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Event Survey Questions For Your Next Virtual Hybrid Events

Fetch some insightful data with the help of the following baffling event survey questions.

Key Points:

  • What is an event survey?
  • Types of event survey?
  • 35 important questions to ask your virtual hybrid event attendees

We all are aware of the major inclination towards virtual and hybrid events. These events allow individuals to participate in effective brainstorming sessions from the comfort of their houses. It is extremely important for an organisation to interact with an event management company that caters to all its expectations. Similarly, hosting and coming up with innovative event ideas is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, you must analyse your overall physical, virtual and hybrid event and come up with valuable data.

What Is An Event Survey?

Event surveys play a crucial role in the success of any event. If an organisation is hosting a virtual or hybrid event, then they are required to ask a certain set of questions to the virtual attendees, speakers, participants, and so forth.  This helps them understand the performance of the event as well as their strengths and shortcomings. It is important to plan out a detailed event survey as it will help you understand the elements of your event.

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Types of event surveys

Event Services can be divided into three categories, that is pre-survey, mid surveys and post service. 


It refers to the time duration before any virtual or hybrid event. You can ask numerous questions in this duration from your participation, speakers, workforce, and so forth. This will help you understand the expectations of your employees, workforce as well as the client beforehand.

Mid Survey

You have to ask questions to all the individuals present in your event during the session. You can take live surveys asking different questions from your virtual attendees. This will help boost audience engagement in an exciting way.

Post Survey

This refers to all the questions and answers asked after the completion of an event. Asking direct and detailed questions after a survey will help you understand the various aspects of your event. Moreover, you will also be able to understand your client’s point of view and take the required steps in the near future.

In order to achieve this target, organisations from around the globe have started to incorporate event services. This refers to a set of questions that are put forward by different individuals. If you are confused regarding the questions you should be asking, then don’t worry, because you have come to the right place! In this article, we have covered 35 important questions that you should be asking in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

General Queries/Virtual Attendees/Sponsors & Exhibitors/Speakers/Workforce/Virtual Events/Event Volunteers

1. Are you satisfied with the content of this event?

These types of questions are perfect for warming up your audiences. These questions are undeniably pretty straightforward. They drive the exact information from the virtual participants that you are looking for. This helps you analyse the overall effectiveness of your event.

2. Describe the best segment in the entire event space.

It is another straightforward question that you should ask your virtual participants. It is beneficial for analysing different areas present in a virtual or hybrid event. These types of questions will help you find out more about your event from the perspective of virtual attendees.

3. Did you come across any flaws during this event?

These types of questions are not asked regularly. Nevertheless, they are quite important. It is extremely essential to analyse your flaws and weaknesses. Therefore, asking the audience to highlight all the negative interaction is a great step.

4. Will you participate in the next event of our organisation? 

This is a great question to extract valuable insights from your virtual attendees. You can effectively analyse all the gathered information before your impending event. This will help you in effectively planning out each and every aspect at your convenience.

5. What are your key takeaways from this experience?

This is one of the most important questions that should be asked repeatedly.  It helps you analyse whether your point was rightfully conveyed or not. Moreover, this will also help you examine if your virtual or hybrid events are successful or not. 

6. Share your opinion about the duration of our online session.

The duration of any virtual or hybrid event plays a major role in its success. If you tend to host long informative sessions, chances are that the attention span of your virtual attendees would be quite short. Moreover, if you host shorter sessions, you might not be able to deliver quality content. Therefore, it is essential to get an opinion from your virtual attendees. This will help you understand their perspective and accordingly you can take some measures to improve the duration of online sessions.

7. Did you come across any complications during the resignation?

It is important to find out about the complications faced by your participants. This question will help you understand the issues faced by attendees during registrations, what they found complex and gain their overall feedback.

8. Are you satisfied with our event hosts as well as speakers?

This question will help you understand if your speakers are delivering satisfactory results or not. You will understand the opinion of your virtual attendees regarding the speakers. It is important to include professional speakers who know how to grab the attention of the crowd. Thus, it is essential to understand how the audience felt during the entire session.

