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18 Best Event Activation Ideas In 2024 You Must Know!

A marketing strategy is quite necessary for the success of the event. There are an array of factors and tactics a host needs to incorporate with to get the highest possible results. In the same segment implementing the event activation ideas is one of the precious and latest tactics to introduce. This is a proven way to engage more audiences while creating a lasting impact on the attendees. Additionally, it also helps in establishing credibility, enhancing brand awareness and brand promotions. As said event activation is a new method so there might be a lot of people who are looking more at it like what it is, and how it works? benefits and other important aspects.

Here in this blog, we are going to thoroughly discuss the event activation ideas and more about this modern experimental approach. So, keep reading till the end…let’s get started with some of the basic understanding first.

Event Activation: All You Want To Know

It’s an initiative to create that WOW moment for your audience. It helps you in hosting the event in the right way and promoting the event correctly that allows the best possible results. To leave a lasting impression it is quintessential to utilize event activation ideas. Moreover, it is a clear strategy that works by symbolizing or introducing new activities that excite the people and engage them more. Additionally, the introduction to various new activities will help you boost your social network as more people have a habit to post any new thing they see and experience.

Many ways to the possibility that seems endless as simply having multiple activities and sessions with technology-advanced games and sessions will surely lead to event attendees’ satisfaction journey.

How Does Event Activation Help You?

Every business, organization or simply event host holds the supreme responsibility of creating a unique experience with their event and making sure the event attendees enjoy it. The continuously rising demands and popularity of digital media solutions and social networking sites respectively grab the attention of people. To understand how it is going to help, let’s take a simple example; When you host an amazing event that impresses the attendees, they will surely tell all the people they meet just by word of mouth. This might be an old thing but it still works in this era as people now post it to their social pages and profiles which gathers a lot of attention from worldwide. With the event activation ideas brands will fulfill their marketing and sales objectives while achieving the touch of branding.

Top Event Activation Ideas To Count On In 2024

Top Event Activation Ideas To Count

Every planning and execution starts with an idea that brings a distinguished experience to any event or strategy. Here we have concluded some of the top trending and effective creative brand activation ideas to help you with your next event. So, let’s see what they are and how they are helpful to you.

Social Media Is Influencing

There is a very deep sense of meaning behind the statement that social media is influencing as these sites are already influenced by many influencers. So, why not be the one yourself? Not necessary, as there are other ways of doing it too. Like you can start social campaigns with #hashtags where people can share their experiences and how they liked your event in different terms and segments.

Social media presence is quite an important part of any marketing strategy in 2024. As we all have witnessed its powers and how it brings a lot of engagement in very less time. Coming to the next point is also social media but a little different let’s see.

Social Media Is Influencing

Display Social Media Walls As It Pays It Cost

Whether it’s social media marketing or promotions through social media both are similar in some sense but effective. In the past few years, it has come out as a brilliant marketing tool. Displaying a social media wall at your event as a part of online brand activation can be a great idea and will surely pay you the cost of satisfying the objectives of reaching out beyond the geographical boundary.

In general, a social wall is that which shows all the user-generated content on the screen in real-time from all the integrated platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others. These social walls will be in things like social proof, audience engagement, boosting sales and establishing credibility. Additionally, the beautiful display walls will visually appeal to many people and may they witness comments, likes and lead social engagement.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


QR Codes Are Not What They Meant To Be

QR codes are not what they used to mean to you. We all might hear about sending money with QR codes over the shops but now the time has changed. As you can simplify the feedback procedure with QR codes too. By posting it over your social media channels or by implementing it in your marketing campaigns. As an event host, it won’t be possible for you to satisfy all the needs and demands of attendees so making sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again feedback is crucial. And by introducing QR-based feedback you can simplify the procedure. Besides this, you can also place QR codes for many other purposes like if you wanted to make the audience download your app or want them to visit somewhere and many others.

QR Codes Are Not What They Meant To Be

Metaverse: The New Age Of Technology

Metaverse is the talk of the whole world and the recent developments and features are exciting to many individuals. Incorporating the metaverse features like offering the possibility to play games and displaying documents in a far better way is preferable. This will help you in both ways as you can also arrange a networking space for the sponsors where they can connect with each other.

