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Virtual Events Engagement Tools & Features

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19  global pandemic has affected the event industry enormously across the globe. The restriction imposed on public gatherings and traveling has instilled the interest of marketers and presenters towards virtual and hybrid events. It has helped many organizations to keep the business running in the time of global crisis.

Whether you are planning to host an online seminar or want to conduct recurring meetings virtual event platform serves all. Virtual Events have become an integral part of every industry today. Hosting physical events and having a face to face interaction hold its own worth. However, Virtual Events have successfully replicated the same look and feel of on-ground events to a great extent. Going virtual have been accepted as the new norm of hosting events to reach a wide spectrum of audiences. With Virtual Events gaining momentum, having engagement features within the Virtual Events has become the key. It helps in keeping the audience hooked throughout the event.

Engagement within Virtual Events

The New Way to keep the Audience hooked onto your Virtual Event!

Our Platform (Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform) offers endless games as well as engaging features. It can be customized & incorporated in any format basis the requirement of your virtual event. It can be incorporated in any corner of the virtual event be it a conference room, lobby area, or workshop. We have observed a great response that is received on any of the engaging features. We would highly recommend it to everyone reading this article. To get an insight into Dreamcast virtual events engagement tools & features, read on:

Dreamcast Virtual Event Engagement Tools

#1. Live Audio & Video Chats

Well, in-person interaction holds its own importance, but with our platform (Dreamcast virtual event platform) we offers attendees to have a Live audio & video chats. This brilliant feature enables attendees to have a one on one communication with each other irrespective of geographical locations that helps in adding a very real-human interaction to the event, which sends out a vibe of an on-ground event. Live audio & video chats can be incorporated into any type of virtual event be it a virtual conference, trade show, or an exhibition. The platform offers a feature of requesting a callback and enables attendees to schedule a call as per the preferred time slot during a virtual event, thus making the event very organized, interactive & immersive.

#2. Live Polls

Talking about virtual events engagement features, LIVE Polls functionality is one of the most preferred engagement tool used in the Conference Halls, Workshops, Auditorium etc. Audience engagement is a conclusive part of an event that is directly associated with the success of an event. Introducing LIVE Polls amid your virtual events helps in gaining audience insights and opinions thus keeping them engaged throughout. It enables attendees to participate in the Poll in real-time, where-in the results of the poll are displayed LIVE on the screen of the attendees. LIVE Polls help in boosting the consistent engagement of attendees across various events.

#3. Spin the Wheels

Evoking an element of fun amid back to back sessions helps in keeping the audience engaged. The platform offers various features to deliver seamless experiences to attendees along with adding an element of fun to the entire event. Spin the wheel is one such virtual event engagement feature that keeps the audience excited and engaged within the virtual event in the most fun way. This tool can be integrated at any location within your event, where attendees can spin the wheel and win virtual and physical goodies. Spin the Wheel, can contain the Sponsor Brand Offers/Goodies, a Special Feature that is only accessible to a few within the Virtual Event, An exclusive Gift that would be parcelled etc. This helps in Branding as well as engagement at the Virtual Event.

#4. Quiz

Organizing a quiz is another effective way to keep the audience inquisitive & engaged. Offering goodies and giveaways to winners keeps them engaged throughout the event. The quiz can be designed as per the theme of the event. The USP of our virtual event audience engagement is that all the features can be customized on the basis of event requirements.

#5. Q&A Sessions

To boost engagement and interactions at virtual events, organizing Q&A sessions is a smart move. Our platform enables you to incorporate Q&A sessions before, during, or after the event. It allows attendees to interact with the presenter real-time via text/audio/video chats. 

Dreamcast integrates the functionality of organizing multiple-choice Q&A format to magnify engagements and achieve phenomenal results. Incorporating Q&A sessions are counted as one of the brilliant virtual event ideas to boost engagements.

#6. Photo Booth

Photo booth enables event attendees to get clicked virtually with the photo frame being branded into the event theme. The photo can be easily downloaded & shared across various social platforms. The customized event branding done on the frame, helps generate an event recall value for the attendees. The Picture clicked by the attendees can be downloaded by the attendee to be used for their personal postings across various social media channels and can also be used by the brand for branding purposes. Enumerating an element of virtual photo booths adds an element of photographic memory for each attendee to take back something home.

#7. Social Wall (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More)

A Social Wall captures the feed of the Event Hashtag such as #DreamcastVirtualEvent from all the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and is combined and displayed on a certain screen at the Event. This encourages the attendees to post about the event on their personal platforms as well using the Event Hashtag, in order to be featured on the Social Wall. In return, increasing the Brand Awareness of the event. The platform monitors and controls the content that is displayed on the social wall to prevent the unwanted display of content to event attendees.

Apart from the above mentioned interactive virtual event engagement tools and features, The World cloud, Mosaic Walls, Twitter Wall, Customized Games etc. are some other engaging features offered by our Virtual Event Platform i.e Dreamcast. These features can be incorporated at any part of a virtual event to boost better engagements. The USP of our platform is that it can be customized as per event requirements. Whether you are planning to host a virtual event to launch a product or moving your trade shows online in a virtual space, Dreamcast virtual event platform serves all with a countless variety of games to make the event interactive, engaging and fun!

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