9. Did you get sufficient breaks and discussion time during the entire event?

When individuals from every corner of the world come together, they tend to have numerous doubts. Therefore, it is important to give them an ample amount off time to discuss and communicate freely. This will allow them to understand different ideologies in an efficient manner. Moreover, constant breaks are also a must. This will help the participants to increase their retention period and comprehend your topics effortlessly.

10. As your attendees to suggest some topics they would like to participate in the future.

Asking your audience is a great way to come up with extraordinary ideas. Including their topics is a great way to lure in more engagement. Audiences will also be able to relate more since it will be the area of their interest.

11. How did you come across this event?

This question will help you understand what is the best marketing strategy as well as promotion tactics suitable for you. Finding out how the majority of your virtual attendees came across your event will help you analyse which is the most productive platform that yields satisfactory results. Based on this information, you can then invest in the most appropriate promotion strategies.

12. Are you satisfied with the networking opportunities that were offered?

With the increases in virtual and hybrid events, organisations have started to experiment with networking administrations. Sometimes the virtual attendees are extremely satisfied whereas the other times their experiences are pretty adequate. Therefore, asking this question will help you analyse whether you have come up with the right alternative for your virtual participants or not.

13. Did we meet your overall expectations?

It is important to consider the sponsors and exhibitor’s experience. Therefore, you must always ask this question. It will help you get an idea regarding the bigger picture. Additionally, you will be able to incorporate all the necessary changes for the long run.

14. Were you able to target the desired audience? 

Sponsors and exhibitors play a major role in any event. Therefore, it is important to consider their opinion. It is extremely essential to find out if your exhibitors are satisfied with the audience or not. This will base their upcoming partnership with your brand.

15. Share your overall experience with us.

It is important to extract and analyse crucial feedback from all your sponsors and exhibitors. Their experience will give you a clear idea of the virtual event you hosted. Based on their reaction you will be able to analyse the strength as well as weakness of your event. This will be extremely beneficial in the future as it will facilitate you to take corrective measures on time.

16. What was the return on investment of sponsoring this event? 

Your sponsors and exhibitors expect a sufficient return on investment when they sponsor any event with you. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay extra attention to their experiences. This question will help you analyse whether your sponsors and exhibitors are willing to partner with you in the near future or not.  

17. Will you be interested in partnering with our organisation the next time?

The answer to this question will help you elaborate on the quality as well as standards of your event platform. It will be extremely beneficial to analyse all the sponsors and exhibitors interested in partnering with you beforehand. You can use this information for your upcoming virtual and hybrid events.

 18. Were the event tools and equipment up to the mark?

When you are hosting a virtual or a hybrid event, the hosts and speakers play a major role in delivering quality content. Thus, it is necessary to consider their take on the overall situation. You must ask them whether they are satisfied with every element or not. This will also help you in alternating the current event platform as per the requirements.

19. Was the informative content as per your requirements?

Ask your speakers and special guests whether they received all the information as per their requirement or not? As correct informative information is a must for them for sharing their knowledge and delivering the message effectively. 

20. Do you have any friends or colleagues who would enjoy speaking at our event in the future?

This will help you find out more suitable candidates for your virtual event platform.

21. How was the audience interaction?

Audience engagement is one of the main elements in any virtual hybrid event. The virtual event agency focuses on increasing this audience interaction with the help of various elements. Asking this question will help you find out the accuracy of the different engagement features that were incorporated.

22. Do you want any changes or improvements on our behalf?

Undeniably, it is important to consider the sponsor’s opinion regarding your virtual or hybrid event platform. Asking them this question will help you understand all the expectations. This will help you in creating a perfect event platform shortly. 

23. How was your experience with our organisation?

Employees are the main asset of any organisation. Thus, their opinion is extremely important. You must carefully extract and understand their points. This will help you solve our inner issues within the organisation. It will in turn help in achieving the target goal in a short time.