Metaverse solutions can be used in a variety of event formats from trade fairs to an exhibition. Metaverse can make it possible for the user to meet all the possibilities if you are using it, particularly for virtual events while for in-person events it reduces the distance from the world. The involvement of ramifications and avatars in recent times is hitting the market as well as attracting many users. This all is expanded due to metaverse and is part of digital activations ideas as it offers endless possibilities in terms of the virtual world.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


Virtual Reality Is The New Age of Reality

The use of cutting-edge technology in an event brings people to the center of activity and virtual reality is the new way to inform and entertain people. So, it is quite an obvious thing to use. It gives 360-degree views of the event and if you’re hosting a concert or a sporting event then it is going to be an effective yet powerful way to gather a lot more audience. If you integrate VR then guests can be warmly welcomed by a virtual 3D lobby that includes a sponsor area, a support desk, and a welcome video wall. Also, you can customize this with event tech solution providers. Additionally, the 3D virtual auditorium is where Q&A sessions, live conferences, and breakout sessions can be held.

Virtual Reality Is The New Age of Reality

Livestream Your Event

As said multiple times, social media is a powerful thing and the social networking site’s live streaming features are beyond that. Nowadays, people like to consume video as a part of content more than blogs or any other means of content and if the videos can be in real-time then it excites them more. Live streaming of an in-person event generates buzz and creates brand awareness leading to making it possible for any brand to reach its targeted audience who somehow miss the event for any reason. Additionally, help you build more audience. However, it is also possible with live streaming to engage your audience through live chats and Q&As.

Deploy Photobooths

All the event and brand activation ideas are meant to create a memorable impression on the audience and by deploying the photobooth you are stepping forward. Photobooths make the overall event dynamics interesting and work as an engagement tool. The AI works well as they offer lots of backgrounds, creative qualities and fun images. Additionally, the audience can capture their moments and can be able to share those on social media channels or simply over WhatsApp to keep it as a memory. However, with the help of printers these photos can be printed in no time spontaneously.

Deploy Photobooths

These photobooths are somehow a great example if we consider it experiential marketing, as by leveraging digital technology in the right place. The audience will be able to make short videos, gifs, animated things and so on. Keep the technology implemented in different things to see the vast results.

Accept The Digital Currency

Digital currency is not limited to what UPI or debit or credit card payment says. But here we are talking about starting to accept digital currencies like cryptos such as bitcoin or other popular digital currencies. As a part of digital activations ideas to the event no matter whether it’s a hybrid or on-ground event.

However, there will always be uncertainty that anytime cryptocurrencies can go downfall or even rise or so vice versa. But by utilising the professional event tech solution provider services there is no need to worry about. AS they know how to benefit you and your event.

Think of Your Customer’s Problem As Yours

There is a traditional phrase that customers are gods as they directly take you to the top or even devalue your whole brand image. In an on-ground or physical event, there can be many challenging situations and to raise awareness solve R & D to find the solutions. By offering seamless brand activation services to your customers those who resolve their real-life problems are the one who builds a strong connection.

Analyse and Give What They Want

Research and analysis are purely necessary for the brand activation of any event. Introducing fun activities depending on the geographic location you hosting the vent is one of the greatest ideas. In addition, to al that if you think there is something very famous of an area, try to offer that to your audience. Brand activation doesn’t need to be complex. You need to know your audience and give them what they want.

Analyse and Give What They Want

Narrate The Brand Story

Every brand, business or even event incorporates a story behind it. Narrate that exciting story to your audience and make them feel more connected with all your organisational values and let them build a sense of trust.

Furthermore, just narrating a story is not just enough in an era of continuously changing trends. There is a strong need to look for event activation ideas. To help you out here is an idea for you. Instead of just narrating the story you can post photos of the past, behind the scenes or simply can use social media. Also, a scavenger hunt with interactive elements can be good press stuff for you.

Value Your Customer’s Aspiration & Take Steps To Fulfil

Think how happy were you when you achieved your dreams of creating your brand. Just like your dreams and aspirations, everyone has that deep down in their heart but it takes a lot to fulfil that. Give your audience to fulfil their aspirations. In general, such type of event activation ideas are for big names but can be effective if you can introduce them to your event. So, what do you have to do?

Simply during the event, you just need to introduce a game or social campaign and announce a prize. This way you will attract more participants and when you give a reward to the winner they will share it on social media. This way you can increase your brand presence. The prize can vary from a trip to Switzerland to an iPhone or what your brand’s pocket can afford. In the age of tips and tricks, there is one for you also. It’s okay to give the expensive prize to one person only but consolation prizes to everyone is a wonderful brand activation idea.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


Make the Influencers Influence!

Who doesn’t like to meet their favourite celebrities or stars, but we know it costs so much. But celebrities, cricketers and film stars charge a lot of money. What about some social media influencers or simply stand-up comedians? Okay! Okay! Understood they also charge a lot.

However, there is no such thing as free but you can customise themes or simply make reels or funny content over social media to attract more engagement. Every time online marketing is not worthwhile in terms of creating engagement in an on-ground event. So, it’s better to call some influencers in your physical event (even for a small proportion of time). So, attracting more attendees while also choosing an ambassador who can align with your brand is a traditional yet effective brand activation idea.

