

  • Keep the expectations in mind and serve them with the best experience during your event.
  • Demonstrate ROI from previous events to potential sponsors.
  • Provide various ways for your sponsors to expose and explore a little more.
  • Organize built-in gamification by having attendees scan QR codes on each booth.

Optimize Your On-Ground and Virtual Event with a Mobile Event App!

You can create a totally unique and innovative experience for your audience with the best mobile app for events.

  • Facilitate networking opportunities with In-App Messaging & One-On-One Matchmaking.
  • Share General, Contact, and Venue information.
  • Provide News & social feeds with the social wall.
  • Create an Exhibitor catalog.
  • Provide an Interactive floor plan.
  • List out the sessions & speakers.
  • Manage the complete attendee list.
  • Take surveys from online and offline audiences.
  • Use slide sharing for better knowledge sharing.
  • Share updates with Push notifications.
  • Provide a personal agenda schedule.
  • Offer live for 1:1 or group messaging.
  • Save your favorites in one place.
  • Create a QR-code scanner for event registration.
  • Manage all the profiles and check-ins.
  • Conduct live polls and voting.
  • Let your audience ask a question.
  • Take session rating.
  • Integrate AR/VR Gamification.
  • Install an AR Photo booth with various templates.
  • Send friend suggestions with AI matchmaking.
  • Offer banner ads to your sponsors.

Analyze Your Event Success with the Mobile App!

You can get detailed analytics for your whole event to measure the success rate of your Mobile Event App.

  • Get valuable insights into the overall event performance.
  • Obtain a rating for every session.
  • Get end-to-end metrics for tracking event ROI.
  • Manage lead generation and lead capture.

In a Nutshell

These are the various efforts of an event registration app that can make your event successful and seamless for the audience. And you can get all these achievements with Dreamcast without hassle. We have advanced and exceptional features and functionalities that can change the complete user experience at your event from start to end. So, don’t wait for long!

Contact us today and get a free demo.

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