24. Do you think our event met your expectations?

Employees of any organisation often have certain objectives planned as well. Thus, it is essential to take their opinion regarding your entire event. Asking them whether their expectations were met or not will help you understand the shortcomings of your event.

25. Share the impact of the event on your business?

Virtual and hybrid events help organisations to gain a lot of their organisational objective and generate revenues. Thus, we observed numerous industries inclined towards this tech-savvy innovation in the first place. But, every time a hybrid or virtual event might not suit your organisation and the targets. Therefore, it is important to analyse the impact of the event on your business. 

26. Did you get satisfactory results from this event?

This will give you a clearer picture of your event. Moreover, you will also be able to analyse the requirements of your employees.

27. Were you satisfied with the level of communication?

We all know that effective communication is the key to success. Therefore, it is important that the entire workforce is satisfied with the level of communication. Thus, you must ask them if all the rules are made clear or not.

28. Did you observe any major drawbacks during the entire process?

All the employees observe the virtual and hybrid event process carefully. Furthermore, they usually have some extremely valuable insider information. They also know the major flaws faced by them during any event. Thus, it is important to take notes of that and look after it in the near future.

29. Was the audio and video quality satisfactory?

We all know how important the role of an event platform is. So, asking these essential questions will help you analyse whether your virtual event was a success or not. It will also help you pinpoint the flaws during any virtual or hybrid event.

30. Rate your experience regarding our tech support.

Technical elements play a major role during any event, be it hybrid or virtual. You must ask this question in order to analyse if your technical facilities are working properly or not. According to the answers, you can take corrective measures on time. This will facilitate better as well as the proper functioning of your event.

31. What features did you enjoy the most during the entire event?

Virtual or hybrid events are an amalgamation of numerous features that uplift the Ambience. It is important to find the audience’s reaction to different features. This will help you find out the best and suitable engagement features for your platform. Accordingly, you can utilise them as per your requirements in the near future.

32. Were you able to navigate seamlessly?

While curating an event platform for all your virtual attendees, you should analyse the navigation of your event. It is essential for hosting easy-to-understand events that are also more convenient. If an individual fails to navigate properly, they will soon lose interest. Thus, it is important to ask your event platform about navigation. Here is how you can enhance virtual attendee experience at your next event.

33. Was the performance experience up to the mark?

Lastly, you might want to ask the event platform to rate your performance experience and give you valuable insights regarding the same. This information can undeniably be beneficial. It will also help you host immersive and holistic events.

34. Is this a positive opportunity as per your expectations?

Having opinions of event volunteers who participate in a virtual or hybrid event are also valuable assets. You must ask what they feel about your organisation and the quality events you deliver. This will give you a better idea of the bigger picture.

35. How likely are you to recommend this in the future?

When any event volunteer likes an event platform, they tend to recommend it to their acquaintances.  This answer will help you gain useful information regarding their overall experience. Thus, you must ask this question and analyse your event efficiently.

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Event surveys play a major role in any organisation. It helps them effectively analyse their entire event platform. Event surveys also facilitate them to come across any flaws in their events as well as organisation. In the above article, we have covered 35 questions that you should ask in 2021. With that being said, allow us to summarise our entire point for your convenience: 

  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions: You should always come up with a variety of questions. These questions should always be put forward in front of the virtual participants, exhibitors, sponsors, and so forth. This will help you get a clear picture of the entire event and its facilities that are provided.
  • Analyse the audience: You should carefully analyse each answer given by the audience. This will help you gain a bigger picture regarding the targeted audience as well as their requirements and expectations. 
  • Keep it extremely simple: While conducting event surveys, make sure that you keep all your questions pretty short and straight forward. This will generate more audience interaction and you will be able to gain valuable information in no time.
  • Appreciate constructive criticism: Lastly, you should always be prepared for some constructive criticism. You must work towards your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. Thus, it is quite necessary to conduct regular event surveys in order to find out the drawbacks of your event.
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