Utilise Behind-The-Scenes Footage In Live Events

The first and foremost step of implementing creative brand activation into the event is to make the audience feel connected. So, when you share your behind the scene footage and how much effort you put into creating that wonderful experience for your users will give an extraordinary sense of connection to the attendees. Additionally, it will also praise your team and make them feel relatable.

Make Your Sponsors Stand Out

Not every event is hosted by brands, some are for entertainment purposes as well. But as a host, there is always an extreme need for sponsors you require to host such grand events. So, what are you going to do for them in return for their investment? As above we mentioned the social walls, in the middle of the big screen you can impose their logos or campaigns. Also using the social walls you can share your sponsor’s journey and this approach will surely lead to more collaborations.

It’s An On-Ground Event! Oh, I Am Hungry…

There is no need to brainstorm here, we go to any event to enjoy, party, create memories, and experience something new. As a food court is the centre of attention for all food lovers or simply for everyone. Who denies it, if no one…. Why don’t you offer some free snacks? As an event marketing activation, you can run offers like the first 100 participants will get free snacks or some discount on food. This creates a sense of urgency and attracts more users.

Advocate Experiential Marketing

Are you hosting events every week for your brand? No, or Yes. We know your answers that you are not. So, it is a great opportunity to introduce experiential marketing and enforce creative brand activations. In simple terms, experiential marketing is to offer something creative, and unique to your customers that create a value-added long-lasting memorable yet positive impression. So from simply doing something for a social cause to offering free skill classes or others. It’s experimental. You experiment and analyse the result.

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Event With Art Installations

From cartoons to metaverse avatars or even PUBG, all are popular. Based on your theme and set of goals for your event you can do art installations that attract people. And the cherry on the cake from such art installations is that people like to capture their pictures with that and when they capture they will surely post it on social media. You have created an engaging and interactive event activation model while boosting brand awareness.

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Event With Art Installations

Summing Up

These are some of the top trending things you can implement in your event as a part of event activation ideas. However, implementing all these with proper research and strategy will pay you the best and help you create a memorable yet effective and engaging session. Digital activation in the event is an integral part of this era and Dreamcast is here to help you. Additionally, we also offer smart event tech solutions to make your event seamless. Wanted to see how all these work, book your free demo now.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats



What Is Event Activation?

Event activation is one of the crucial factors as it refers to the implementation of marketing initiatives to promote the overall event while creating awareness and increasing engagement to generate maximum revenue.

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is the marketing tactic which is potentially used to establish the credibility of the brand and build its image in front of its targeted audience. By conducting deep market research and analysis of consumer behaviour managers and marketing personnel used to deploy marketing activities that increase the audience interaction with the brand.

How To Activate Your Brand

There can be an array of ways by which brand activation can be implemented but the golden set of rules says that experiential marketing is the key to all desired success. As a part of hosting trade shows and trial campaigns, in-store activation can be the best possible way.

What are activation ideas?

There is a list of ideas which can be helpful and can be proven to be part of activation ideas. Like; creating a seamless experience for your customers while planning and deploying tactics to attract them to your brand. In between both processes, the implemented set of strategic tactics is activation ideas.

What are examples of brand activations?

Some of the effective examples of brand activation are as follows;
1. Running a social media challenge or competition.
2. Freebies or free product trial
3. Discount offers or sales
4. Trade shows or seamless event experience
5. Making a unique approach towards the theme of your product
6. Addressing the market issues
7. An initiative of Environmental-friendliness

What is an activation in event management?

When a brand event is hosted such as a product launch event, align the theme as what the brand image has is what the brand activation in event management refers to. Additionally, the introduction of engagement and interactive elements as well as fun activities to enhance the user experience is also part of it.

What are the three elements of activation?

The golden three elements of activation are;
1. Adaptive to the market trend.
2. Creative and always have a unique approach
3. Creating an engaging and appealing experience for the customers.

What are the 7 key elements of an on-ground event?

7 key elements of an on-ground event are as follows;
1. The dynamics of the event are as per brand image.
2. Unique concept or theme
3. Targeted audience
4. Event Infrastructure
5. Activities
6. Core Talent
7. Existing customers

What is an activation checklist?

There can never be a definite activation checklist for a brand to implement. Proper research and knowing customer behaviour while also aligning with your specific brand image in every sense is what matters the most. Furthermore, a brand activations checklist can be composed of engagements, and interactions, creating a memorable and seamless experience leading to maximum retention.

How do you create an activation plan?

To create a brand activation plan you need to follow a few pointers such as;
1. Define you goal
2. Set your budget
3. Know your audience
4. Make a strategic plan
5. Utilise the best digital solution and social media

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